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  1. 55,430 This game is crazy. I couldn't beat 40k for hours. This is the best I think I can do. Did this game have additional RAM on board? With all the sprites to be tracked, I'd be amazed if they did it with just 128 bytes on the 2600.
  2. Game 4B: 45795 GAME 16B: 7170 First time in my life I ever played game 16. What a nightmare!
  3. Has anyone ever played Dark Chambers all the way through level Z?

    1. Reaperman


      Yes on 7800. It starts over. I quit before I could really tell if it was getting harder--didn't seem like it.

  4. You need a Warlords cart to keep them busy. :-)
  5. From the album: General Pics

    My best time so far.
  6. Piggles

    General Pics

    Screen shots of homebrew achievements
  7. I'm still loving it! I can't beat your score, Maximus. I like the hum of the engine. Forgive me if this sounds a little corny, but it's soothing. I just chill, then after a couple passes at the gates I get excited until I crash. Back to the soothing calm start again.
  8. This is rather fun. Only got to 32.5 seconds so far. I think you've got a good game. I suggest going all out for a 4k update of this game with the things you would have added. I like battling the momentum of the sharp left and right turns.
  9. I think your use of flicker for the fighter was clever! I've seen flicker for every other frame but using every 3rd is innovative. I like the radar too. Oink!
  10. Byte Knight, I'm loving it. What a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Level 1 was challenging. I lacked the patience to wait and slaughter both wizards before questing for the goblet. Once they doubled up on me, Rezzing each other as I fired volley after volley of fireballs. I did get the coveted goblet and sent old Red to forever-and-ever land. Looking forward to the other two levels.
  11. I stumbled upon this site one day when I was trying to find minimalist game design contests. http://js1k.com/ Javascript programs with <= 1K of code. Some with amazing graphics and the few games some have decent gameplay. One even plays Spider Solitaire. Another is a gravity game where you fire a rocket from one planet, and try to land it on another using gravity of the various bodies to guide it. Now the data on many of these exceeds 1K. So it's not CODE + DATA <=1024 but still, some really amazing stuff. I can't help but try to share this find with you.
  12. Disregard the copyright notice in that SQUARE_MAZE.bas. I declare that program public domain on this day 2/9/2013. Not that anyone would use it. But I strongly dislike crushing inspiration. By all means if you were to make a game of this go right ahead. I like to fool around with Batari and play games but I doubt I'll ever write another one.
  13. Joelm, Did you use playercolors for the enemy sprite? I noticed that the plane that comes from behind is green with orange flame coming from the engines. The shots it fires are orange. The other enemy sprites are single color. This is not a complaint or suggestion either way, just a question.
  14. This is a fun game. I think you can go places with this. If you have any missiles left, perhaps the bomber might exchange fire with you. I like how that fast plane comes from behind. Perhaps a boss enemy or objective at the end of each level? Bomb a ship, blow a super plane out of the sky? A secret German UFO as a final boss? I just saw the trailer for Iron Sky so it's on my mind. I get points for shooting the parashootist. It might be fun to splatter him and get bonus points. I did encounter what appears to be a bug. I started the game and the first enemy was a bomber. It did not die. I have only screenshots, not video I'm afraid. Here it is at 361 points of shooting. At 551 points I decided I should call for reinforcements because that bomber did not want to die.
  15. From the album: Debugging Photos

    Ok I'm pulling out. Out of ammo. Bomber still not dead.

    © Joelm

  16. Piggles

    Debugging Photos

    Snapshots of program bugs to help Batari users debug their programs.
  17. From the album: Debugging Photos

    Bomber at 500 points and counting...

    © Joelm made this game and the graphics

  18. From the album: Debugging Photos

    A bomber that won't blow up.

    © Joelm made this game and graphics

  19. Omg. I'm a dunce. I swear I read every post. Apparently I didn't comprehend every post. My apologies.
  20. This game is lovely! Are the lasers playfield pixels?
  21. Piggles


    I suggest using the fire button to set your direction of fire, and then you can walk independently of it as in Robotron. When you want to change the angle, just hold fire and press in the desired direction.
  22. I'm sorry for your loss :-(. The picture looks intriguing. How is the game going?
  23. Sprybug! I love you! This is fantastic!
  24. Piggles


    I like the music. It reminds me vaguely of Thunder Castle for the Intellivision.
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