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  1. I was almost able to, but the post office was not cooperative. Still have them for sale, but very tempted to throw them away. Slightly frustrated...
  2. Someone please make an offer. Don't have these systems and need these carts gone.
  3. These are all untested, because I don't own an Odyssey2 or an Atari computer. The labels are in great shape though. The hatches on the Odyssey2 games run from decent to a bit rusty and in need of a little tlc. Odyssey2: Speedway / Spinout! / Crypto-Logic! $3 Freedom Fighters! $2 UFO! $2 Volleyball! $2 Out of this World! / Helicopter Rescue! $3 Cosmic Conflict $2 Invaders From Hyperspace! $2 Baseball! $2 Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase! $3 Las Vegas Blackjack! $3 Atari 400/800 Mountain King SOLD K-razy Antiks SOLD BASIC COMPUTING LANGUAGE (black label) SOLD BASIC COMPUTING LANGUAGE (brown label) SOLD Buyer pays actual shipping from USA. I'll add more as I go through it, I've had this stuff stored (properly) for a bit.
  4. Thank you! I've been working slowly on this, along with trying to learn to use the DPC+ kernel. My main problem with progress in this game is program structure - I have a really hard time writing code to handle events and the flow of the game. We both started learning bB at about the same time, and it was great to watch your development of Cave In. It still holds up as one of the best examples of what bB, and the 2600, can do. I'm actually in Saint Joseph; about as far from STL as you can get and still be in MO.
  5. How do you tell in Stella? I've Googled, searched here, read the Stella documentation, and I still have no idea. Thank you, by the way. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.
  6. I've animated the enemies, and am now working on the lives/hp code. This really is very hard without a way to test on hardware - I'm going to have to invest in a Harmony if I want to see this through. Latest version attached. dingy1d.bin
  7. This looks great. Curious though - why the decision to halve the age of the boy?
  8. I've added descriptive variables and commented code - So things have already greatly improved with this project since posting the files this morning. The newest bas has been added to the OP. Now here's hoping some cycle-saving can be had!
  9. Ok, I will do that right now. Thank you!
  10. RT, I think you refer to me sometimes as an example of what not to do with bB, especially in reference to talking crap about finishing projects instead of actually finishing them. I hope you have faith in me finishing this one. I really think I can, and it will make all of my previous attempts worthwhile as practice. This game is going to be absolutely huge, possibly the biggest platformer of all time for the 2600, and once I'm past this initial cycle-cram it will almost all be doing, not figuring out how to do.
  11. Ok, I've gone through and added proper comments that should clear things up quite a bit. Thank you a lot for the advice, it is already much easier to follow what's going on.
  12. I know. I'd planned to do that as well, I just wanted to see how much of what I had planned I could get into the cycles available (before realizing I had no way to know how many I'm even using) before I made the code any longer than it already is. Scrolling through multiple pages from top to bottom really slows me down. It's on the to-do, and yeah I probably should have done that before asking for help. I'm just excited about this project.
  13. Thank you so much RT, that is great news! I could tell that I needed to add a drawscreen right after defining the PF, just hadn't done it yet. I'm honestly surprised the main loop runs properly though, there is so much going on. I'm still hoping for help optimizing though because for this screen I still have to: Animate both flying enemies. Set collisions for flying enemies, potion, gold, and the rock near the hole. Make lives/health bar functional. Finish adding and debugging sound fx. Add scoring. Add code to move on to next screen when reaching edge of current screen. This screen is about as busy as any will get, so if I can get those things to fit with what I already have, I'll be pretty confident in this working.
  14. Ok I cleaned it up a bit and added some comments. New version attached in OP. Thank you for the advice.
  15. I know by posting this I'm being lazy, and maybe kind of a jerk saying "please clean up my awful mess for me.", but this is what always happens. I think I have a good idea, but my code turns into garbage that gives me a headache and makes me abandon ship. Some of you might think "Well, if you can't get past that you aren't really a good programmer and don't deserve to complete a project." That's probably true, but it's been a dream for over 30 years, and I'm not really much closer than when I started with this, so why not ask for help? I'd definitely want to give credit for any teamwork with it, and I'm determined to finish this one - it's the perfect game for me to power through and see to the end. If I have to trim it down to almost nothing, that's what I'll do. Since this is a screen-at-a-time game, if I can just get a clean, efficient version of the code I already have done, my chances will be better than with anything I've tried before. and I know at some point I'm going to have to get a Harmony so I can test things myself. Here's hoping I get that far this time!
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