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  1. Yes, it's true. Not all levels have a key.
  2. I finally got the sound back on. I was using Pinnacle Studio 19 a few months ago when all of a sudden, the sound got muted for no reason. Yesterday, I decided I might as well sign up to the stupid Pinnacle forum to see if I could get any answers. The one I got didn't make much sense, but it did lead me to something called B & O Play. One of the options, the one for allowing sound from more than one program running at a time, had been turned off, but not by me. Because I didn't know it existed. So I turned it back on again. And the sound came back to Pinnacle Studio. So now I can work on my videos again. YouTube recently e-mailed me informing me I had to tell them if my videos were made for children or not. COPPA is a piece of steaming hot dog diarrhea. Why should the government care what your kids are watching? Seems more like a nanny state more than anything else. If crap like this keeps going, I'll have to tell Yahoo my website isn't meant for kids, even though it can be viewed by them. Yeah, that's the problem the government didn't realize: Some things can be watched by adults AND children. And what's more so, why starting caring almost 20 years after it had been passed?
  3. Yeah, that new rule is dumb. Just say you don't, that way the gov't doesn't spy on you more.
  4. Thanks for letting me know about those bugs. How is this? Better? wwm30.zip
  5. Back to work on this. Fixed a few bugs. Let me know if more pop up. wwm29.zip
  6. I was looking through an INTV catalog (Fall 1988) when I came across a joystick that you put onto an Intellivision controller to turn that weird disc thing into a joystick. Does anyone here have one? How does it work okay? I want one. Why didn't they just make it a joystick to begin with?
  7. I'm working on this again. Found out that the merging problem between enemies happens again. Though I couldn't fix it, I did make it so they split up eventually. Changed "Europe" to Iceland. Tried to get the national anthem for Iceland in the game (or at least part of it, it's long.) Found some sheet music for a simple version of "Lofsöngur" and put it in there. Is anyone here from Iceland and can check to see how good my version is? Brings me back to my school days and reminds me of having to write a report about something, like Iceland. They have blocks of ice scattered around. Well, probably not, but they should. Because it is, after all, Iceland peaman25.zip
  8. So I just ordered a copy of Warhammer for N-Gage off eBay. And if everything goes well, all I'd need for a complete boxed US collection is Civilization. I'm not going to even try to get Sega Rally (a CIB copy is on eBay now...for $500). But I do wonder a few things. #1 - Why wasn't the N-Gage successful? I remember hearing about it back when it was new and thought it seemed pretty cool, but the one thing that put me off was I thought I needed a cell phone plan to play the games. Now I know that isn't the case, though. Perhaps if it had more games? Which leads to question #2: #2 - How do I make a game for the N-Gage? I have that only homebrew N-Gage game, Super Fighter Block Battle. I put on a card. But I want to make an N-Gage compatible game. But I don't know how. I'd love to be able to play a game I made on a console I love. I think I googled the topic once, and it led me to me asking the question on AtariAge, which wasn't much help. I have a QD which is lovely because it has a cartridge slot. The original N-Gage, you had to take out the battery and change the game under it, which leads to a question of "Why? What were they thinking?" But, I guess eventually the idea of handheld devices that play video games have gone down the toilet due to Nintendo's Switch. Sony didn't put anything out after the Vita and Microsoft never tried at all. Which is too bad because I love the idea of portable gaming but I don't want to download some dumb game to my smart phone. I miss the days when I could walk into a store and look at all the DS games there and look through them. Store bought games are going to be a thing of the past, and it sucks because I want to have a collection of physical media, something that shows the scope of my collection and how much time I put into collecting it.
  9. Howdy! I found my Wii-u stash. I haven't played my Wii-U much, I don't even know where it is, so I'm selling the games I have for it. All come in their nice, box, and they're yours for $20 each. Or best offer. Here are the ones I have: Super Mario 3D Land New Super Mario Bros. Wii NES Remix Pack NintendoLand Rayman Legends Sonic & All stars racing Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker New Super Mario Bros. U Super Mario Maker Yoshi's Woolly World let me know via PM if you'd like any of these.
  10. I decided to not go on with the frog crossing game. It'd be too complicated for me.
  11. This is the most boring day in the history of everything.

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Football, basketball, family time, beautiful weather, being alive.



    2. CPUWIZ
    3. GoldLeader


      It is what you make it.  And not kidding,  I wish you the best!   My day has been awesome!  It's a day off so no work worries...I've drank coffee and had a nice, happy beer, I've already done work on my leaves which are a constant nuisance but I'm getting things done ;)  I'm doing laundry and I've already played Atari 2600 and 7800, cleaned some carts, wiped off my TV screens, answered a few emails,  I might do some recording later...Now,   I'm about to decide what I'm gonna make for supper or lunch (brunch?) ..Whatever I call my first meal today.



  12. I think it had something to do with the on/off switch, but I'm not sure. Before it died on me, I flipped the switch and held it at the on position and it kept going, but when I moved my hand away it turned off. So I guess it actually technically worked, but you shouldn't have to keep pressing the switch on all the time.
  13. So I got out my spare, backup Atari 2600 out of the garage to see if it would give me an improved picture quality. No, in fact no picture. The thing was broken. It would light up for a tenth of a second and then nothing. I thought to myself "It's dead. I can't harm it any more," so I laid the thing down on the dining room table and attempted an operation. Attempting to put the thing back together was the hardest part. I think it's a "Vader", if it has 4 switches. It kept forcing the cartridge slot down, so I took it back in my room and inserted a cart and then tried to put the top back on. After all, it can't go around topless. After struggling for a few minutes, something clicked and it was back together, albeit without screws, which are still on the dining room table. I turned it on, and it worked. Not an improved picture quality, but better than not working at all. But after various setups, the best picture quality came when I plugged my NES into the TV and then plugged the Atari into the NES box's antenna hole. My NES is a top loading one, for convenience mostly. And after years of being a kid and constantly putting in and taking out NES games in a boxy console that you had to push down and then start. But back to the Atari 2600. This is the first successful surgery I've ever had. It's playing the BMX Airmaster title screen music right now.
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