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  1. Drache

    PC Game Wanted

    Looking for a copy of Drakan: Order of the Flame Please PM me with cost of game WITH shipping to Likely BC, Canada, Postal Code V0L1N0 Thanks!
  2. I use the same low offer with cash method but with a twist. If they are asking say $1000 for a car and I'm willing to pay $700 I'll offer $500 cash but with an extra $100 cash in my wallet and then another $100 in my car, so $700 total. If they say "how about $800" then I can simply open my wallet, pretend to count, and say that I only have $600. If they don't take that and say "how about $700" then I can pretend to go looking through the car or if my girlfriend is there I pretend to ask her for the money and come back with the full amount. Allot of work but 75% of the time I've never had to go past the wallet!
  3. Just the same with the original NES versions as well, the golds were actually the commons!
  4. That was being sold here on the boards if I remember correctly! EDIT: I was right! http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=104888
  5. Ninja Golf... lmao! I can't stop laughing everytime I see that box!
  6. The girl knew she was going to be in the game and even signed the contract allowing the permission of her image. It wasn't until the game was released that she disclosed she was only 17 and therefor making the contract null and void. Thus the game was recalled.
  7. I think it's neat that the game supports both right and left handed people by having a jump button on either side of the joystick. Not many games have that nowadays!
  8. Nintendonut has done alot of sales with the people over at NESforums.com!
  9. How much to ship the FFXI Beta to Likely, BC, Canada, postal code V0L1N0?
  10. Sounds like an episode of "The Price is Right" in here! lol
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