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  1. New version. A couple of new things are in here. golf65.bin
  2. Working on this some more. Here's a sneak peek:
  3. And nothing really seems to be going on with it lately. It would have been nice to see some sort of new game to celebrate the 20th anniversary, but it looks like it's not going to happen. I brought out my Dreamcast and hooked it up. It still works. Which is good because I went and ordered some Dreamcast games off eBay. They are all games I previously had but sold because I got uninterested in the Dreamcast. But I kept the system and 50+ games, which is good because I am interested in it again. It's odd that I like it because in 1999, I was playing my N64 and Yoshi's Story and Mario Kart 64. In fact, I never heard of it when it was new. I knew it was a game console from Sega, but that was about it. It took about 15 years for me to discover it. I saw one at the used game store and decided to get it. And then I got another, better looking one. I tried my hand at making a Hello World for the Dreamcast, but failed miserably. If I could, I'd make my ant-squishing game for it. I have also been working on Golf for Channel F. My left pinkie hurts whenever I type with it. I have an unusual way of typing. It's like hunt and peck, but since I've used a keyboard for 30 years, I've memorized where all the keys are and just let my fingers type and I can type real fast, but not in an "official" way. I have a Dreamcast keyboard I got for $20 at said used video game store. Perhaps I should put in Quake 3 Arena and use it. There are now 13 holes in Golf. I have 5 more I need to put in. Since I think now I have the engine done (I added an out-of-bounds penalty yesterday), I can now just add in new holes with a little changing of the code to fit the hole.
  4. Hole #13 added. Everything should be working okay. Let me know if it isn't. golf64.bin
  5. ...especially when you're programming it in an air conditioned house. So I was working on Golf for the Channel F again. I was working all night from about 8pm to now. It's almost 1:30am here. I added two holes to the game. But when I started at the beginning, I broke hole 11 somehow. So most of my time tonight was spent trying to fix it. I finally did. I don't know how I did, either. So all that's needed to be done is add 5 more holes. It's getting really hard, since the code is 5,471 lines, not counting the included data for showing the title screen and ending. My head hurts. I think I was thinking too hard. That often happens. Or perhaps it's from staring at a computer screen. They say to look away often, but I forget because I'm so focused on trying to program stuff correctly. Anyway, I think I'll step away from this for a few days.
  6. A sneak peek at hole #13. It's actually kind of easy!
  7. Hole #12 has been added. You start at it. Let me know if there's something wrong with it. golf62.bin
  8. Added 2 new levels. There's now 18 levels. I have 6,460 bytes left, which means I have room for 17 more levels. Here's what I plan to do: The game will have 30 levels. At the end of the thirtieth level, there will be the final boss fight, and then there should be enough room for a little ending. gosub2019july12.zip
  9. Ball goes slower when putting now. golf60.bin
  10. e5frog and I have been working on the game the past few days. Here it is as it is right now. e5frog rewrote the score code so it looks better now. golf59.bin
  11. Knock knock.

    Who's there?
    A robot.

    End communication.

  12. Insects are everywhere. I saw an ant in my room. It was horrible. They've been on the kitchen counter for a while now, but not in my room. I went to work on Frank the Fruit Fly last night. I was having trouble with it. Whenever I died, there was this pixel up at the top of the title screen. I kept trying different things to get rid of it, nothing was helping. Until I realized that that pixel wasn't just a bug pixel, it was the pixel from the bottom of the snowflake. I had set the snowflake's y position at 1 when Frank died. There were two options to get rid of it. #1 was to set it back to 0 when Frank died, or, #2 was to disable the sprite from appearing altogether. I chose #2 since there was a possibility that Frank could die and there would be another sprite on the screen. I also disabled a third sprite from showing up (in case Frank died on a screen where there were two other sprites.) Apparently my password screen fix doesn't work every time, since a few glitches happened again. One was where the game froze when I got to level 2. That was interesting. All these glitches randomly occurring in the Pokemini emulator, but I've never once seen any on a real Pokemon Mini. How odd. I noticed Frank was bobbing up and down on Level 2, so I went back into the sprite file and moved up the offending sprite one pixel. That fixed it. So I've been asleep all day. I'm trying to get my life around so I'm asleep all night and awake all day like a normal person. I woke up at about 11:00pm.
  13. atari2600land


    This is Steve the kidney bean. I drew him for a mascot of the new newsletter thingy I'm working on called "Eli Ate My Kidney Beans." When I was a kid way back in 1995, I made these little newsletters for my friends. I still have most of them in a book form. But a lot of stuff has changed since then and I now have the internet so I can reach everyone around the world with my creations. Anyway, I wasn't sure he'd come out this well when I scanned the paper I drew him on. But he looks exactly the way I drew him. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Things get all blurry and it doesn't work quite as well as I had hoped. Anyway, I've been working on this for about 4 days now. I finished page 4 last night. Most of my 1995 newsletters were 2-3 pages. So what I do is type the words into M$ Paint, since I don't have that fancy program I learned how to use in business school. I don't even remember its name. But I do have a form of Photoshop, which is what I use to ensure all the letters are black and not different shades of blue and purple even though I chose to write them in black in Paint. And I also use it to touch up and color drawings, like Steve. I want to finish the first issue before summer ends, so I chose August 1 as my self-set deadline. This will ensure that I have at least 4 pages done, though I want about 8. If I don't forget about this like other projects I create, I should.
  14. Where do I put the BIOS files? EDIT: Never mind. Got it running.
  15. I think I fixed the green problem on hole 9. You'll notice that the ROM size is now 16k. I think that will be its final size. And, with it now 16k, this means it might not work in older versions of MESS. I know it won't work in 0.80.1, because that's what I had been using. Apparently it doesn't like the fact that the ROM size is >8k. But it should work in MAME. Stupid MAME. Can anyone tell me how to not make it go to fullscreen mode? This is what I use to run it: mame64 channelf -cart golf56a.bin golf56a.bin
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