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  1. A Jaguar - $430

    A Sega CDx - $440

    Well, everything is overpriced at that store, but even still...

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    2. atari2600land


      Fun fact: I got my Jaguar at the same store. It used to have a second location. I got it at the second location that closed down for about 1/4th the price about 10 (?) years ago. The second store had much better prices. Sadly, it closed a few years ago and now all that's left in our city is this.

    3. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      I recently looked into getting a Sega Nomad only to find out they're going for $200+ unmodded with a new screen, how unreal. So almost $300 for a completely modded Sega Nomad. We're going beyond MSRP prices of when things were originally released now.

    4. DoctorSpuds


      It's likely that the disconnect between desirable/rare items and common ones will only grow wider as things keep breaking or getting lost. It all used to be trash at some point. Maybe that's the best time to get into it, and hope you get lucky.

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