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  1. I ordered something from the store on June 9. The next day I got an e-mail. Nothing since.

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    2. Skwrl63


      I agree, Al is really responsive.


      I just figured I would have to wait longer since I ordered like six different homebrews 🤷.


      I emailed Al last week. He said my stuff should be sent out Monday this week. Not sure if it actually got set out yet, but I'm not worried. I'm sure I'll get it soon enough

    3. Atariboy


      I imagine all the server migration and forum updating probably has things running a bit slower as well. 

    4. Albert


      I'll be shipping all outstanding store orders today. I was originally planning on doing so earlier in the week, but I had to move up the plans to upgrade the forums and move the server last weekend, which I was not originally expecting to do for another week or two. And that was an enormous time sink. 

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