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  1. Yeah, I probably will pick it up after seeing the video. I love my Jag, but I'm not obsessed with getting every game. I'd just as soon stick with the good ones. A year or two ago I picked up Rayman, and I absolutely love it (though it is quite challenging). Games I own: Cybermorph, Tempest, AvP, Defender, Pitfall, NBA Jam, Rayman, Zool 2, Hover Strike, Troy Aikman Football, Syndicate, Flip Out, Trevor McFur.
  2. I've been a Jag owner since 1993, but my library is still somewhat small. I have seen screenshots of Atari Karts over the years, but never had a chance play it. I was blown away by what I saw on this video. It looks gorgeous. I know it's rare but boy, I'd sure like to track down a copy.
  3. Have you guys seen the new mobile game Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam? The CEO of the company is Jon Radoff, who was part of the Atari ST BBS scene in the late 1980s. He wrote perhaps the most famous Atari ST door games: Space Empire Elite and Final Frontier. What a way for a career to come full-circle: From "Final Frontier" to "Star Trek Timelines." Anyway, I've been wanting to talk with him about these games for years. I first played SEE as a kid in the 1990s on Flash BBS in St. Louis. Anyway, if you're interested, check out the interview here: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2016/02/02/jon-radoff-creator-of-space-empire-elite-and-final-frontier/
  4. Wow, that really sucks. I was just trying to connect to SFHQ today after a long absence, and wondered what had happened. Any hope since your last update?
  5. FWIW, Deuce did finally release SyncTerm v1.0 (Mac download link). As part of 1.0, he fixed the broken copy-and-paste on the Mac! So I unequivocally recommend SyncTerm to anyone using a Mac who wants to call BBSes. Tons of great features, including support for ATASCII. --Josh
  6. Cybermorph and Tempest took me quite a while. I don't think I used any cheats (beyond sector 6009 in Cybermorph), but I did make use of keys and sector codes. I'm working on Rayman now. I had always wanted the game as a kid, but didn't get it until last year. It's tough! And I don't have the time I had as a kid. @madman, I wouldn't be surprised if the kids hit *, option, and #. I think they were messing with stuff.
  7. As a kid I beat Cybermorph, Tempest and Pitfall. Today I was playing Tempest with my children and it let me enter a high score. I was surprised ... I thought my score was too low. But we soon realized that the high score list had been reset! It's a little sad ... My keys are gone and all my initials. They had lasted 21 years. Anyone know how this happens? Is it just something that happens with old cartridges? Or is it possible my kids accidentally triggered a reset hitting some combo of buttons in Tempest?
  8. I also want to say thanks for getting Tapatalk working again!
  9. My apologies. I saw the title of the thread ("it's too dead in here"), and thought it was a miscellaneous topic. I figured I'd contribute my tiny bit of news at the end of it. Didn't realize the thread was in fact about a specific game. Feel free to delete my posts.
  10. Just trying to keep the forum un-dead.
  11. A little Jaguar anecdote. Tempest 2000 is one of my favorite old games. I could always do the Jupiter warp levels pretty well, but the green tracks were my bane. Yesterday I was playing T2K with my kids when I finally beat a green track warp level. Only took 20 years!
  12. Can you run down the best plays to exploit? I have this game as well, and I'm not very good at it.
  13. I understand th plugin is causing issues for the forum, but I wanted to say Tapatalk is my primary way of reading this forum. I hope the plugin can be restored. As far as the newest versions of tapatalk, all the old features are still there. Click the profile button at bottom right to get a list of web forums. Click a forum and then click the triple line icon to see all the options for that forum, from browsing sub boards to reading unread messages to search, etc.
  14. Besides the amazing screencasting feature I mentioned, the CE also has an IKBD injector which allows you to use USB gamepads, mice, and keyboards with your ST. The CE also supports a sort of floppy "app store." With the CE connected, using your ST you can download .ST disk images from the internet and start playing right away. Finally, the CE can be configured from the ST, or by SSHing into the Pi from some other PC. The feature that I was most interested in was the network drive. It gives me a seamless way to share a folder on my Mac with the Atari.
  15. The CosmosEx is new, and pretty awesome. Works as a floppy emulator and an SD card reader. It can also let your Atari read from an NFS shared volume on your Mac/PC. And if that's not enough, it also has a really cool screencasting feature that lets you control your Atari ST from a web browser on another computer.
  16. Weird! I will contact my ISP ASAP and try to get that sorted out. For what it's worth, I just updated the blog post with a new video. It includes sound effects as well as combat animation (surprisingly bloody). I have not seen the end of the game, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's pretty cool. The graphical client is full of little details. To give just two examples: * At the title screen, there is a torch flickering. If you let the computer sit and the title screen, the fire will slowly burn up the "Thieves Guild" banner across the top of the screen. * Sometimes the game tells you (in text) that it has begun to rain. If you have a combat interaction after this, animated rain is superimposed over the combat graphics. --Josh
  17. There were plenty of Atari ST BBS games back in the day, but I only know of one which came with a graphical front-end client: Thieves Guild. It took me a long time (and required real hardware) to be able to actually play it. Once I obtained a Mega STe, I wanted to make a video showing what the Thieves Guild front-end looked like in action. The CosmosEx's new remote screencast made that a possibility. Here's my first attempt: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2014/11/12/hatari-lantronix-and-cosmosex-my-quixotic-quest-to-play-thieves-guild/ --Josh
  18. I bought a working mega STe several months ago, and the floppy drive works. I haven't tried making disk images with it yet (I imaged my own ST stuff with an iMac many years ago), but assume I can.
  19. What a cool magazine. Wish I had heard of it back in the day. Does anyone have .st disk images of the Atari ST version?
  20. Al, just wondering if anything ever came of this. --Josh
  21. Sounds awesome. If you get that ironed out, I would be a very, very happy camper. I've been using it without copy/paste for years now. --Josh
  22. I will second that. SyncTerm is awesome. SyncTerm runs on the Mac, with one important caveat: it does NOT have copy-and-paste functionality. This is a longstanding annoyance for Mac users like me, but the software's author doesn't have access to a Mac, and can't add the feature. Apple changed some function call (or something) back around Leopard or Snow Leopard, and SyncTerm hasn't had copy/paste since then. --Josh
  23. This is a pretty awesome project. Thanks for sticking with it and putting so much into it! I grew up calling FoReM XEP and ST boards in St. Louis, and I run a private Synchronet board today. --Josh
  24. Hope they fix this quickly. It's disappointing it's taken the host so long to resolve.
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