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  1. What version of Windows are you running? -Thom
  2. The hybrid filesystem was an experiment. It was a manually crafted disk that was _VERY_ difficult to make (as it had both a legal DOS 2.0 filesystem AND a boot loaded program on the same disk), I need to find a way to automate the process, and I will bring it back. -Thom
  3. Nope, there is newer. FujiNet Version: 0.5.32f7ef07 Build Time: Sat Oct 17 19:32:05 UTC 2020 md5sums: 139c51b7cbf467e3278133538649864b spiffs.bin c090570f15e58a3361e97336ba707c76 firmware.bin 24ad324b178eb58eda3a84f2fe914193 partitions.bin 3b5c6333d1f4cef6b8712919ed2a62cd bootloader.bin e6327541e2dc394ca2c3b3280ac0f39f boot_app0.bin But what you're seeing is not an error. It's caused by the debug messages in our firmware being sent before the firmware is fully initialized, and is harmless. -Thoim
  4. I could add some equivalent commands. We want time and date? -Thom
  5. Hayes Chronograph commands conflict with the MODEM commands. -Thom
  6. This is a very strange and reproducible issue. I have no code in CONFIG which explicitly wipes the host slot entry, which is _VERY_ strange. -Thom the relevant code for the host slots screen is here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-config/blob/master/src/diskulator_hosts.c
  7. No. Go to a PC, and try to connect to your fujinet's web interface. http://fujinet/ -Thom
  8. darn it, I thought I had gotten rid of that bug. I will dig deeper. -Thom
  9. The WiFi light should light up once it connects to your access point and gives an address. Are you able to go to http://fujinet/ ? -Thom
  10. Believe it or not, that's not a error. That's the debugging code in our firmware trying to run before things are fully initialized. If you press the monitor button, you'll see the messages coming from the FujiNet. -Thom
  11. The MODEM was something we found off the shelf and adapted for the Atari, integrating it into the SIO code, and making a special case to shunt main loop processing to it when concurrent mode was enabled, disabling it when the COMMAND line is asserted, while also adding the commands to set baud rate/translation/etc. It could really stand to use a rewrite, if anyone wants to take that on. -Thom
  12. IAC can be enabled/disabled with ATNET1 and ATNET0. Right now, IAC processing is very basic, and needs to be extended (dunno how much more, as most Atari comms programs simply lack things to map to) -Thom
  13. The DOS 2.5's that I made in this zip have 1-4 enabled. the DOS 2.0D has 1-8 enabled. https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-sd-card/releases -Thom
  14. Great points, absolutely. It is on the list to overhaul the modem, we put it together to try and get something working. We still also have to figure out how to tweak lwIP parameters so that onslaughts of small packets don't cause the timeouts that are happening with some hosts. -Thom
  15. I am now throwing away the current rewrite of N: and trying again. The challenge of trying to do translation at the SIO level is putting me into the fetal position. (Because the data has to be translated, you have to read in the buffer and translate it, adding/removing characters BEFORE you send the status indicating how many bytes are available) This is now the third attempt to rewrite and try to work through the bugs that were introduced in the production N: firmware, and I do wish I had some help, but.. *shrug* -Thom
  16. Ok, so I went ahead and modified CONFIG to use the firmware version in that field, which matches web admin: I will push this into master, shortly. -Thom
  17. @Calibus Yes, this is somewhat confusing, this is the version of CONFIG, which is not the same as the firmware running on the device. We did try to resolve this with build tooling, but it proved to be very buggy. Not a clear cut way to do this, because CONFIG is a separate program from the firmware, on a totally different source tree. -Thom
  18. @Allan initially the plan is for an SSH client, so that you can connect to hosts running an SSH server ,either for remote terminal use, or for copying files to the host. The code I have does have an SSH server as part of it, will have to see what needs to be implemented so SCP/SSH can be implemented. The issue being that SSH requires a server at the endpoint. (Servers ARE possible, the TCP protocol adapter goes into server mode if you do not specify a hostname in the devicespec, you can then listen for connection attempts, and accept a connection after that point) -Thom
  19. @ijor of course, this is most noble work. -Thom
  20. https://hackaday.com/2020/10/14/modern-network-adapter-for-retro/
  21. Those with experience/insight only: Is it better to only toggle an edge detected interrupt to its opposite state on a status change, (such as # of bytes waiting > 0), or to periodically toggle interrupt state until bytes waiting = 0? Am trying to avoid potential race conditions.
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