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  1. You are a master programmer!
  2. Piggles


    I like the skeletons in level 4. They and that purple dragon wreaked my castle. This is a lot of fun.
  3. Piggles

    21 Blue

    Well done! Good blackjack game and a good sense of humor too with the graphics.
  4. Weapon level! Got it! :-) I liked the music at the end as well.
  5. I like the sound effects! What is the red dot in the top left?
  6. Well done! Go all the way good sir, and prove it can be done with bB!
  7. Hey RevEng, thanks for the help. I really took drawscreen for granted there - but now it makes sense (it did solve another problem of mine also). Let me take this opportunity and ask you about flickering: the way I did it it's how it usually go? You should probably consider not going with native collision detection if your are going to use flicker in your program. Instead, you could set up bounding boxes for them to track whether or not one object has intersected with another. That way, you don't have to be concerned what frame you're in when testing collisions. This is especially helpful when you want to test collisions between two object that share the same sprite, like the crab and then square. To piggyback on Jrok's suggestion, if you're colliding sprites are different (p0 and p1) but are on opposite frames (one on even, one on odd), you can flicker the p0 every other frame, and flicker the p1 sprites two frames in a row, so that each p0 sprite can intersect with the p1 sprite depending on the current frame. Same for missiles if applicable.
  8. Piggles

    Shoot and Jump

    Thanks, Piggles. What would be really cool is if we could run multiple batari display kernels. With one kernel running the display for each third of the screen, each floor could contain two flicker-free sprites (or 4 30hz ones). I think a fairly cool action-adventure game could be accomplished in such a framework. What might fit with the limitations of the Bb engine is a game with hidden enemies. Your line of sight restricted to the floor of the building that you're on. Combined with a theme of stealth, perhaps the bland lack of graphical data on the other floors wouldn't be a problem. Your enemy and terrain data could be handled via software until it's time to fall through a hole or climb down a ladder to the next floor. Using "pfcolors background" perhaps you could just blackout the levels of the screen you're not currently on, bringing focus to the current floor with whatever colors are appropriate for the situation. And all this is easy for me to say because it's not my project.
  9. Piggles

    Shoot and Jump

    I like the engine very much. With careful level design, I think the timing of jumps won't be so frustrating. And I like how you fit 3 floors. You can put a lot of gameplay into 3 floors per screen.
  10. Piggles

    Shoot and Jump

    That's my favorite. I can kick some alien butt with those controls.
  11. Piggles

    Shoot and Jump

    I find it to be comfortable. But take that with a grain of salt, as I don't mind pressing up to jump so long as it doesn't screw up my access to ladders or doors that require me to press Up. I used the keyboard. The physics of jumping and coming down are of professional quality as well.
  12. ...filled with traps and foes. Current half-project of mine. Not worth forum posting yet, because it's still far from a half-way enjoyable demo. Attached is the bin and the code. As of now, I want to remove the pit trap, because it's an HP based game, so a final death like a pit might not be such a good idea. On the other hand, it is the easiest to avoid (so far), so maybe it should kill you. Only two traps so far. Laser and pit. There is an escape hatch in one room. Eventually, you will need to find a key to open it. If you run to the right at the beginning, you'll encounter the pit and then the laser. Now that I've got the hang of making rooms move, I would like to make it a 5x5 maze, rather than 4x4. 4x4 is kind of cramped. Reducing the HP of the player would make space less of an issue, but I think the game should take more than one or two minutes to play. So, I think, more hp, and higher damage from attacks.
  13. I urge you to stick with it. Bb is a great platform for arcade type games. You've got a pre-made kernel and hardware sprite collision. All you really need is an idea that excites you and game logic to make it go!
  14. I'm psyched! It's the best single screen shooter in some time.
  15. I echo that. Get used to typing in code and having Visual BB give you error messages because you made syntax errors or forgot to indent a line of code. I haven't finished a single Batari project in four years. Not one. It's all come down to practice, for me. I suppose to make a game, you need to want to make a particular kind of game. I find that if I can't scratch the itch to play a kind of game by playing something that already exists, then there is the impulse to make it. In other words, if playing Phaser Patrol or Star Raiders doesn't scratch your itch for an atari First Person Space Shooter, then there's your impulse to make one that will scratch that itch. And if I may suggest, print out the command guide and use a Notebook to write your code. I find that being away from the editor and compiler makes me more productive. I of course need the editor to run the program and debug, but I write the vast majority of my code (Bb or otherwise) in a notebook.
  16. What is a blockread? Or was that just a sample function name with parameters passed to it?
  17. Note to self, RT used the Ball sprite for the tentacle! With the various playfield colors applied to it, it looks really good.
  18. A monkey with a snorkel would make an amusing Easter Egg. I do like the push-your-luck element of choosing to wait for a row of seaweed or just blasting single pieces to keep the way clear.
  19. I also found it frustrating. However, I believe that's part of the charm and the theme of the game. Your underwater ships are so fast, that the need for blasting seaweed is all the more urgent. I've played it quite a bit now. I find lining up vertical shots to be far more a problem than horizontal, as the pixels are twice as tall as wide. I kill 99% of the seaweed with horizontal shots. My question is, is it a problem? Or is it a feature? Perhaps I am the problem, and the game is perfect.
  20. Dec.1.2010 Seaweed assault - 2369
  21. I would like more frequent tentacle attacks! I think they're creepy and exciting, but happen too seldom. It could be because I'm doing lots of horizontal movement and that keeps them away. Even if they were to miss, I think it would add additional drama to the already desperate situation as the sea-weed begins to pile up.
  22. I also found it frustrating. However, I believe that's part of the charm and the theme of the game. Your underwater ships are so fast, that the need for blasting seaweed is all the more urgent.
  23. I like the animation of the ship and the sound effects. Especially the tentacle music. That was a nice touch. On my first play, I got snagged by the tentacle and then Wrothed while it had me! What a way to die! Nicely done sir!
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