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  1. It's been a long time since I tinkered with bB, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. What about a long, chill platformer akin to Knytt? 256k could hold a ton of room data and unique puzzles. Here's an example of gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay_MGSlWJJ8
  2. 17,450 The monkey in the Jungle was my undoing. I shouldn't have tried to shoot it, but focus instead on hitting his projectiles.
  3. Super Cobra: 7180 Planet Patrol: 5460 Exocet: 1210 Sorcerer: 1890 I liked Planet Patrol the best of all of these. Aiming shots for proper collision detection was a little iffy, but on the whole, I think it was the best game of the bunch. It is akin to how I prefer to smell horse dung to that of other animal dung. I mean, it's dung, but it's kind of wholesome.
  4. Tanks but No Tanks: 3,700 Combat game 4: 11 The flicker in TBNT makes Wizard of Wor look downright lovely by comparison.
  5. 49,850 The repetitive music got on my nerves. I had to turn the sound way down.
  6. Cosmic Commuter: 33,637 Crazy Climber: 29,300 Cosmic Creeps: 11,300 Copter Commander: 755
  7. Pole Position: 35,640 Bonus: "Day Dreamin' Davey" for the NES https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_Dreamin'_Davey
  8. 28 points! If I saw a zombie in the cemetery, I would run away! Hopefully it is a shambling zombie and not a running zombie. Playing this gave me the urge to play Mazogs for the ZX81. Lucky for me, a couple sites reproduced this game in javascript. So much fun.
  9. 58,440 My cat surprised me when she snuck up and rubbed against my toes. She cost me my last life. This game is a lot of fun.
  10. Fast Food: 999 Fast Eddie: 21050 I love the interlude between levels in Fast Food: "You're getting Fatter." Fast Eddie is fun. Once I wrapped around to collecting hearts again, it got significantly more difficult. I didn't make it past that level. Edited to post the death screen. I screen capped it twice. Once at the death screen, once at the reset with my score. I figured the death screen was the most worthy "evidence" of my success.
  11. 38,127 I really like this game. I think the enemies are cute. It's amazing how fast you can clear a board if you get your diagonals lined up just right.
  12. Oh! I thought that dot was a warning of pending fireballs. Gee whiz now I'm going for it to get my spinach. How do you get the spinach on stage 2? I fall on the trampoline and then get bounced up.
  13. He Man: 3,800 Masters of the Universe: 15,300 Smurf: 18,800 No spinach in Popeye? collect all the hearts and bam, next level. Boo. Smurfs would have been better if I could use the trigger as the long jump, and up for a short jump, rather than double jumping.
  14. Jawbreaker: 10,150 Tooth Protectors: 49,100 Plaque Attack 16,920 I don't follow new game releases much, but I don't see tooth care as a theme in modern games. Back in the day when video games were often seen as frivolous, I think there was an interest in using games as educational propaganda. I think back to playing Apple 2 games in my grade school classroom. There were math games that were little more than math quizzes with video and audio feedback to reward you for getting an answer correct. I recall a typing tutor that let you shoot down letters when you hit the right key. Not to mention the Where in the world/USA/Galaxy is Carmen SanDiego games. Generally the edu-tainment was junk. I wanted to blow stuff up, slay dragons, and get my wagon to Oregon before the party starved. If I developed skills along the way, then that was icing on the cake. I enjoyed playing all three of these games. It's frustrating (in a fun way) when the Jawbreakers double back on me, and I try to get to the gap in the wall, only to get nailed by one coming on the next tier!
  15. Hunchy 2: 575 points I dislike the ringing sounds when Hunchy is walking and climbing. Otherwise I think it's a cute platformer. I got 575 points three times, so I'm content to submit this.
  16. Quadrun: 240 points I don't understand it. After several tries, I managed to score above zero. So here it is.
  17. Chopper Command: 14,400 This game is hard. I was hoping to make a lengthy video overlaid with the Airwolf theme song, but my constant dying would be a stark contrast to awesomeness of Airwolf.
  18. Dragster: 7.18 Skiing: 33.50 Enduro: 420.2 I dislike all these games. But in the spirit of the contest, I played until I could place in above last place in all of them (as of the time I post this). I replayed Skiing until I could actually finish game 5 without missing or hitting a flag. Endure is the best of the three, and the graphics are lovely. As far as racing games go, it is a well made game.
  19. Galaxian 10,150 Astroids 28,330 Gyruss 102,300 I forgot how tough Asteroids was without the shield. Growing up we played almost entirely with the shield or the 180 flip. I am a big fan of the NES version of Gyruss. I'm impressed with what was accomplished on the 2600.
  20. 16,170 This is a lot tougher than the original pacman for the 2600.
  21. Moon Patrol: 14,600 Gas Hog: 3,610 I dislike both of these games. But I gave Moon Patrol my best effort. I absolutely loathed the minefield in level 3. I think I invented a few new curse words.
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