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  1. I can change how many cars the Stupidmobile can face. Right now, it starts at 0 and by 20, the cars go faster. And the last 10 cars go really fast. And then the level ends by the Stupidmobile going forth until it goes off screen and the game freezes and you need to press reset. I am beginning to wonder how much room I have left. I still cannot figure out the .cfg file to make it produce a size larger than 32k PRG + 8 CHR rom. At least now I have discovered why my cartridge is 40k instead of 32k: I have 8k of CHR rom, whatever that means. We've discovered some sort of problem with our Jack and the Beanstalk game. I tested it on a real Odyssey 2 and it works fine, so I don't know the problem. I'm hoping we can get this figured out.
  2. I took about an hour to work on putting a car in the game. Next I need to work on collision detection for it. In case you're wondering about Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey 2, it has begun to get preorders. Head on over to the videopac.nl forums for more info. ZipZap is also getting ready for a release as well by a different person. The people in our HOA (the same ones who told us to get a new fence) have decided to put speed bumps on our little streets we live on. It makes me want to vomit in terror. Speed bumps are stupid.
  3. If you're Stupidman, what else would you call your car? I mean, Batman has his Batmobile, the Munsters have their Munstermobile. I mentioned in a blog that I highly doubt I could do scrolling. As it turns out, I didn't need to know how to do scrolling. It's amazing how just one little tree moving from right to left gives the illusion that the Stupidmobile is actually going down the street. This also gives the introduction to the score. Notice how there's a comma in it. I thought that since most other video games omit the comma that I should put one in. I also don't know how long the game is going to be. If I run out of room, I'll just have to erase the current act and put the game's ending in it. Hopefully that won't happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But since I'm programming act 1 right now, I hope it won't happen for a long time. This took a couple of hours, and I'm not really feeling like sitting here typing out and testing and retesting code today, so I'll just leave it here for the day. Other stuff for act 1's to-do list: Put an enemy car in. I designed one, but it's not in the game yet. Make an enemy car start out at the right in a random y position and move down the street the opposite direction. Subtract more points if enemy car is hit. Figure out how to end this act. Make background music and sound effects. Add in control over the Stupidmobile. I've decided to call the levels "Acts" since it just seems like one big stage production. Not like "Hamilton" or anything, but a play. I also like the score beginning at 999,999 and it takes one point off for each second you play it. Hopefully I did the coding right for getting rid of numbers and the comma. I tested the subtracting code down to 999,790 and that part works just fine.
  4. Stupidman learns about the crisis. Where else but on the crisis monitor? In case you weren't clued in, the museum is the home of the world's oldest raisin. I still have the plan of Stupidman going to the museum in his Stupidmobile a la Atari 2600 "Grand Prix". I will begin work on that part tomorrow. I want to make it a bigger rom size, but I dont know how and all my attempts ended in failure. I made a phone-ringing-type sound effect (technically according to NES coding it's a song) and a serious sounding song accompanying the message. This is all for today. Originally, the player had to read a line, and then press A, but I thought that was stupid, so I figured out a way to make all the text appear. It has to appear one line per frame. I discovered that. The message is too big to put it all on the screen at once. Now I know why it takes so long for the Airship message to appear in SMB3. But they could have just done it my way. It would have been faster. I doubt they were using C though.
  5. I went to sleep last night. While I was sleeping, I thought up of an idea for a new NES game. I thought "What if I put one of my comic characters in it?" Enter Stupidman, a character I thought up of when I was a kid. He is a superhero that is dumber than a pile of bricks. I woke up this morning. I had to relearn how to make an NES game, and 4 hours later, I have a title screen, complete with music. It will have cut scenes. Next time I work on this, I will begin with the first one: Stupidman going up to the Crisis Monitor and learning the crisis: Someone has stolen the world's oldest raisin from the museum. Thus, the subtitle of the game is "A Date To Remember." Even though it's a raisin and not a date. And level 1 is planned. It will be like Grand Prix for the Atari 2600 where Stupidman goes to the museum in his Stupidmobile. (Apparently, he's stupid, but he still has a driver's license. Hmm.) Don't know about scoring in this one. Perhaps start with 999,999 and count down to 0 like in E.T. for the 2600. I think I'll make it so you can keep going even though your score is 0. I made a whole new set of better-looking letters from the Hamburger game. But they're all in uppercase. If you'd like to follow Stupidman's progress, I made a tiny little website where you can download the current NES file. I don't think I'll work on this any more today.
  6. I was cleaning my room and came across all these various controllers I didn't need. These are $5 each. Dreamcast pending PS1/2 (x2) Atari 2600 (x2) pending Wii sensor bars (x2) 1pending Nintendo 64 controller (it's yellow. Not yellowed, but pure yellow.) pending Genesis 3 button New unopened from its clamshell GameCube controller pending I also have a couple of other things: Tiger handheld Jeopardy! game ($10) Tiger R-Zone XPG with Daytona USA cartridge ($50) All the prices include shipping. Pictures available upon request. Thanks for looking. PM me if you want to buy something.
  7. So some guy from the phone company came. Not only did the internet go out, but the phone went out as well. He spent a couple of hours working outside and then he came inside. He went in my room he went in the den. He finally came to a conclusion. The phone line had shorted out. That was why we kept having intermittent internet outages. So to fix it he drilled a hole in the wall and put some wire through to my phone jack in my room and a few minutes later, I plugged in the modem and I had internet again. Hopefully THIS TIME will solve it for good and I can go back to surfing the internet without any problems. But if for some reason I disappear and vanish, you can blame my internet connection. Or I dropped dead for some unknown reason. There's still one odd thing: I can't find the remote for the cable box. In all this fussing around about wires, I had to unplug the TV. I plugged it back in, plugged the VCR/DVD player back in and I realized the remote was missing. I have found the remote just now while typing this. It was in the living room. I must have hauled it off while that guy was here. Now all I have to do is wait until the Intellivision System III arrives...
  8. In case I go away completely, it's because my stupid internet is broken. It keeps going down intermittently, so you know what computers can do with their stupid minds bent on tormenting humans.
  9. Version 22. I added a new level, level 4 is the fastest the game can go. I also added a little bit of wiggle room between the elevators. elev22.bin
  10. I will go back to my regularly scheduled Intellivision kick once my System III arrives. Until then, I decided to hook up my Channel F just to make sure it still runs okay. That turned me to more coding "fun", this time working on some unfinished games. In the few years I started, a couple people have asked about Elevator Events. I wasn't happy with the way the game turned out originally. So I picked that game to work on. I spent four hours this morning on it and got it to a state where I am mostly happy with it. Why am I not fully happy with it? Because the fastest speed is way too slow. So why not make more elevator speeds? I will, but first I need to make the guy smaller to add more space between him and the elevators. That is my goal for bedtime: Reduce the guy's size and still make him resemble a guy.
  11. Have you tried elevator events v. 21 yet? What do you think?
  12. I took a look at your code. It is very complex and I even didn't understand some of it. You are making stuff too complicated. There are code snippets like blit and stuff to do most of the heavy work for you. Anyway, search for THIS IS THE PROBLEM and I think you'll see what's wrong. pixelmove2.asm
  13. MikeBloke's post made me want to work on Elevator Events. So I tidied it up a lot and got it to a point where I am happy with it. It took a few hours to do (I woke up at 2 a.m. and it's now 6:30 a.m.) but I think I am mostly happy with how it turned out. Perhaps I'll make a Trimerous 2 cartridge with Elevator Events, Zyx, and something else to go along with it. elev21.bin
  14. Discovered and (I think) fixed a password bug in Quest of the Cranberry. If you typed in just the ninth and tenth key for, say, level 2 after the first 8 in level 3's, it would take you to level 2. I doubt this game will have more than 3 levels, as I really want to complete it at some point, but don't want to do the work because I can't think of stuff to do in levels.
  15. Has anyone found the Easter egg in Trimerous yet?
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