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  1. Yes, the “Thieves Guild emulator” can be run inside Hatari, but you’ll need a telnet->serial connection, either by hardware (WiFi modem or Lantronix) or software (tcpser). FWIW, I recently updated my tutorial on using tcpser and socat on a Mac. https://breakintochat.com/blog/2020/09/03/tutorial-telnet-to-a-bbs-using-a-terminal-program-in-the-hatari-emulator/
  2. Also, check out my interview with Paul Witte, who wrote Thieves' Guild, and his friend Herb Flower, who made all the art for the graphical front-end: https://breakintochat.com/blog/2020/09/15/paul-witte-and-herb-flower-creators-of-thieves-guild/ They met at a Utah Atari users group, where Witte was blown away by Flower's submission in a NEOchrome art contest. "It was these swirling purple clouds and stuff," Witte said. They later incorporated that image into the ending of Thieves' Guild.
  3. Yes, a real ST and a WiFi modem are the perfect way to do it.
  4. Yes, I'm so excited about that! I even made a discovery in the source today that I hadn't noticed before -- Paul had a commented-out "insta-travel" feature that apparently was intended for use in a CompuServe demo, which corroborates what he told me about CS negotiating to license the game. I hope the games fall into place. Having finally set up a barebones private BBS on my own Mega STe so I could play TG, I can appreciate the difficulty involved.
  5. Some of you have probably seen posts from me over the years trying to work out how to play Thieves' Guild using its graphical front-end client ... over telnet, inside an emulator, etc. So many failed attempts! But at last I have done it. I finished the game! And I'd like to share with you the fruits of my seven-year labor. Please check out my blog post: https://breakintochat.com/blog/2020/09/15/thieves-guild-memories/ It's a deep deep dive into the game, chock full of screenshots, videos, and more. ALSO -- I have saved the source code for the game! Paul Witte has given me permission to share it with the community.
  6. I just realized the front of the castle has a giant "H." Herb confirms this is deliberate.
  7. Recently I've been interviewing Paul Witte and Herb Flower about their BBS door game Thieves' Guild (play it on Dark Force!) in preparation for some future blog posts. Herb made some really cool pixel art for the TG front-end client that has always impressed me. Anyway, Paul and Herb told me that Herb had an unreleased game that he wrote in the late 80s in GFA BASIC, called "Dark Fortress." They mailed the disk to me, and I managed to recover the game. Anyway, you can download the game, learn more about gameplay, and read a short essay from Herb about its creation here: https://breakintochat.com/blog/2020/06/04/unearthed-dark-fortress-for-the-atari-st/
  8. I was going through my Atari ST disks recently and found a cassette tape I had long forgotten. I had used the tape to store BASIC programs I typed in from various Compute! and Antic books as a kid. I wrote about converting the tape to a .CAS file and trying to figure out where all the programs came from: https://breakintochat.com/blog/2020/05/30/unearthed-my-atari-8-bit-cassette-tape/ It was a fun research challenge tracking down each program, but perhaps my favorite nerdy part was diffing the source listings of the programs to see where I had made mistakes, or where I had customized the programs.
  9. Yes, re-flashing the internal SD card did the trick for me. Of course, after doing that I had to manually re-set all the preferences in CE_CONF (ACSI IDs, IP address, network settings, etc). Something else that occurred to me afterward is that I probably should have replaced the CE_DD and other drivers after I did the original upgrade. Having an older CE_DD might have been what caused all the issues.
  10. Ugh, I'm an idiot. I had two parts of the IP address reversed. I can't figure out how to delete this topic on my own, but mods feel free to do so.
  11. Hi everyone... I have a v1 CE that I've used for many years with my Mega STe. Recently I updated it and it began giving me trouble. On boot, the CE would say "Looking for CosmosEx on ACSI" and it would run through various numbers, but it would never succeed. I would quit out of this and the Atari desktop would appear. My SD card hard drive would mount properly, but not the O: Config drive or my N: shared drive (NFS). Since the O: drive didn't mount, I couldn't launch CE_CONF on the Atari. Instead I decided to try to SSH into the CE from my Mac. I've done it in the past, but this time it didn't work. When I tried the SSH command, it just sat there until eventually it timed out. Today I decided to pull out the CE's internal SD card and re-flash it with the latest Raspbian Stretch image, which I found on Jookie's webpage. This seems to have solved most of the problems. The Atari sees the CE again, and the O: and N: drives now mount properly. CE_CAST is working, and I can access the screencast through my web browser. The only thing that's not working is SSH access to the CE. Trying SSH continues to result in a timeout. Anyone have any ideas how I might fix that? --Josh
  12. Are there any ramdisk programs for the Atari ST that can install the ramdisk as drive B? Recently I've been using Fcopy Pro to try to read stuff off old disks. I wish I could just write the data either onto my hard drive or a ramdisk. Neither of those are options are in Fcopy. The only choice is to write to drive B. My Mega STe only has one floppy (drive A), so I wondered if any clever programmers had ever devised a way to make the RAMdisk pretend to be drive B.
  13. I have a very small archive of IG files I compiled from the various releases (which I posted elsewhere on the forum earlier this year). However, I found a new one today, from your Basement BBS! Check it out: This animation uses IG / IGS code that I copied from a 1990 message I found in this archive: http://basementbbs.ddns.net:7000/basement-msgs/base26.html I had to make sure I saved the text file with the right encoding and line endings, but after some trial and error, I got it to play properly in Hatari.
  14. Here are the versions of IGS I have been able to find (2.14, 2.16, 2.17) and the versions of IGS_EDIT I have found. Also, Larry Mears ported his IGS to the PC and called it "Blue Instant Graphics" ("Blue" is a reference to IBM/Big Blue, I think). So far I have only found v1.03 of that edition, but I know other versions (and accessories) existed. igs-versions.zip
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