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  1. I checked with Jason Scott, but seems like he doesn't have it. I've got to believe there are still copies out there somewhere, maybe on a dead BBS in its file section or something. It might be a wild goose chase, but maybe trolling some of the older remaining telnet BBSes might turn something up.
  2. Have you contacted Matt Singer directly? He has a LinkedIn profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/matthew-singer/31/a42/592
  3. Anyone ever play the old Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin"? One of my old favorites. You can still play it today on The Grove and Dark Force BBSes. Anyway, I would love to get in touch with the game's authors. I think I may have found Wayne Myers on some social networks (though he hasn't responded to messages), but no luck with Kevin MacFarland. Anyone know/remember them? --Josh
  4. I found a nice review of FoReM ST from a 1987 Analog magazine: http://archive.org/stream/analog-computing-magazine-58/Analog_Computing_58_1987-10_Adventure_Issue#page/n39/mode/2up Favorite part: I'd love to find an archive of VT-52 animations, but I haven't seen any since my BBSing days. Anyone else?
  5. Just curious, is anyone out there running a FoReM BBS (either FoReM XEP or FoReM ST)? Also, any of the 8-bit BBSes have any ATASCII animations? I remember once many years ago I had a disk with OASIS software, and it included some animations.
  6. I never got close to beating this game, but I loved to play it back in the day. Just fired up it up again over the weekend, but couldn't get past the first jump. It's been a long time since I last played.
  7. I think Cybermorph, Tempest 2000, and NBA Jam were the most-played games in my house. Funnily enough, my 2-year-old son has begun saying "Boom shaka laka." Not because of NBA Jam, but still. One of these days I'll get out the game and let him hear it there.
  8. Ever since I got fired up about Wikipedia killing off old BBS door game articles, I've been looking through what's left of my old Atari files and stuff. Today I came across a real gem: a textfile I wrote very early in my BBSing career (probably 1992) about why I loved Atari computers and still had hope for the company. As an added bonus, the textfile even gave me the date I started calling BBSes and a short story about who helped me get started (A local sysop who was also an officer of our ACE-St. Louis computer club). I posted the textfile here: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2012/12/24/why-i-love-my-atari-computer/ Man, I wish things had gone differently with the Falcon and the Jaguar. Oh well, I always loved underdogs.
  9. Yes, it was. I was an Atari fan, and even though I was a kid, it was clear that Atari was an underdog and that the company had made many missteps. Still, the Jaguar seemed like a clean slate, and a chance to reclaim some former glory. So, yeah, it was hard when it didn't work out the way I hoped.
  10. Our library included Cybermorph, trevor mcfur, tempest 2k, nba jam, syndicate, flipout, and a bunch of others. I didn't realize there was Myst for the Jag. I'll have to check into that.
  11. Sure. You're still talking about a null-modem connection, right? Socat would let you do that.
  12. 1993 was the best Christmas ever for my brothers and I. With the help of an uncle in California, my folks managed to get a Jaguar for us. I wrote up a little blog post about it here: http://breakintochat...t-atari-jaguar/ I still have the Jaguar to this day, and in fact I am awaiting a new S-Video cable from thgill. When did you all get your Jags?
  13. Probably so. You wouldn't need tcpser4j, I would imagine. Just socat to connect the virtual serial ports on whatever machines you're using.
  14. I did it! I was able to telnet to Dark Force BBS and play a VT-52 session of Space Empire Elite. The key ingredients were Hatari, tcpser4j, and socat. I wrote about how I got it work to work on my Break Into Chat blog here: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2012/12/13/telnet-to-bbs-within-emulator/
  15. I could back in the days when I had phone service, but I cancelled that last year after our house was affected by a tornado. Now we are internet only.
  16. I asked a similar question on stackoverflow, but I figured I'd ask here as well. I use the Hatari (Atari ST) emulator on a Mac. Since there are a number of Atari ST BBSes out there still today, I'd love to be able to connect to them using a VT-52 compatible Atari terminal program, like Freeze Dried Terminal, TAZ, or VanTerm. But how can I get Hatari to work with telnet? I see that Hatari offers RS232/serial emulation. The manual suggests writing Hatari RS232 input/output to a file like /dev/ttyS0. And I found something called socat that lets you transfer data between various channels. So: is there a way to make socat take a telnet session and pipe it into a file that can be read by Hatari's RS232 emulation? Any ideas? I'm a unix novice, but I'd love to get this to work.
  17. So I obviously found this thread way too late, but if you have a leftover s-video/composite cable, I'd LOVE to buy it.
  18. Hmm, was looking around and almost forgot about The Assassins Grove BBS. Its another reincarnated Atari BBS from the 80's. Its got a good list of games, including "Space Trader Elite"... I'm not sure if thats the one you're talking about or not? Check it out at: http://www.skeleton.org/bbsindex.html Yes, I have been on the Grove for a while now... Space Trader is a similar game (with a similar name), but it is not SEE. SEE was very popular on FoReM ST / Fnet boards and was inter-BBS capable. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Empire_Elite --Josh
  19. I have added it to my list. However, I do have one question... I have not yet found any BBS running "Space Empire Elite." Anybody know of an Atari BBS that has it going? (Or will any of you sysops install it?) --Josh
  20. I will check it out today... I finally found a decent ANSI terminal emulator for MacOS X, called SyncTerm. I'm trying to build a list of good telnet BBSes (Atari and PC) to visit regularly. BTW - Any of you SEE/SRE fans might want to check out a web port of SRE called "Solar Imperium"... it's at http://imperium.mrgtech.ca The game is still in active development, but it's quite good. --Josh
  21. I found this thread because I am an old FANSI user (though I never registered, sorry Eric). I was just getting into ANSI screens and could only make them by using TheDraw through PC emulation on the Atari. It was VERY slow. Anyhow, FANSI was cool, and though I was never an "artist," I did enjoy making menus and ads for BBSes Anyway, just wanted to reply and say that Solar Realms Elite (SRE), the PC game by Amit Patel was based on the Atari version of Space Empire Elite. SEE came first, then SRE. Amit's brother Mehul later wrote Barren Realms Elite (BRE) as a multiplayer derivative of SRE. I first got into this whole genre of online game through the Flash BBS here in St. Louis, which ran FoReM ST software and had SEE. That was a fun game, though I have to once I discovered SRE on other PC BBSes, I grew to enjoy SRE more. Anyway, hope to see ya'll at the Grove. --Josh
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