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  1. Disregard the copyright notice in that SQUARE_MAZE.bas. I declare that program public domain on this day 2/9/2013. Not that anyone would use it. But I strongly dislike crushing inspiration. By all means if you were to make a game of this go right ahead. I like to fool around with Batari and play games but I doubt I'll ever write another one.

  2. It just occurred to me that this may be elementary to the experienced Bb programmer. And certainly for the 6507 programmer who by his nature will be sure his sprites make use of hardware collision. However, I suppose if I struggled with it, then perhaps someone else did too. Or at least a new coder can benefit from my mistakes and not have to stumble with silliness and focus on actual gameplay.


    What to do with it now? I suppose I ought to write a game....



    ...and finish it this time...

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