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  1. I give up. That's the best I can do. I spent half the night trying to improve it but I can't.
  2. I tried to make it harder in this version by making the carrot trying to get to the pea, but I think I made it too hard. Let me know what you think. peaman12.zip
  3. Added levels 4 and 5 (accessible from pressing 4 or 5 on the title screen). They have no music because I haven't gotten around to composing any yet. I have been working on this game a lot. peaman11.zip
  4. Pea-Man went to the corn maze and found the carrots have invaded it. Is nothing sacred?! I worked some more on Pea-Man. I thought that corn, peas and carrots together on the same screen would be really amusing, so I did it. I also introduced a new thing: The level does not end after you eat the last dot. Instead, a passage opens up on the left edge and Pea-Man must go through it to advance to the next level. Here's what will happen: At the end of level 5, the carrots will beam Pea-Man up to their spaceship (akin to "Upmonsters"). then level 6 will be the space ship. Level 7 will be planet Carrot. Level 8 will be escape from planet Carrot, and at the end of level 8, Pea-Man will land back on Earth. But he's not done yet, because he landed in Egypt instead of his home in America! And the carrots will still be there trying to get Pea-Man back on planet Carrot! I don't know what to make level 5 though. I broke the 16k barrier. It's now at 18.5k. I added an "ASM ORG $A000" at about where I think I broke the 16k barrier. It works on jzIntv and LTO Flash.
  5. Actually, it's a continuation/homage to this: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/PacGuy
  6. Looking at this, does this really mean that Fairchild/Zircon would actually number their demo carts as #51/#52? Is that the actual number? I didn't know that. Why not put them in the available number streak they had instead of starting all over at #50?
  7. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. So I thought I might as well work on this game some more. I added a level 3. I'm very close to reaching the 16k point. I assume all I need to do is put "ASM ORG $D000" once I reach it? It's been so long since I made a game larger than 16k that I forgot. Some other stuff added as well: + changed Pea-Man's mouth animation. + made a lovely title screen. + at the title screen, press 1 to start at level 1, 2 for level 2 and 3 for level 3. (this will be removed from the final version) + every 200 points gets you an extra life. peaman9.zip
  8. Scored a Video Poker and Video Whizball cartridges for about $20 each! Woo!
  9. I spent a few hours trying to make something work. Apparently changing the mode from mode 1 back to mode 0 during the maze part of the game made it work. So now I have two levels in the game and it's now at 12k. Am thinking I can fit a whole massive game in here if I keep this up. (Yesterday I said that the waffle game was about 60k.) And now with the engine complete, all I have to do now is design new mazes, new graphics, and new cut scenes. Which is mostly made of data lines. Unfortunately, I had trouble with getting the data for the number of dots to clear each level working, so I have to change it at the start of every level. It shouldn't be hard, but it would have been nice to get it working correctly. It works now that if Pea-Man eats a pea, the "dots" variable subtracts 1 and once it reaches 0 the level ends. Level 1 has 87 dots. Level 2 has 89 dots. I think I'll call today's work finished and start anew tomorrow. Even though I've only been awake since 10a.m. and it's only 3:30p.m. now. That's my trouble. I hate going to sleep since it takes so long. I laid in bed for about 90 minutes before I finally fell asleep. It was excruciatingly boring. Now I need to figure out what Pea-Man does after he goes to the park. Eventually carrots will beam him onto a spaceship that heads to the planet Carrot. But I don't want to do that quite yet. Perhaps a bunch of streets in Pea-Man's neighborhood will be the next maze. Right now, if you pass level 2, the game plays the level finish code over and over again even though I told it not to. This is hard.
  10. Never mind. I fixed it myself. I had to change it to MODE 0. So now level 1 looks like this: Which isn't quite as fancy (the bricks have no mortar), but I had to change it. Once level 1 is completed, you move on to level 2: Pea-Man got out of his house and went to the park, only to find the carrots were there as well! peaman5.zip
  11. I need help. I designed level 2 but apparently if CONT.UP and movetimer=0 THEN #card = #backtab((many - 16) / 8 * 20 + (manx - / AND $0FF8 IF #card = 319 * 8 THEN dir=0 : move=0 else dir=1 : move=1 doieatdot=((many - 16) / 8 * 20 + (manx - / IF #card = 318 * 8 THEN #score=#score+1 : sfxon=1 : dots=dots-1 : print at doieatdot color $0002, "\316" : gosub writescore end if does not work if the background color is YELLOWGREEN (color #15). It just ignores the card backtab settings and you can go anywhere you want. How do I fix this?
  12. The carrot goes around randomly around the maze and doesn't try to chase you. I don't know how I would do that yet still keep the carrot from going through the walls or some other thing. I added a placeholder title screen and an intro to level 1. I think this is enough for tonight. Will do some more later. peaman4.zip
  13. Programming is hard when you've got a semi-broken mouse. The problem with mine is that the wheel stopped working. Now I have to scroll up and down using the side arrow buttons. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from working on a brand new creation (Well, not all that brand-new.) called Pea-Man. The carrots have come and they want to take Pea-Man to planet Carrot and assassinate him! But why HIM? And why now? Pea-Man begins his quest in his house, which has suddenly turned into a scary house. Because the carrots made it scary. And there is a carrot left to guard Pea-Man's house from Pea-Man. And anyone else that would dare try to break in. Luckily, the carrots have scattered peas all over the house. Pea-Man likes to eat small peas. It gives him energy. In fact, whenever Pea-Man clears the screen of little peas, he has the strength to go to the next level. I have had some hard things to overcome, like the dying twice bug, and the carrot bashing walls bug. Stupid stuff like that that make me want to scream but I can't because the dog would get all upset. And it's hard to defeat bugs when you don't know what causes them. But I think I overcame the bugs so far. I have used 8k so far. But it's not that much given that the Secret Government Waffle Project was almost 64k. So that's what I'm aiming for: As much space allowed. To make one (hopefully) spectacular game. Right now, it's almost exactly like that other game I'm basing it off of. One maze that repeats over and over again until you die. But there will be more.
  14. Added lives and changed a bunch of stuff. Tell me what you think. I'll add more. MUCH more. A whole bunch of different levels, a story line, and other stuff. Right now, Pea Man is in a haunted house, which is the reason for the eerie sounding music. peaman20191014.zip
  15. Well, I could do that type of game, but I don't want to. I want to have the player the ability to move around freely.
  16. Here's what it looks like now: gosub20191014.zip
  17. OK, I will change it back to the background being the same color as the water when I get to it.
  18. Fooling around with how big I can make the mazes. I think this is the biggest one I can do (16x12). As for the pea sizes, the enemy will be carrots. Everyone knows that peas and carrots do not get along well, and there's a reason for it. peaman2.zip
  19. Pea Man is a pea. He goes around eating other peas smaller than him. Yes, I know the peas are red, but I will change them to be green soon. I tried to make Pea Man move the same way the other game does (keep going until you bump into a wall) but I couldn't do it, so I made it this way. I will also add enemies to avoid (that AREN'T ghosts. Perhaps a carrot or something.) I will also try to have bigger mazes and other neat stuff. This is just me working on level 1. The genesis for the game is an old abandonware game I had as a kid involving this kind of thing happening. The character never took off. I guess you-know-who stopped them from making more. I am trying though, to make differences between it and the other game with that yellow fellow in it. peaman1.zip
  20. It seems like I only work on this game once a month or so. I really should work on it more than that if I ever hope to finish it. The main thing holding me back from working on it is lack of ideas for what Frank can do. The last time I worked on Frank was Sept. 12. So one month later, I returned to work on it. I noticed right off the bat something was wrong with the way Frank was flapping his wings on level 3. How did I not notice this before? The solution was to fix the source image (from where sprites come from). After I did that, I added an apple for Frank to regain some health. I don't know what an apple is doing in the desert, but oh well, it's in there. Pretty soon I'm going to run out of different types of fruit for Frank to replenish health from. After that, I decided to animate the icon of the Frank the Fruit Fly website, since I discovered that you can turn animated .gifs into icons. And it's real easy too. All you have to do is change the .gif part of the file name to .ico and voila! There's an icon. And now here I am, wondering what to do now. If you're bored like I am, why not download a Pokemon Mini emulator and try my game? Or, if you're lucky enough to have a working Ditto Flashcart, use that.
  21. I think everything is the way I want it to be. gosub2019october11.zip
  22. As it turns out, the sub/coral collisions weren't working in the boss stages. I figured out the cause by remembering the boss stages use a different character set. Everything is fixed now. I have 166 bytes left in DMA hole #0, which should be plenty of room for a bonus stage song. I made an ending song and a boss song while I was at it. gosub2019october10v2.zip
  23. The coral/sub collisions aren't working. I don't know why. I am calling them.
  24. Here is a playable version with the level select cheat enabled. gosub2019october10.zip
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