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  1. I wanted to get back into Virtual Boy programming. I gave up on my craig the cranberry game for the Virtual Boy since it didn't have much variety and it was hard to program. So I thought to myself, "Self, what isn't a pain to work on, is semi-easy to program, and, most of all, fun to play? I wanted to work on my Hamburgers 2 game for the Game Gear when it struck me: Why not try programming a Hamburgers game for the Virtual Boy? Work started a day ago. This is level 1: inside a cave. And yes, I know, the milkshake is going to be hard to find if it's not at the center of the screen. I guess that can be a bonus objective: Find the milkshake, then shoot it. At least I have a score and lives counter working. I salvaged the music from Craig the Cranberry and decided to use it here. Although the music for level 1 will be in level 2 since I decided since level 1 is in a cave it should be eerie music. So I composed some eerie music in the key of A minor (easiest thing to do, no sharps nor flats). Salvaged some sound effects from the cranberry game as well. There is another game for the Virtual Boy that is kind of like this one. It's called Vertical Force. But instead of it scrolling horizontally, it scrolls vertically. And instead of burgers shooting milkshakes with French fries, it's spaceships shooting other spaceships with lasers. Boooring. It's too bad the Virtual Boy doesn't have more colors. It's hard to make all the sprites look good with just three colors and black. And black isn't really black, it's transparent.
  2. Haven't used my Virtual Boy in a long while. Just turned it on for the first time in ages. Still works fine even after being knocked over a couple times.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Good to know. Mines in a storage case, it's been about 2 years. I always worry it won't work the next time I go to set it up.

  3. I changed the bear. Drawing a bear is hard. I was on Discord last night, and based on suggestions from multiple people, I kept changing the bear until someone said it looked a lot better. Then everyone disappeared. They probably went to bed. So I went to bed. Took a gummy melatonin. It took about 20 minutes for me to sleep. It was after midnight the last time I looked at the clock. Woke up ten hours later. I still felt sleepy so I went back to sleep on the couch. Got up at 3 p.m. I had to force myself up though. When I wake up, it's like my head weighs 100 million tons. I have to wait about ten minutes before I can actually get up. I am still not sure about the second picture, the legs look like they're human. But I guess that's what bears look like when they stand like they do.
  4. I had an idea about a Frank the Fruit Fly screen. Unfortunately, it came as I was going to bed. I worked on drawing up screens on it hoping it would help me remember what it was. I took some melatonin gummies. They have been helping me get to sleep faster. Now instead of a couple hours, it's only about 15-20 minutes. But the last time I did that, the melatonin must have worn off since it quit helping. Anyway, here is my idea: There's this sleeping bear that is sleeping (it's what sleeping bears do best), and if you touch the speech bubble with the z in it, he'll wake up and automatically push you to the left and you'll lose a couple of health points. And then he'll go back to sleep again. Now you'd think this would be pretty easy to program. Not so fast. It took 90 minutes. Part of that was spent on displaying the second screen without the game resetting for no reason, and the other part was getting Frank to go left automatically. You'll notice that there is no gray in this screen. This is because when I usually do gray screens, I need 2 screens to do it. But this screen already is using 2 screens, so putting gray in it would have to make it 4 screens, plus making gray is already tricky enough. When I started, the bear was white. Then I decided it looked too much like a polar bear, so I made it black. It's a black bear (get it?). This bear is temporary unless I actually get someone to help me draw a bear. In case you're wondering, this is my bear drawing when he's not sleeping. I've been sleeping too much. I woke up at noon and was still sleepy so I went and laid down on the couch at about 1 p.m. Finally woke up at 4:30p.m. It's 9 p.m. now.
  5. I was getting nowhere fast on my Nosehair project. It kept giving me an unsteady picture. So I decided to give up and pursue other things. Like my webcomic. I am apparently one of the only remaining people who even use Comic Genesis any more. Sometimes reading the newspaper can give me ideas for my comic. Other times I just think of unusual things, and what could be a funny pun or comment I could make out of it. I got behind, and my comics ended on Nov. 3. Election Day. I made a special day-after-election day comic that (if I remember to date them correctly outside my usual dating system) will post on November 4. I wasn't trying to make a cartoon about Election Day, it just happened that I thought of this comic so close to Election Day. I named this iteration "Jukebox Quiz". I keep changing the names on my daily panel cartoon. When I'm usually drawing them, I can fit 6 on a page. So that's what I do. Too bad weeks are 7 days and not 6. And I know Sundays should be bigger, but I don't do that. Since it's a webcomic I don't have to. I'm up to week 6 and I have 4 comics on that page. So a months' worth. I started on October 5. My prepared comics that are ready to go end November 3. I draw then scan then correct them then just for fun, I color them. I don't have anything else to do. It takes me about half an hour to color a 6-comic page. Which, when you stop and think about it, it shouldn't take that long because I only use about a dozen colors on average for each comic. Here is an example of my work, this one was on October 12. As you can see, not being able to draw well doesn't stop me. I wonder how Mr. Strum gets his lines so straight on Artie. I was a big Far Side fan and enjoyed Close To Home, and really dig The Argyle Sweater. It's just easier to not remember characters and what their personalities are. (Like 'Jukebox Quiz'.) I was rubbing my forehead (anyone do that?) and noticed a few hard bumps on it. Are forehead usually bumpy, or am I getting brain cancer? They don't hurt. Perhaps I am growing horns. I'd think my head would be in horrible pain if I was getting brain cancer. So I probably shouldn't worry too much about it.
  6. Sorry about badmouthing Stella. It's just frustrating that I work so hard and I get so angry that things don't work right.
  7. I hate Stella. I tried this version on a Harmony cart and the scanline was jumping like jumping beans. WHY?!
  8. Democart #2 on eBay right now for $1800. (barf.) Some unobtainium for ya.
  9. Wondered how some title screen music would sound. So I added some in. I have 39 bytes left now. nosehair16.zip
  10. I just remembered I can't make two arrow presses and another key press on the keyboard. Which doesn't seem to be fair since we're living in a technologically advanced age. Oh well. Changes: Nosehair begins getting longer at the start. Nosehair demon begins moving at the start. Resetting now has a 262 scanline count. Nosehair demon's "default" direction is left (default in quotes because I didn't really change it all that much. And it's technically a game now! I got 37 points in this version. Now let's improve on the game! I have 166 bytes left. Any suggestions or feedback or (gulp!) bug reports? nosehair15.bin
  11. OK, I got it working now. Except for a problem I discovered: if the fire button is pressed, the only diagonal movement that can be made is up+right. All the other ones are disabled and just when the fire button is pressed and I don't know why. nosehair14.zip
  12. This project is dead. I can't get it a stable 262 scanlines. So I've decided to give up. It beat me. Stupid idiot computers. I hate them.
  13. Well, whaddya know? As it turns out, my perfectionism got in the way of my vacation. I had to make the game absolutely perfect before I began my break. But now everything is perfect since I worked on it some more and made it perfect. I even tested it on my Atari 2600 to make sure it was perfect. I even got rid of a rather nasty bug that put the scanline at 261 for one frame at the end of the game after the death sequence played. This made the game jump a little on my real TV. But I fixed it. I turned on the TV to play my game this morning though and I think it may be dying. It is a CRT-TV I've had since I was 11 (it was made in May 1993 according to the sticker on it). So I turn it on and found a few white lines at the top of the screen. They went away after 30 seconds or so. And it wasn't like it had been off for a long time, I last used it yesterday. I don't understand why people think HD TVs are better. They glitch and crap (I can't even read the Weather Channel's temperature because it is all blurry and tiny), but on this TV Mario Kart 64 displays perfectly. I changed the name of the game to Uncle Hairy's Nosehair. For the longest time, before I had Ultra Vortek, Utopia, and Up 'n' Down, I didn't own a single game with a title beginning with the letter U. So I think of that as exotic. So it will be nice to finally own a game I made (if I complete this) that begins with U. I did have Uniracers, but I haven't played that game in such a long time I forgot I had it.
  14. I made a website for the game. Where you can find the latest binary and stuff. Here is a list of things I fixed: Made it so the nosehair actually goes down to the end of the screen. The death thing started playing when it almost reached the end. Fixed the bumps in the game that happened when you played it on a real NTSC Atari 2600. The scanline count seems to be steady at 262. Experimented with the nosehair speed. I think this is the fastest it can go. nosehair12.bin
  15. Tested the game on real hardware. Noticed a few bugs. On my TV there's a slight upwards bump when the hair gets to the bottom and it starts the game over sound. But it doesn't do it in Stella, which is really annoying. I noticed I fixed the bump in the PAL version, but the colors changed to grayscale for a frame or two before reverting back to what they were before. I don't know if that's Stella or not. PAL-60 has always been "fine". I'm thinking about changing the colors and making separate PAL and SECAM versions when the game is finished. nosehair10.bin
  16. Uncle Hairy's Nosehair! I like that!
  17. How is this for a game: The scissors you control collect the boxes that show up for points. The amount of points depends on how quickly the scissors gets to the box. The scissors must also avoid the nosehalr demon. When the scissors touch the nosehair demon, the nosehair grows faster than it usually does. Once the nosehair gets down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over, so the scissors must also in addition to getting boxes and avoiding the nosehair demon, cut the nosehair by pressing fire so it doesn't end the game.
  18. I need to figure out what to do in the game before I can make some instructions. The game has NTSC colors since I have NTSC.
  19. So I decided that if I was going to continue on the game, I'd have to make some changes seeing as how my nosehair viewing code wasn't going to support a box. So I changed it. I looked at SpiceWare's Collect tutorial on how to do a 2-line-kernel. I had to change some stuff in order to not display an arena and instead show a nosehair. I made the nosehair the ball so it would be even easier, I got rid of the playfield entirely. Now the nosehair is a lot thinner, which is what I wanted. I got rid of the green bit at the bottom since that wasn't working out well, either. Now the game ends when the nosehair gets all the way to the bottom of the screen. Next was working on a steady scanline count. It wavered between 261 and 262 frame by frame. To fix this, I put in a sleep command after trying to change the overscan value and failing. And then, finally, at 2 a.m. I went to bed. Fell asleep at 3 a.m. and woke up at about 1 p.m. I think going to bed later is better because I actually fell asleep on the first try. I changed the animation code since it wasn't working out well. And now the game is where it is now. What's next? making touching the box add to the score making demon touching have the nosehair grow faster (maybe) making nosehair cutting add to the score. random box x and y positions after touching the box. make the nosehair grow faster as the game progresses. About that last one, I am going to have the nosehair growth start out much slower than it is now. This is just a test. I think I'll take a small break on this now since I'm tired of working on this non-stop for a few days.
  20. Animations fixed. Do people in PAL land have PAL or PAL 60? In PAL 60 mode on Stella the game works fine, but in PAL mode, there is a slight disturbance right before the nosehair gets to the bottom. I have 493 bytes left for a 2k game. nosehair8.bin
  21. I really spent 8 hours on this?! Finally got missile 1 into the game. It now looks like this: I need to work on the animations since I broke them and don't understand how they work. But at least the scanline count is steady at 262 as far as I know. nosehair7.zip
  22. HELP! I need a way to put Missile 1 into the game. Otherwise this can't be a game. I need to totally rewrite the nosehair growng code, but I can't do it. I sat here for a couple hours and I give up. Does anyone want to help?
  23. OK, this was a mess and a half. I got the nosehair demon walking around randomly, but it had some weird pixel movement shifting when it got to a certain X position on the screen. So I spent a couple of hours fixing that and got this: version 6. I also added a "game over" sound since I discovered that if the game ends while you're pressing fire, a new game starts automatically. So I put in a short pause. I have 622 bytes left if I want to make this a 2k game. I did discover that the code for drawing the nosehair is barely working. I am also wondering how to score the game. I am thinking of putting in either missile1 or the ball and have it be a thing to get and more points are added the faster you get to it. nosehair6.zip
  24. Just got the Joust arcade ornament in the mail today. Now I have all 5. I wonder which one they'll do next year.

  25. Thank you! I thought I had tried that but I guess not. I just tried it again and it works out great. nosehair5.zip
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