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  1. Hi everyone... I have a v1 CE that I've used for many years with my Mega STe. Recently I updated it and it began giving me trouble. On boot, the CE would say "Looking for CosmosEx on ACSI" and it would run through various numbers, but it would never succeed. I would quit out of this and the Atari desktop would appear. My SD card hard drive would mount properly, but not the O: Config drive or my N: shared drive (NFS). Since the O: drive didn't mount, I couldn't launch CE_CONF on the Atari. Instead I decided to try to SSH into the CE from my Mac. I've done it in the past, but this time it didn't work. When I tried the SSH command, it just sat there until eventually it timed out. Today I decided to pull out the CE's internal SD card and re-flash it with the latest Raspbian Stretch image, which I found on Jookie's webpage. This seems to have solved most of the problems. The Atari sees the CE again, and the O: and N: drives now mount properly. CE_CAST is working, and I can access the screencast through my web browser. The only thing that's not working is SSH access to the CE. Trying SSH continues to result in a timeout. Anyone have any ideas how I might fix that? --Josh
  2. Are there any ramdisk programs for the Atari ST that can install the ramdisk as drive B? Recently I've been using Fcopy Pro to try to read stuff off old disks. I wish I could just write the data either onto my hard drive or a ramdisk. Neither of those are options are in Fcopy. The only choice is to write to drive B. My Mega STe only has one floppy (drive A), so I wondered if any clever programmers had ever devised a way to make the RAMdisk pretend to be drive B.
  3. I have a very small archive of IG files I compiled from the various releases (which I posted elsewhere on the forum earlier this year). However, I found a new one today, from your Basement BBS! Check it out: This animation uses IG / IGS code that I copied from a 1990 message I found in this archive: http://basementbbs.ddns.net:7000/basement-msgs/base26.html I had to make sure I saved the text file with the right encoding and line endings, but after some trial and error, I got it to play properly in Hatari.
  4. Here are the versions of IGS I have been able to find (2.14, 2.16, 2.17) and the versions of IGS_EDIT I have found. Also, Larry Mears ported his IGS to the PC and called it "Blue Instant Graphics" ("Blue" is a reference to IBM/Big Blue, I think). So far I have only found v1.03 of that edition, but I know other versions (and accessories) existed. igs-versions.zip
  5. I have a couple versions I have found in some archives. Ill try to email you later.
  6. So funny you should bring up Instant Graphics and Sound because I started researching it earlier this year. I got interested because, though I called several Atari 8-bit and ST BBSes in the early/mid-1990s, I never heard of it back then. It was only this year that I came across a reference to it while I was doing some new research on RIP graphics. It looks like the IGS technique is very similar to RIP... in fact, if the history I found on an old website is accurate, there is a good chance that RIP was directly inspired by IGS. Because they are similar, I'm thinking about taking on the project of creating an IGS renderer for HTML5 / javascript similar to my earlier ATASCII and RIP projects. (For those unfamiliar, my HTML5 RIPscrip viewer is here: http://joshrenaud.com/experiments/ripscrip.js/. It doesn't offer 100% RIP implementation, but it works fairly well for most non-flood-fill RIP screens. This project was meant as a first step toward developing a RIP->SVG converter. I still hope to do that, but deciding what to do about RIP's flood-fill command has stymied the project for a while)
  7. I think I have the largest archive of ATASCII animations online right now: https://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii/ I wrote an HTML5 / javascript viewer. It's not 100% complete, but it works well enough to display most of the animations in the collection. You can run the viewer in full-screen mode, change the emulated modem speed, or turn on "diagnostic mode" to see how the cursor moves around the screen. ANSI art and ANSI animations are easy to find online. The best archive is https://16colo.rs/, which is searchable. It includes ANSI and its spinoffs (xbin, .tnd, etc). Also, people still create awesome ANSI art and animations today. Here are some of my pieces from the last couple years: https://16colo.rs/pack/blocktronics-67rpm/KM-Keith-Green-For-Him-Who-Has-Ears-To-Hear.ans https://16colo.rs/pack/blocktronics-6710/km-3-grief.xb https://16colo.rs/pack/blocktronics_detention_block_aa-23/ANSI_Star_Wars_KM-FALC_.ANS
  8. All fair points. It's a tough choice, but I understand if you end up not coming back. But you definitely had a great board, even if it wasn't getting tons of calls. You have unique content there, though, that I hope won't be lost, no matter what you decide. In 2016 I scraped all your old Fidonet messages, but I'd love to get a copy of all the other old networked message bases you have on there. --Josh
  9. Man, that sucks, Tillek. I hope you can resurrect SFHQ. You had lots of great historical messages on there, not to mention the games. --Josh
  10. Awesome find. Just curious: do you have any BBS-related materials from Action Annex? Copies of door games, VT-52 or ATASCII animations, text files, etc?
  11. Personally, I think the old games and the old messages are among the most valuable things on your system. I have actually scraped most/all the Fidonet subs from your board because I am pretty sure your cache is unique. Obviously it may not hold an attraction for a lot of folks these days, but it is the one thing you have that nobody else has ... those messages.
  12. Just wanted to bump this since it's been nearly a year. Any former Atari 8-bit sysops or users have ATASCII animations squirreled away that they could share with me?
  13. @Xebec, any ATASCII animations you can share? I'm trying to build an archive of them here: http://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii/index.html
  14. @Xebec, any ATASCII animations you can share? I'm trying to build an archive of them here: http://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii/index.html
  15. I cannot wait for this project to become reality. I'm being tempted by a copy of Atari Karts for sale at the insane price of ~$160. I've been a Jag owner since 1993, but there are a bunch of rare Jag games I've never had a chance to try. Unfortunately they're all way too expensive. So this project would be s dream come true.
  16. Sorry, I missed your reply! I don't really understand sockets and stuff, so I'm not sure how to answer your question. Can you describe more concretely what you want to do? You might also take a look at the source to SyncTerm, a telnet client which can properly display ANSI, ATASCII, and PETSCII. My app is limited in scope to a very specific use: displaying ATASCII animations on an HTML5 canvas. In terms of file/IO, I'm just reading a text file and parsing it byte by byte. The parsing is the main thing I've been working on ... trying to emulate the way Atari's text console works.
  17. Just curious: what games were your favorites? Also, do any of you former Atari 8-bit sysops have ATASCII animations stashed away?
  18. Updated the app today with a first stab at speed controls. You can toggle from 300 up to 14400 bps.
  19. I agree. Some of these are really awesome. Tom D'Ambrosio did some great work. Do you still have any of your own animations?
  20. Are you the same StormBringer who did the "ASCII.CTN" animation?
  21. Thanks so much for sharing those. At first glance they look like duplicates, but I have noticed that sometimes even duplicates have differences. I'll take a closer look later.
  22. Thanks! It does a few undocumented things like stop the animation on [esc] and then step through frame by frame with [right arrow]. I needed a way to debug the rendering routines. But it's fun to just watch the way the cursor moves around.
  23. You're the second one to ask me that today. There are quite a few on the Atari, but I'm not aware of any for modern systems, except _possibly_ Edscii/Playscii.
  24. Hi everyone. I've been working on a project I'm calling AtasciiTube. It's a HTML5/JS app to play for ATASCII animations. I'm still refining the code, but it's working pretty well so far. Check it out: http://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii. Also, I want to send out a plea to anyone who saved any ATASCII animations from years ago. I have found quite a few, but I know there have to more out there. If you were an 8-bit sysop or user back in the day, or maybe you dabbled in creating these animations yourself, please give me a holler! I'd love to add any animations you can send me.
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