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  1. Do we really need the letter Q? Seems like all the words that use it could be replaced with a KW. "Iraq" could just as easily be spelled "Irak."

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    2. x=usr(1536)


      If we get rid of Q in linguistic usage, can we at least swap it with KW so that power output measurements aren't confusing?


      For example: "I bought a 10kW generator," would become, "I bought a 10Q generator."  So much clearer!

    3. carlsson


      I am also thinking of that real-time operating system KWNKS.

    4. Mikebloke


      It's funny quite a lot of Arabic words gets the Q substituted for a K when translated to English, which makes it sounds more harsh. I think this comes from Arabic sounding the Q as a C sound, that we associate with the letter K. The irony is the Q sound in Arabic is probably one of the few non-harsh constanents as most of the letters require throat gymnastics. 


      You could use a KWERTY keyboard though, and sing God Save The Kween, or go on a Kwest for the Holy Grail. I dibs a Kwarter of the profits you make though as a Kwest giver. 

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