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  1. Sorry for the delay. Been sick and working 12 hours a day and haven't had time to check anything. The only thing I have been checking is my temp. I didn't get it. Re-send it please. John
  2. That is an original atari prototype board. I have six of these. I have several 128K, 256K, 512K, 1Meg-4Meg boards. I got these from an ex-Atari employee.
  3. Ya'll still looking for power supply connectors for the Lynx II? I have several dead system boards that still have the power connectors, volume/brightness controls. Let me know what ya need and I will help anyone out. E-mail me at: [email protected]
  4. Damn! I need to find me a Colecovision now.........
  5. Hey guys, Here's how the carts are/were laid out: All FF carts up to number 50(fifty) will be numbered on the title screen. Which means, if you have number one or number fifty, there will be a number on the title screen. Carts starting at #51 and up DO NOT HAVE A NUMBER. The first five FF carts that I made are Special Editions. They have the explosion on the title screen that says Special Edition. And there was only five of these(S.E.) made. Cart #'s 6-50 are numbered but are not special editions. I hope this clears everything up.
  6. Heads up to everyone. Charles and I have dropped the price of the un-numbered copies to $49.99
  7. And please listen to my ottelo soundtrack. My daughter used to play this on her kantele (a Finnish national instrument) and I fell in love with the tune. So when Sage created Lynx Reloaded I asked him to include my tune in the background of my game. The original ottelo was coded in a 1k competition years ago and it lacked the tune then. But in Lynx Reloaded it is included! Since then I have lost the sources somewhere and also the tune. But it stays preserved on the cart -- Karri Yeah, I listened to all the soundtracks. They rock! Yeah, I like just turning on the Lynx and sitting it down and listening to the music. I do this alot with other games and systems too. This was definately a good buy.
  8. I got my Lynx RELOADED cart in a couple of days ago. I just tried it out and I must say the internal speaker on the Lynx sux! The sounds was horrific. I thought to myself that this was not worth the money I spent for it. It was supposed to have some very nice soundtracks. Well, just out of spite, I plugged a cheap pair of headphones that I got at a dollar store, and was quite amazed by the sound. It kicked butt with the cheap headphones. I will be installing some speakers out of a broken PSP to put in there. I also plan to add a few led's to add some spice(flicker) to the sound output.
  9. I have some troubles with your e-shop. Any selection of shipping method is ignored and Global Express Guaranteed is always displayed in order confirmation. F. Yeah, Charles is having one helluva problems with the shipping for international orders. The Domestic(US) is working properly. I just got off the phone with him and he is still trying to fix the problem. I'm sure he will post something about the problem being fixed.
  10. Thank you buddy! It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the lord!
  11. I got home from work tonight and tried using the 27c020's and I get the same result. I guess I will have to wait untill I get my Re-Loaded cart in. Should be here next week sometime.
  12. Yeah I tried the bll020409.zip The bll loader was only like 8K. I couldn't get that one to work. Also I just ordered the Lynx Re-Loaded cart from Carl today. The carts I tried were an original Atari eprom cart 1m/2m and a 4M/8M board. I also tried my B&C eprom board as well as semicolo's boards. No success with any of them. But, I was using a 27c010 eprom. I figured with it being only 8k I could use a 27c010. I didn't know about the layout of the lynx-bus-slot thingy! I will try a 27c020 and see if that works. Thanks buddy!
  13. I am working on a Lynx title for Rastersoft but I am unable to find a working binary rom image of the BLL loader. I found one that is like 8k but after programming the eprom and inserting it in my lynx I get a messed up screen that randomly flashes bits and pieces of the "Insert Game" screen. Does anyone have a WORKING copy of this rom image? Does it have to be encrypted? I was hoping it was already encrypted if it's not. Any help in this matter would be great! John
  14. I want 2 Clear ones as well! I would also like to have a clear jag cd too!!!!
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