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  1. Only 405 more posts until there are 4,444,444 posts total here.

  2. So thefarside.com is nothing more than the old comics. Disappointed, I decided to make my own like-comics. I just drew three for today for March 2020. (I usually make comics one month in advance.) Longtime readers of this blog may have heard of my on-line comic "47 Meatballs." Well, it's returning. Every Monday starting March 16, I will put an online comic on the website. I would like some feedback. Mainly on how big the letters in the tic-tac-toe game are and if they're legible because it's a main part of the joke: How I draw these are thus: I take a sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper and my trusty mechanical pencil and start out with an idea. I drew the "47 Meatballs" logo like that. I had a nifty idea of putting the words "forty" in the four and "seven" in the 7, but when I shrunk it down, it became illegible. I tried really hard making legible text in the speech balloons. I barely had enough room to put what I wanted to in there. Just now noticed I have to reupload the comics since the white parts were transparent. So I made them not be. I also tried really hard to draw an ox. They're tough to draw.
  3. I decided since I had the room, to add a "dummy" color to stand in to the first color that was being black. The palette showed the dummy color as the first one. The dummy color was a hot pink, which I used to color the tree trunks. Then I made sure the original tree trunk color was still in the picture (or else it wouldn't show up in the palette), I put it it to the extreme left, and it doesn't show up in the game. I changed the colors to 4-bit and changed the hot pink to a different shade of brown. As a result, there's 11 colors in the palette, and the first one is black, but since it's not showing up in the game, there is no black color in that part (except for the text, but that's different.) Here is the result: While I was at it, I changed the colors of the grass blades down at the bottom to simplify them. They were showing up as 4 or more different colors. So I made them 1 darker color than the other grass color. Who knew it would take so much work to do this? I also sped up the games because I found them to be slow.
  4. EDIT: Wow. Everything is pending. Wasn't expecting people wanting everything all at once. I've decided since I don't play the thing that I should just get rid of it. Here's what I have: US Dollars. If you buy the console and are from Canada or elsewhere, you pay extra for the postage. Console with one controller (no power cord, I've been using the Jaguar's) $75 and some games. I don't know, $25 each unless noted. You can buy the games and not the console, or vice versa. + Alien Crush + Bonk's Adventure $35 + Bonk's Revenge $40 + Boxyboy + Bravoman + China Warrior + Cratermaze + CyberCore + Dragon Spirit $35 + Fantasy Zone + Final Lap Twin $15 + Galaga '90 $35 + Gunboat + Impossamole (looks like a dog chewed a corner off the artwork or something.) + JJ and Jeff + Keith Courage (well, duh). $10 + King of Casino + Klax + Legendary Axe $35 + Legendary Axe II $40 + Moto Roader + Pac-Land + Power Golf $15 + Takin' It To the Hoop $15 + Timeball + Victory Run + Vigilante
  5. Found the games were a bit...slow. So I sped them up.
  6. Saw this in the paper about an article about video games and how some of them can be expensive:
  7. I decided to make the images that show up during the Running Zyx game 4-bit. They were 8-bit. Although I saved a little room, the Jaguar decided to replace the darker tree trunk color with black. No matter what I did, everything I tried, and it still showed up black. So then I got the idea that if it wants to be black and I can't change it, I'll change the trunk color to the other color that was displaying fine. Then it can be black all it wants but not show up at all. So that's what I did. And this is the result: It doesn't look as detailed, but I had to do this in order for it to display correctly. So now instead of it being 1.75MB in size, it's now 1.66MB. I also added the ability for Zyx to jump here. This way if the vut and the banana overlap each other, Zyx can still get the banana and not touch the vut (which, while hard, is not entirely impossible like it was.)
  8. If I turn it to 4 bit pictures, the first color in the palette is automatically changed to black, no matter what I do.
  9. Zyx can now jump in the running game. I also fixed a whole bunch of bugs I found in it.
  10. Last time I looked at the Zyx code, the Running Zyx game was effectively broken. After a few hours this morning, trying to take my mind off of the fact that I had to not eat for my blood test, I finally made it work again. I added a vut that comes running at you from the opposite direction. In the end, you'll have to avoid the vuts and get the bananas. If you get hit by a vut or miss a banana, you'll lose a life. The game speeds up every ten bananas you get until it is at its fastest speed at 6, or after 60 bananas. I will add the life counter back. It's gone because I was originally going to make this a one-hit and die game, but then I decided that since the rest of the games in the program have lives, that this one should too. Zyx is the red creature with his mouth continually chomping. The vut is the blue creature. And of course, the banana to get. I solved the problem in an odd way. Since the Zyx kept disappearing, I decided to make duplicate layers of Zyx, the vut, and the banana so they are always in front of the background. The scrolling background is actually two pictures (two layers). I still don't know why I had to do this, but I did, and the most important thing is, it works. I still have a bit of coding left to do, but I think I can manage to cram it into a 2 MB cartridge size, seeing that I've added all the images and sounds needed. All that's left is coding.
  11. Decided to work on this some more. Link to latest version is in my signature.
  12. I'm hungry but I can't eat because I'm supposed to fast for the doctor appointment I have 5.5 hours from now (where I "need" a blood test) and I can't sleep because I just got up.

    1. jd_1138


      I have to have bloodwork this morning at 9.  Had to fast since last night.  It makes food taste even better once you get to eat.  It's like just the notion of "you can't eat" makes us even hungrier.  Must be the caveman in our brains.  Good luck at the appt!

    2. BydoEmpire


      Keep busy, drink some water.

    3. atari2600land


      Ended my fast with a good strawberry milkshake from Burger King.

  13. I found this SD card laying on my desk. I wondered what was on it. So I looked at it on my computer. Just some old Game Boy game files. This is what prompted me to begin making a new Game Boy game. It's called "Flies." Remember that Mario Paint game where you swat at flies? That's this. All I have so far is a title screen with some music. I discovered I had a Frank the Fruit Fly demo for Game Boy on my computer, so I'm using that to build on. I think Game Gear games are prettier, don't you? They're so much more colorful. Too bad there weren't as many. Think of what Super Mario Land 2 would be like if it had full color. Anyway, I made a copyright symbol. I added it after Z. I use the left bracket in a print statement to print it. The only sprite (and thing moving) on the title screen is the fly. Its flapping it's wings. I was working on a game about bananas, but this one is going to be better I think. By the way, the "0" at the bottom is the score. In the Mario Paint game, it's not just flies. There's also bees that sting your hand if you come in contact with it and make you lose a life. I plan to add that in. (Well, I do need something to cause a game over scenario.) I keep wanting to type "files" instead of "flies." Perhaps one day this year, a finished version of this will join MidSpace and Yum in the Game Boy games I made collection. I sleep all day. And I have to go to the doctor at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning and get my annual blood test done. I think they hate me because I have no veins and they usually have a hard time even if I tell them to get the blood to test out of my hands. Another thing about it is I have to fast. 12 hours before the blood is drawn, no food. I love food.
  14. It begins with the letter p. But it's not what you think. It's pipes. Last time we left Frank, he was in the middle of the ocean. I had finally gotten the randomness working on Chris the Cranberry but it wasn't doing it random enough, so I quit and started to think about what I can do in Frank the Fruit Fly. So I was thinking and it came to me. I was thinking about water levels in Mario and Kirby games and I got to thinking about this level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 where there are pipes spewing out air and when Kirby gets in the current, he gets pointed towards sharp things. I decided to do that here. Note the whoosh sprites kinda look like the Atari Fuji symbol. And even though it was the Kirby game, I implanted Mario pipes. (Well, as close as I could get with only 3 colors.) And since it would be weird to just have Frank move across the top without currents, I barred him from doing that and he starts at the same y position as the pipes' mouths.
  15. I'm afraid the random number thing isn't going to work. I got it running, but it wasn't random enough. At least I tried.
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