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  1. I still have the price guide that came with my 400 when my father bought it. I don't know the year, but looks like he got it for $269 + 99.95 for the 16K memory upgrade.
  2. As soon as I'm finished with Inuyasha on NetFlix I plan on starting Rurouni Kenshin. Trying to watch all the old stuff I couldn't get around to when I was younger.
  3. They have an Apple IIc Bluetooth controller on Kickstarter now. It has a serial receiver option. Wouldn't think it would be difficult for them to modify it to different systems after that. Hopefully soon.
  4. Ah, yes, I should have specified I'm looking at adding it to a 400. How did you secure the cable to keep it from tugging on the internals? Just use the existing RF cable hole and use the case as a clamp?
  5. So how are people installing these? Meaning are you running the internal cabling to an S-Video port and the audio to a 3.5mm plug mounted to the back of your system or are you guys running cable out the back all the way to the TV? I'd think it would be cleaner looking to do the former, but thought I'd ask if anybody has documented it either way.
  6. So whomever purchases that option would be required to buy all the additional LEDs, resistors, VRM, etc that listed on the parts list document on github?
  7. Hi. I'm interested, but needing some clarification about the PCB + Case + pre-programmed ARM option. Are all the components included and need to be soldered on to the board, or are they all soldered on with exception of the processor?
  8. I would agree and presume it would appear in the OS as a second audio device.
  9. The cassette adapter? I playback the CAS converted audio file on my phone via Bluetooth to the cassette.
  10. I'm keeping an eye on orpheuswaking's sound mod to compliment the UAV or Super Color CPU card. I'll go back through the older UAV thread again and see what I can find.
  11. Are there any installation instructions for the 400? I'd love to get rid of the rf on mine due to so much interference. I've looked back at the linked threads, but I may have missed them. I'm trying to decide between this and the Super Color CPU card from tf_hh, especially since it appears the UAV is now going to be integrated into the Super Color CPU. The Super Color CPU indicates there's soldering and drilling needed and I was wanting to see what all was involved with the plug-in version of the UAV for the 400.
  12. It's actually pretty cool. Once you get it paired up, it automatically turns on and links to my phone when I press play on the recorder. When I press stop on the recorder, it automatically turns off. I bought it used from Amazon so it ran around $12. All my belts are shot and the pinch roller has dried and shrunk so it seemed the most economical way to get my 410 up and going again. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3YLHAC
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