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  1. I was trying to find something yesterday. Ran into my Jaguar games. Went to sleep and woke up the next morning at about 5 a.m. I was working on a Jaguar game. I decided to see if I could make it any better. I fixed the jumping gravity problem I discovered in the Running Zyx game. And, I also made the title screen look much better. Unfortunately, due to the way Running Zyx works, I am unable to fix it up with an actual mountain, highway, and field (plus, it will take a lot of effort to put a picture like that together.) So it will have to look the way it is now. Here is a picture of the revamped title screen. The clouds slowly move right and reappear from the left when one gets to the right side. Originally the clouds moved in front of the Zyx logo, so I had to make it a separate picture in order for the clouds to move behind it like i wanted them to. I also wanted to put in a better 8-bit picture of a banana, but the Jaguar was being uncooperative with it so I have to be okay with the one in there now. Now if only someone could PUBLISH it, that would be nice. Al must have put me on ignore, and Songbird quit responding to me as well.
  2. Another update: Changed the title screen. Made the banana appear more 3D by having Zyx run behind it more.
  3. Zyx got an update: new title screen fixed gravity/jumping in Running Zyx. What do you think?
  4. In the show, Bert likes pigeons, so I put in a pigeon. And the wall needs to be there for a box to fall atop.
  5. ...of code. Today I put in a lot. I fixed the problem I was having with the box. And I put in some code that when you press the key left of 0, Bert will turn around and pick up the box (if he's near it.) I originally had his head facing backwards when you went to pick up the box, but that was creepy. The plan is to have 5 x positions Bert can be at. 3 in front of the separate bins, and 2 for picking up boxes. Sort of like Big Bird's Egg Catch. This means that there will be a total of 2 possible x positions for the box to get at. And the button to the right of 0 will have Bert drop the item in the bin. Here is Bert picking up an item. Except he can't yet. I am having a terrible time with the reset switch. I can't make it work right. And eventually the box will be one of three colors (red, yellow, blue). I picked a lovely shade of brown for now. The wall is needed because the box needs something to land on. I tried importing some code from the Killer Bees 2600 game I did for the resetting where it worked, but surprise THIS game hates it and refuses to work. Perhaps it's because I'm using the Kid's Controller? I don't know. What's next is Bert actually moving around. Pushing 7 for left and 9 for right is the plan for that.
  6. I want the ball to land on the wall, though. So I commented out that part and set the value to stop it at 4 instead of 5 and I get this: lda PlayerY+4 cmp #4 beq MMMM lda PlayerY+4 sbc #1 ; make Ball fall. sta PlayerY+4 lda PlayerY+4 cmp #4 bne MMMM
  7. I'm making a game where a bird drops the ball on top of a wall. I got the ball in after a few hours BUT the ball still goes and draws itself even after it lands on the wall, making it look like this: It does this no matter whether I try to set ENABL to 0 or not. Not only that, the ball height is only supposed to be 4 pixels tall and not stretched like that. Why is it doing this? What am I doing wrong? (Keep in mind that if you decide to help and download the asm file, it is actually under 1,000 lines. The rest is data.) bert12a.asm
  8. I sat here for a few hours trying to get the ball to appear anywhere, but with no such luck. All I want is for the ball to drop from the bottom of the pigeon and land on the brick wall. Did the programmers really have to make it THIS hard? If anyone can help me, here is the code: bert12.asm
  9. Added the pigeon. How many cycles are you allowed, and is there a way to check with Stella how many you're using? I'm still new at assembly. Since my eye hurts, I figure I'd take the rest of the day off. bert11.zip
  10. So apparently all this working on Game Boy games isn't yielding any feedback. Nevertheless, I continue. I added a way to get back some lives. If a heart comes along, swat it and you'll get an extra life. I was trying to think of stuff in the Mario Paint game even though it's been eons since I last played it. Although I guess I could download a SNES emulator and get a Mario Paint rom, but then I risk getting viruses, which is really dumb. Why would the virus people target likely people who would know how to remove them? Right now there's a 50% chance of you getting a heart instead of a fly (there will always be the same number of bees). But I can change the heart %, and I will so it's similar to your chances of getting a chicken nugget in Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland. I think the maximum amount of sprites I can have on the screen is 8. Which makes me wonder how there can be more than 8 coins on the screen in Super Mario Land.
  11. If Yahoo mail senses an adblocker it will freeze all action unless you turn it off or pay for an ad-less address. Stupid &*^&^&*^s! How is that even possible to do?!

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    2. GoldLeader


      It did the same thing to me a couple of months ago!  I got so pissed off I opened a GMail account.  After a bit, the Yahoo just started acting normal again despite my Adblocker.   I Hate the GMail because everything is so squirrely, it looks so wrong, and they do Everything the hard way (The emails seem to nest backwards and ya can't tell who you've sent what,   full screen is a pain, etc.,  But I keep it around ...Out of Spite)...Now I use both.

    3. thanatos


      Mine doesn't, I use it in Chrome with AdBlock Plus.

    4. GoldLeader


      HMMmm...FWIW,  I use Firefox and AdBlock Plus.

  12. Remember that old game in Mario Paint where you moved the mouse around and clicked it to swat flies? Well, I've been working on a Game Boy version, for fly-swatting action on the go (or in the bathroom while pooping a bunch.) What made me stop? I don't know. What made me continue? Yesterday's blog entry. I found this uncompleted game being in there and I said to myself "I really should finish this. I hardly ever finish anything." Work I have done this morning includes getting two bees in there. If you touch the bee, you'll lose a life. There's also a timer. If you don't swat a fly after nine seconds, you'll lose a life and a new fly will replace the one you didn't swat in a random place on the screen. Stuff left to do include introduce both bees gradually, so you'll start with 0 bees, then when you get enough points, a bee will come in, and when you get some more points, the second bee will come in. this should be fairly easy to do. Everything is animated, except the hand and swatter, that animates when you press A to swat with the swatter. There is a lovely title screen song and sound effects in the game. And even though I can now make a game larger than 32k, I plan to keep this 32k. I don't know if the guy who put my last 2 games on cartridge for me can do games larger than 32k. I'll e-mail him and ask him that.
  13. e5frog e-mailed me this morning telling me the boxes for Trimerous are ready to be shipped to me. So now what's left is for me to get the boxes, print a manual out, have 25 copies made of it, disassemble 24 Channel F carts to put the new chips in, and get rid of the labels and put the new ones on. Then it will be all ready. I don't know when it will be, though. But...progress.
  14. So I attempted to make a Game Boy game larger than 32k. I think I succeeded with a start. I put some data in bank 3 and read it from bank 0. Which is a huge start. I've made a 64k ROM. So we'll see where this goes. My interest in the Bert game has been lessening. I found a way to test it on a real Atari 2600, though. I put the font in bank 3 as well, and read it in bank 0. This is just a test screenshot. I plan on adding a burger in the background. Getting the burger moving was hard, though. What was also hard was waiting. For two hours. While my computer was updating. It's a little too bad though that I can't center the text though. So what made me want to make another Game Boy game? A couple things: News of a new Game Boy game called "Where Is My Body?" which I might get even though I don't like point and click adventures. The second one is seeing my Game Boy collection on the floor in a bin with 8 little piles of GB games. I actually played a couple. Revenge of the Gator was hard but fun, while Solitaire Fun Pak had odd controls, with B serving as the main button rather than A. Why? I don't know.
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