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  1. I've scanned the manual for the "sound horror novel" Super Famicom game "Oto Giri Sou" (St. John's Wort) Is there anyone interested in this? If so, where's the best place to post it?
  2. Here are pictures of all the controllers and plug & play devices I'm giving away. The "Xbox / PS2" looking controllers are all USB controllers. One XBox controller claimed by RickR One XBox controller claimed by DragonWarrior Sony controller claimed by DragonWarrior Boomerang controller claimed by lwizardl Top right claimed by GrandPuuBaa The "Pacman" shaped controller has A/V and power jacks on the back. (claimed by NinjaWarrior) The "mouse" looking thing with buttons on top is not a mouse...it was salvaged from one of the kids learning computers. You could probably make a one-handed joystick out of it. No cord...for spare parts only. The "Capcom" NES controller was designed for Nintendo Mahjong games. It uses the proprietary 15-pin famicom expansion port claimed by DamCanadian These are "Golden Tee" plug & play Golf games. The one on the right is for spare parts only. The Atari trackballs are all un-tested. I cleaned the rollers, but no guarantees. These two do have cords, wrapped around the base underneath. One claimed by lwizardl Other one claimed by SinisterMoon The Atari trackballs are all un-tested. I cleaned the rollers, but no guarantees. Trackball with triangular buttons claimed by RickR Trackball with red base claimed by SinisterMoon Trackball with red base claimed by DragonGrafx-16 The white "Atari" arcade controller was designed for the original iPad, using its propriety connector. One claimed by KeeperofLindblum (Both claimed by S.BAZ) One claimed by RickR (Claimed by mmbe) (Claimed by mmbe) No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. The black joystick with 2 buttons on either side used to be a Space Invaders plug & play controller. For spare parts only. (claimed by chicGamer) (Claimed by Sethbramwell)
  3. I'm cleaning out my closet of games I never play. As the items are claimed, I'll cross them off the list. Priority will be given to people who haven't gotten anything from my previous giveaways! Gameboy: Gameboy color system (purple) (claimed by TheNickman100) Bart vs Juggernauts (claimed by LwizardL) Buzz Lightyear (claimed by TheNickman100) Castlevania Adventure (claimed by Machine) Crash Test Dummies (claimed by Ghost1313) Double Dragon II (claimed by RetroSoul) Dr. Mario (claimed by RetroSoul) NBA All Star Challenge 2 (claimed by Ghost1313) Pokemon Gold (claimed by RetroSoul) Radar Mission (claimed by Ghost1313) Sword of Hope (claimed by RetroSoul) Toy Story (claimed by TheNickman100) Gameboy advance: Gameboy advance system (Blue, flip-top) (claimed by IntellivisionDude) Gameboy advance system (clear, missing battery cover, pretty beat up) (claimed by GameMoose) Crash superpack (claimed by S.Baz) Harry Potter chamber of secrets (claimed by TheNickman100) Harry Potter, goblet of fire (claimed by TheNickman100) Harry Potter, prizoner of azkaban (claimed by TheNickman100) Pirates of Carribean, Curse of Black Pearl (claimed by mmbe) Super Mario Advance (claimed by DragonGrafx-16) Yoshi's Island (claimed by GameMoose) Ninendo DS: Anno 1701 (claimed by S.Baz) Arctic Tale (claimed by S.Baz) Big Brain Academy (claimed by S.Baz) Brain Age (claimed by S.Baz) Brain Age 2 (claimed by S.Baz) IL Sturmovik (World War II air combat sim) (claimed by S.Baz) Metroid Hunters first hunt (demo cart) (claimed by S.Baz) My healthy cooking coach My SAT coach My weight loss coach Nintendogs (claimed by S.Baz) Space Camp (claimed by S.Baz) Spectrobes (claimed by LwizardL) Spitfire heroes (claimed by S.Baz) Star Fox command (claimed by RetroSoul) Zenses (claimed by S.Baz) Zenses Rain Forest (claimed by S.Baz) PSX Breakout (claimed by Grig) Pong (no box) (claimed by Grig) Spyro: year of the dragon (no case) (claimed by Grig) PS3 Grand Theft Auto V (no box) (claimed by captainmorgandrinker) XBox Midway arcade treasures (claimed by discoTronic) Morrowind (claimed by discoTronic) Xbox 360 Disneyland (claimed by joeatari1) Final Fantasy XIII (claimed by joeatari1) Left for Dead 2 (claimed by joeatari1) Shadow of Mordor (claimed by DiscoTronic) Star Wars: Force unleashed (claimed by joeatari1) Wii Country Dance (no box) (claimed by captainmorgandrinker)
  4. I'm donating this because my interests have changed. I get much more enjoyment now from "tinkering and learning projects" than I do from "playing". The other stuff I've given away...I got more fun out of modding them than from playing them...so I thought I'd donate them to some actual "players"
  5. Here is a big list of the stuff I'm giving away. I figured people would like it better if I had a "buffet style" instead of giving away package bundles. That way, you can get exactly what you want. As it is claimed, I'll edit the list and cross the items off. If anyone needs to see pictures, please let me know. Atari computers Atari 400, tested, works (composite modded) (claimed by AdamChevy) Atari 800, tested, works (claimed by LarryLaffer) Atari computer carts: Basic (claimed by stupus) Basketball (claimed by stupus) Educational System (claimed by stupus) Missle command (claimed by stupus) Star Raiders (claimed by stupus) Atari 5200 consoles: Atari 5200 (2 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by joeAtari1) Atari 5200 (2 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Atari 5200 (4 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by bluejay) Atari 5200 (works, A/V modded, in a custom woodgrain top) (claimed by RickR) Atari 5200 Carts: Mountain King (broken?) (claimed by JoeAtari1) Blue Print (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Jungle Hunt (claimed by LarryLaffer) Centipede (claimed by bluejay) Centipede (claimed by JoeAtari1) Realsports Baseball (claimed by bluejay) Pac-Man (claimed by bluejay) Pole Position (claimed by bluejay) Kangaroo (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Dig Dug (claimed by bluejay) Dig Dug (claimed by JoeAtari1) Space Invaders (claimed by bluejay) Ms Pacman (claimed by x=usr(1536)) 1 empty 5200 joystick shells (claimed by JoeAtari1) 1 empty 5200 joystick shells (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Atari 2600 Hardware Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by RickR) Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by SinisterMoon) Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by RockyRaccoon) (these clear plastic cases used to be Ferrero Rocher candy cases) (they are also single-transistor A/V composite modded, and use the "modern" 9v jack) Atari Flashback 2 (claimed by stupus) Atari 2600 Joystick (claimed by stupus) Atari 2600 Joystick (claimed by stupus) Atari "Slik Stik" (claimed by AdamChevy) Atari SpectraVideo quickshot joystick (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Atari 2600 Carts Adventure (claimed by AdamChevy) Barnstorming (really bad label) (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Blueprint (claimed by OverMuch) Bowling (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Breakout (claimed by stupus) Bridge (claimed by OldGuyGaming) California Games (claimed by OverMuch) Dodge Em (claimed by sixersfan105) DragonFire (really bad label) (claimed by bluejay) E.T (claimed by AdamChevy) E.T. (claimed by bluejay) Fathom (claimed by bluejay) Football (M-network) (claimed by sixersfan105) Football (Atari) (claimed by sixersfan105) Golf (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Maze Craze (claimed by sixersfan105) Miniature Golf (claimed by sixersfan105) Moon Patrol (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Raiders of the lost Ark (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Raiders of the lost Ark (claimed by sixersfan105) Riddle of the Sphynx (claimed by bluejay) Robot Tank (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Slot Racers (claimed by sixersfan105) Stellar Track (claimed by bluejay) SQ Earthworld (claimed by bluejay) SQ Fireworld (claimed by bluejay) Sneak & Peek (claimed by bluejay) Solaris (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Space Shuttle (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Stella's Stocking (claimed by RickR) Summer Games (claimed by OverMuch) Video Olympics (claimed by stupus) Warlords (claimed by stupus) Books: Atari 2600 Encyclopedia, Vol 1 (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Retro-Gamer special: "The Atari book" (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Breakout: how Atari 8-bit computers defined a generation (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Racing the beam (claimed by AdamChevy) Miscellaneous 1 shell of the ATgames intellivision flashback (claimed by SinisterMoon) Oregon Trail handheld game (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Coleco Zodiac Astrology game (1979) (claimed by SinisterMoon) Plug-n-play Ms. Pacman (composite jack modded) (claimed by stupus) Plug-n-play Pacman (composite jack modded) (claimed by stupus) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by stupus) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by bluejay) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Atari Duo-powered joystick/stand for iPod
  6. You were very close, stupus, but it was claimed a mere 1 minute after I posted it. Sorry. The competition is fierce!
  7. I'm giving away an Atari 2600 Jr, 2 keyboard controllers, and 5 games. Its been A/V modded with the single-transistor mod. Also, the 9v power jack was replaced with the standard, "modern" one. Power supply is included. The front aluminum logo strip is loose, and the left cart port "tooth" was fixed with epoxy glue. It's not pretty, but it works.
  8. I'm donating this because my interests have changed. I'm much more interested now in the electrical engineering of arcade motherboards...especially how the early Arcade motherboards like Atari's 1978 "Football" generated composite video from discrete logic chips, counters, and ram. I get much more enjoyment now from "tinkering and learning projects" than I do from "playing". The other stuff I've given away...I got more fun out of modding them than from playing them...so I thought I'd donate them to some actual "players" The items I've listed are free to anyone who appreciates the lore and history of the contest.
  9. I've got some misc Swordquest memorabilia I'm giving away. - XL T-shirt (never worn...was for decorative purposes) - 3 Swordquest comics (originals) - Waterworld poster (original) - Waterworld manual (original) - Front and back of Waterworld box (not pictured) - misc posters (printed on glossy paper from inkjet printer) - Earthworld and Fireworld carts
  10. Ok, NinjaWarrior, its yours. Just let me know where you would like me to ship it to. There are no shipping charges. Just "pay it forward" in any manner you wish.
  11. Apologies if this is a re-post, I posted this earlier a couple of hours ago, but it didn't show up? I'm giving away an Atari 2600 Jr in a homemade case, 2 joysticks, and 5 games. Its been A/V modded with the single transistor mod. Also, the 9v power jack was replaced with a standard "modern" one. Power supply is included.
  12. I'm giving away an Atari 2600 Jr, 2 joysticks and 5 games. It's been composite A/V modded with the "single transistor" mod. Also, the 9v jack was replaced with a modern standard jack. (Power supply is included) If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  13. I was a HUGE fan of the arcade version, and I bought the NES version as soon as it came out. But once I started up the game, I felt totally ripped off: - Rygar doesn't say "HYA!" when he uses his weapon - He doesn't say "FHO!" when he jumps - You can't collect power-ups that let you shoot upwards? Or extend your weapon to cover half the screen? - the enemies you hit don't fly backward and crumble into bones??? That was the COOLEST part of Rygar!!! - the grim reaper doesn't carry you away when you die - where's the minotaurs??? They added a touch of Greek mythology to the ambiance - where's the headless golems??? They were COOL! - where's the giant creepy face that chases you when you dawdle too long??? - where's the giant blue shogun-warrior enemy that hops back and forth??? He was COOL! - where's the cool "SHING SHING SHING" sound when enemies need multiple hits to beat??? - there's no sub-tunnel underneath you so you can tell when the grubs are about to emerge - when the grubs DO emerge, they don't make their signature "creepy crawly sound" - the NES opening level music is so corny and cheesy! Where's the groovy bass-line background music? - where's the harpsicord music??? That was another AWESOME part of Rygar! Later in the game though, it did redeem itself somewhat: + The tree stump enemies in the overworld were pretty creepy + the background music on Eruga's forest is pretty cool + The spider level's background music is AWESOME + The sound effect when you beat the giant snails in the tower was AWESOME I also have the PS2 version, and my favorite part is the water shrine. Everything about it is so beautiful....especially the music. I'll often replay just that one level!
  14. Does anyone know what "happo...happo...happo" means?
  15. I used Google to translate the text to the obscure German game "F**k commodore" Does anyone here speak German? There are a few sentences below that don't make sense. Original german is on the left hand side. Google translated text on the right. druecke start um das spiel zu beginnen press start to begin the game wollen sie eine anleitung do you want instructions? sie sind ein einsamer ATARI-besitzer you are a lonely atari-owners auf der reise on a journey und weit weit von zu hause entfernt and far far away from home ploetzlich erfahren sie, suddenly you learn that dass eine commodore-gang ihre a commodore gang has atari kammeraden gefangen genommen haben captured your atari gear versuchen sie die kameraden try to free your comrades zu befreien ohne dabei ihr leben zu verlieren without losing your life viel glueck good luck ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie stehen mitten im urwald. you are in the middle of a jungle man hat ihnen mitgeteilt, we told you dass hier in der naehe that here in the vinity der commdore-unter-schlupf sein muss of the commodore under slip must be? sie sehen einen mann you see a man mit einem commodore t-shirt with a commodore T-shirt sie haben eine pistole you have a pistol und einen knueppel in der hand and a stick in your hand A mann erschiessen shoot the man B mann erknueppeln hit the man with a stick C das wc aufsuchen visit the wc (toilet) A die kugel ist viel zu schade a bullet is too good fuer einen commdore besitzer. for a commodore owner. sie sind tot (druecke start) they are dead (press start) B eine sehr gute entscheidung a very good decision C hier ist weit und breit kein wc! here is far and wide no toilet! sie sind tot und ausserdem schwul! they are dead and also gay! (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sehen hinter einen baum you see behind a tree eine 16jaehrige, a 16 year old, die auf einem commdore spielt playing on a commodore A 16jaehrige voegeln shag the 16-year-old B ein fuck van achteren aft a fuck van? C nichts wei weg... get the hell out? A leider hatte sie kraetze, unfortunately she had scabies, aids, pest usw usw... aids, plague, etc, etc... sie sind tot. (druecke start) they are dead. (press start) B schwein!! sie sind tot. pig! they are dead (druecke start) (press start) C das war knapp a narrow escape ----------------------------------------------------------------------- als sie weitergehen entdecken as you go sie ein grosses gebaeude discover a large building A) gebaeude betreten A) building access B) vorbeigehen B) go past it C) schweine fuettern C) pigs fuettern? A) sie betreten das gebaeude you will enter the building B) sie sind vorbeigegangen und sind tot. they have passed and are dead (warum nicht?) (druecke start) (why not?) (press start) C) sie wollten die they wanted the commodore-user fuettern. commdore-user fuettern. dabei sterben sie an pest! while they die of fever! (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sehen ein gitter. You see a grid. daneben steht ein commdore-computer. here is a commodore computer auf dem bildschirm steht: on the screen is: insert password insert password A) 'apfel' eingeben A) enter "apples" B) umkehren B) go back C) computer zertreten C) stomp on the computer A) das war zu hoch fuer den that was too high for the computer under stuerzt ab! computer under crashes! (uebrigens sind sie tot) (by the way they are dead) (druecke start) (press start) B) als sie umkehren wollen faellt ihnen when they want to reverse them der halleysche komet auf den kopf. falls halley's comet on the head (druecke start) (press start) C) das ist die einzige sprache This is the only language die commodore-computer verstehen the commodore computer understands! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie stehen in der grossen eingangs halle. they are located in the large entrance hall. In welche richtung wollen sie gehen in which direction do you want to go A) Richtung forschungszentrum A) direction of research center B) richtung C 128-raum B) direction of C 128 room C) richtung C 64-spiele raum C) direction of C-64 games room A) als sie das forschungszentrum as they enter the research center betreten erblicken sie ein paar bekloppte they see a few batty trying 2 kloetze to ask ????? die versuchen 2 kloetze so zu stellen dass sie nicht umfallen. so they do not fall over. ploetzlich bekommen sie einen klotz suddenly they get a chunk auf den kopf und sind tot. of the head and are dead (druecke start) (press start) B) leider gibt es keinen C128 raum. unfortunately, there is no C128 room fuer sowas lohnt sich kaum ein eimer! for something hardly worth a bucket! -> tot (druecke start) -> dead (press start) C) als sie den C 64 spiele raum in the C64 games room betreten sehen sie nichts you do not see anything ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A) licht anmachen A) turn on the light B) sekretaerin anmachen B) turn on the secretary C) licht anschalten C) turn on the lights A) als sie das licht anmachen kommt when they turn on the light der freund des lichts is the friend of light und schlaegt sie tot and beats them to death (druecke start) (press start) B) ooooh, mann du voegelst oh, man you do shagging sie so lange bis du stirbst! until you die! (druecke start) (press start) C) das licht is nun an the light is now on ----------------------------------------------------------------------- im lichtschein erkennen sie schreckliches. in the light you recognize terrible. es stehen 5 C-64 im raum! There are 5 C64s in the room! Einer ist angeschaltet. One is connected. es besteht die moeglichkeit there is a possibility WINTER GAMES III zu spielen. to play WINTER GAMES III A) computer lieben A) computer love? B) aus dem fenster springen B) jump out the window C) winter game III speilen C) play WINTER GAMES III A) ich glaube sie spielen das spiel I think they play the game nicht mit dem noetigen ernst! not with the necessary seriousness! sie sind tot. they are dead. (druecke start) (press start) B) Bravo-sie sind genau auf bravo they jumped einen amiga gesprungen exactly one amiga? C) bis sie die 1.disziplin geladen until they have loaded the first discipline haben sterben sie an altersschwaeche. they die of senility (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sind genau in den C 128 raum gesprungen. You are exactly in the C128 room jump sie sehen 2 moebeltraeger die gerade einen You will see 2 furniture remover C 128 ins zimmer tragen. of the just a C 128 in the room. was tun? what to do? A) moebeltraeger ein bein stellen A) mobeltraeger hiring leg B) moebeltraeger anschwulen B) mobeltraeger look at C) lego spielen C) play with legos A) als die moebeltraeger stolpern stumble as the moebeltraeger them faellt ihnen der c128 auf den kopf. falls the c128 on the head. sie sind tot (druecke start) they are dead (press start) B) als sie die moebeltraeger anschwulen as you look at the furniture remover sind diese so begeistert, so enthusiastically, dass sie den C 128 fallen lassen. the cases fall? sehr gut! very good! aufgrund des aufpralls der kiste stuerzt due to the impact of the cases falling, das ganeze gebauede zusammmen. wooowww.. the whole building collapses C) happo-happo-happo... (druecke start) Happo happo happo....(press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie haben es geschafft! they did it! Ihre ATARI-kameraden stehen vor ihnen your atari-mates stand before them VICTORY CODE: Bitte einsenden an please send to Lyoner Str.38 6000 Frankfurt 71 Fortzsetzungen folgen demnaescht sequels will follow soon DIE SUCHE NACH SUMMER GAMES II und ATARI 8-BIT BEST FUCK THE REST Demnaechst auf ihren bildschirm soon on your screen (druecke start) (press start)
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