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  1. So I wondered whether that webpage that had a list of one letter book titles was still around once I was looking through various crap stored on my website. To my amazement, it still is there, and what's more, has grown considerably since my last visit a long time ago. Also there is a "close but no cigar" section. (I wonder if I should tell him about the Joel Goldsmith book "The Mystical I.") Anyway, I looked through eBay since the fake disease COVID has made it nearly impossible to go to a huge bookstore like our downtown's The Book Bin store. Which is the only bookstore I can think of around here. So I looked online on that big cyber bookstore: eBay. Armed with a long list of books to look for, I began searching. A first-edition copy of "a" by Andy Warhol costs well over $1,000. I went with the $5 version printed in 1998 (apparently). And I also snagged a copy of G by John Berger for $8.49. So for less than a $20 bill I will have two new additions to my physical one-letter book title collection. Right now I have "c", "H", "M", "Q", "S.", "V.", "X", and "Z". I don't know why I'm doing this. Please help me.
  2. I had another bout with insomnia. This time I forced myself to lay in bed until I went to sleep after a half an hour instead of getting up and doing stuff. Three hours later, I decided it was enough, so I went in the kitchen and fixed myself popcorn. After I ate the popcorn, I went to my computer to see if I could fix my Hamburgers game that was broken. Two hours later (it was now about 6 a.m.), I hit success. The game was fixed! We had done it. So then I went to sleep. I woke up a half-hour ago, and tried it on my Everdrive. It works on it. There was one instance of the pizza slice misbehaving, but other than that, the audio works and the video works, so I'm happy. I can continue to work on it. Also, I didn't think I'd ever get to sleep, but I got about 6 hours' worth, so I can continue my life, albeit kind of sleepy since I did only get 6 hours of it.
  3. I found the most unwanted song whilst surfing YouTube. And it occured to me that I can do weirder stuff. So I am starting one of my weirdest projects ever. It is called "Wisteria Worms." With my eye hurting, I composed the first of what I expect to be many more odd minutes of music. Like if John Cage took LSD. I eventually recorded the first minute, with this in mind: "1. beautiful man voice says "The Ballad of Earl." Then he starts singing "lumps in my oatmeal," unaware that his voice is transforming into Bert from "Sesame Street" under a nice 5/4 piano tune." The hardest part was composing the tune in 5/4 and make it "nice", but I did somehow. But it only took 40 seconds. What to do? Repeat the last two notes twice, stretch the last two notes of that out for about 20 seconds. Since I am not a beautiful man, but my Bert impression is IMO better than an opera man impression, I started singing, and lo and behold, my creation is taking shape. And that is what I will continue to work on whenever I find myself bored.
  4. The insomnia I had Wednesday night pushed my sleeping back to being awake all night and sleeping all day again. I was just about finished with Hamburgers when I noticed the game froze at certain times. For instance, whenever I set the number of hits needed to advance to the next level 1, it always crashed at level 4. Setting the number of hits needed to 20 made it crash at level 3. I have been trying various things to try to make it stop, with little success. Except when I set a certain variable in FamiTone (the music part, famitone2.s). If I set FT_TEMP to 0 it crashes, but when I set it to 5 it doesn't. I have been struggling with this. Why does it do this? I don't know. I think I may have to go with this solution if nothing else seems to pan out. This is my highest score when I got through all ten levels. Yes, for some reason it kept giving me chicken nuggets. The chicken nugget code is random, so I don't know why.
  5. My hamburgers game freezes shortly after it reaches level 3. I tried various things without success. I've been told it is a memory collision problem, but I don't know how to fix it. I'm using CC65 and programming it in C. I've attached everything here. allthestufffornesburgers.zip
  6. Last night I couldn't sleep. I tried and failed at about 1 a.m. I just couldn't stop thinking about comic strip ideas for my comic strip nobody reads, which is really funny because I want to resume them. So five comics later, I finally fell asleep after 5 a.m. Yes, I worked for four hours to make 5 comic strips. They are Sunday-type ones. I replaced my handwriting with Arial font. I cleaned up the drawings, I colored them. A lot goes into it. I woke up at about 3 p.m. The tree people came and cut down the tree. It was quite the production, and very noisy. I had my window open because I was hot in my room. I worked on the beginning of the end of my Burgers game. No more updates will be posted on the website. I want the ending to be a surprise. My Brainchild came in the mail today after about three weeks of waiting. I put in the Math Story Problems cartridge and turned it on. It works very nicely. What it does. It's kind of like a Tiger Quiz Wiz only instead of looking the question up in a book, it is displayed in text on the screen. And it's not trivia, but stuff to help kids study. I got a question right, just to test it. I am beginning to regret the purchase though, since I have no way of attempting to make a homebrew Brainchild game. The graphics: There are none. It's all text. Lovely lovely text.
  7. I'm surprised at how close I can get a piano sound on the NES. It actually sounds like a real piano. Instead of making the music like the castle music in SMB, I made some (hopefully) spooky music for it. And I tested the last level on my Everdrive. I have an N8 Everdrive, and the light inside it turns on and off randomly. I don't know if that's okay or not, but it seems to be working fine. So anyway, now with that done, I can begin work on the ending. The code ends at B2E0, with a couple of bytes at FFF0.
  8. I am not ranking them. This is from my (almost) lifetime of the NES, so games I played as a kid and not an adult are also listed. And there are only 10 because I can't think of 20. SMB SMB2 SMB3 Tetris (Nintendo) Jeopardy Jr. Pipe Dream Pin-Bot Yoshi Tetris 2 TMNT 2
  9. So while designing the castle, I wanted to make it look similar to the castles in Super Mario Bros. I did this last night. This is the first attempt: It looks, well, interesting. The red blocks do look quite odd, though, so I redesigned it earlier today. This is what it looks like now: A little better. I like the fact that it's like the All-Stars version of the castle because instead of pictures of Bowser hanging from the walls, it's pictures of a chocolate milkshake. And no, you won't get burned if you touch the lava because you're in front of it. I am going to compose the music soon. I want to make it similar to the castle music of SMB. Why? I want to hint to the player that he's reached the end of the game and they're on the last level. I have room for more levels, but it's hard to think up of them and I thought ten was a nice round number to stop at. Plus, I don't want the player to think the game is really long and that there's no end to it. Then, I'll program the ending. I think I'll spend a lot of time on it because I figure why not since I have the room to do so.
  10. atari2600land


    So I added a Vut to the game. He floats across the screen, so the only way to avoid one is to jump over it. I spent last night coding the jumping part and this morning coding the Vut part. The vut flaps his wings as he moves. He starts at either the right side of the screen and moves left or starts at the left side and moves right. Why he flies is because I needed him to start not on top of the platform because the Zyx might be where the Vut starting point is. So I needed to move the Vut starting point off the platform and the only way I could allow that is if the vut could fly somehow. So I added wings to the vut and made him able to hover over the platform. This game is getting more and more complicated, but I still am not sure it's all that hard or not. Perhaps I'll add some more fruit to the game next. Strawberries are better. I'll make the blueberries turn into strawberries at 50 points. And then change it to another fruit at 100 points and so on. Purely aesthetic, no extra points or anything. I changed the five digit. I didn't like the way it looked either, but now I'm happy with it. The last comment about it looking like a cake struck me as odd because I was going for the look of a platform from Super Mario World, and I thought I had succeeded. Oh well. I guess he can be on top of a cake in the middle of the Green Bakery. I'm not sure how many different "sprites" I can have. I'm guessing 255. If so, that's an awful lot. As the game stands I have 26. A couple aren't being used, but if I were to delete them, I'd have to look through the whole 1,800-line code and change sprite definitions. So it's staying this way. I'm surprised at how the game doesn't flicker an awful lot despite characters moving around in it. The Channel F is fun to code for, I just wish it had more colors. 16 like the Intellivision would have been nice.
  11. The blue winged creature is a vut. He flaps his wings and goes either from left-right or right-left. He starts off the platform so you know he's coming onto it and can react to it. Running into him makes you lose a life. Since he hovers over the platform, the only way to avoid one is to jump over it. This is why I added jumping to the game. zyx10.bin
  12. To make the zyx jump, pull up on the controller. (Alt in MESS.) zyx9.bin
  13. I decided to work on Zyx again because I didn't feel like working on the Burger game. This is now what it looks like: One notable change is you must press fire to have Zyx open his mouth to eat the blueberry. If you go to the blueberry without pressing fire, it will fall down beside him and you'll lose a life. Some other graphic changes occurred. I changed the 2 graphic. I didn't like the way it looked. So now the 2 looks different (better, IMO). I still don't know what to do with this game, though. I feel like I could play it forever. Perhaps I should lose the life system and just make it a one-hit and die game like an Odyssey2 game? I still just don't know what to do with this. I did NOT want to get up this morning. I eventually did...at about 11:45 a.m. Which is odd because I went to sleep at about 9 or so. My usual 14 hours of sleep.
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