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  1. Just ordered a CD on eBay from Germany. Apparently this will be the first copy of the CD to enter the US? Thankfully music CDs have no stupid regions.

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    2. xucaen


      Just ge an old cd players, plug the audio out into the audio input on the PC. Load up Audacity and press record, then press play on the cd player. You can edit the audio into track later. :D

    3. CPUWIZ


      German CD's don't work here, nobody can understand them.

    4. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Some German CDs (mostly titles of 2002/2003) also had protection schemes, e.g. Wolfsheim's "Casting Shadows" or Rammstein's "Feuer frei" EP. I bought the US release (by Metropoils) of the former to avoid any hassle (and could resist buying the EP, since this was one of the few Rammstein EPS lacking a non-album track), and negative press and boycotts made the industry drop protection schemes soon afterwards.

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