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    The controls are sexy and the game plays really well with Cannibal Corpse in the background. You have the knack for getting maximum visual quality and gameplay from the standard kernel and it's fantastic.
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    This is a lot of fun. As with all your games, your animations are fantastic. I like how each crew member looks different. You have a good eye for graphic detail. I suggest the laser beams contrast more with the background. I can hardly see my laser beams, making shots difficult to aim.
  3. I thought my Nethack habit was bad enough. Soon there will be this. I love your use of pfscroll to build the rooms. I dub thee "The ROM Saver." What do you have planned next? Will there be enemies to battle?
  4. You can fly off the screen to the left or right. Currently there's only 4 screens.
  5. I got back into coding after porting "Castle" from David Ahl's Creative Computing magazine to QuiteBasic. An excellent classic BASIC interpreter written in Javascript. Here's my game: Castle Something I learned, at least for me, is that I can't code directly to the computer from scratch. I need a notebook. I need to be away from the computer, where there's no pressure to achieve a great deal and have a working program right off the bat. I got familiar with QuiteBasic, wrote a few simple programs to learn the syntax, and then I went to the notebook. I printed the syntax reference and used that as my guide. I spent a few weeks of lunch breaks working on it. Time at the doctor's waiting room, oil change waiting room, etc. It was rather fun. And productive. I found it easy to discard bad code and keep good code. So the itch to create an atari game bit me again. I did not want to replay the damned Zombies debacle. You fine folks have made better adventure games since then. So I'm back to the notebook. I didn't print the Batari Basic manual, and so I did a little, and then sat down to code it. Tossed it. Tried again. Not so bad this time. I initially envisioned a "ambient game" like Knytt but with a honey bee going around collecting rare flowers and encountering various creatures as part of the scenery. Worms, spiders, frogs, etc. Then I thought maybe a shorter, fetch-the-treasure game with a couple predators that hound you as you look for rare nectar from various flowers. I need to flush this out a bit before I continue. However, I'd like to make the code and bin available if you feel like you want to mess with it or use it for inspiration. Use the trigger as you approach a flower to land on it. I envision a sucking sound and a score increase, but not sure. It just seemed right. The cyclescore indicated 2112 when I ran an early version, as you can see in the attachment. An excellent Rush album is a positive sign. Later, it indicated 1984, so I don't know if a classic Orwell novel is a good sign or not. This is all in humor, but I couldn't help but find it funny enough to take a picture. There's a lot of opportunity to use various color schemes for terrain. I considered a wasp that chases you and drags you back to it's hive. Maybe a joystick jiggle routine to escape. Maybe a frog that leaps back and forth and tries to eat you if you get too close to the lily pads. Enough rambling!
  6. Chris this is one of your better games! I love the poop!
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    mopey dopey

    I drew a tall character with visual bb the other day, looking for inspiration. It's easy to be inspired, hard to do anything with it. Anyway, I put him/her/it up for sharing, maybe it'll inspire someone else. The code is public domain.
  8. Yeah I do get around. Musician/board game designer/ artist/beer drinker and hellraiser. lol. Hopefully I can add 2600 game programmer. You played my original game? cool. Glad you like it. Did you play both the 2 player version and the solo version? You try Mortuum or Shrine? I think I posted links in the same thread on BGG. I gotta re upload them though. Maybe give them their own page on the geek. ANyways, I'm still working on learning the programming. Hopefully have something playable in a month or so. I hope the game translates well over to the 2600. I'm also working on another pnp game. There is a thread on the geek. It' called Dark Valhalla. Just the solo version. I haven't tried the others yet. Good luck with the translation sir!
  9. Legend! You get around sir! I liked Damit Dungeon.
  10. It just occurred to me that this may be elementary to the experienced Bb programmer. And certainly for the 6507 programmer who by his nature will be sure his sprites make use of hardware collision. However, I suppose if I struggled with it, then perhaps someone else did too. Or at least a new coder can benefit from my mistakes and not have to stumble with silliness and focus on actual gameplay. What to do with it now? I suppose I ought to write a game.... ...and finish it this time...
  11. I had a problem for a while figuring out what to do about making my flickering sprites collide properly. Using odd frame, even frame, I found that only sprites on the same frame could collide. So I varied my flickering with one sprite alternating frames, and the other doing two frames in a row. Attached is the code and a binary. You drive sprites A and B. C and D will wrap around the vertical edges. If you touch C or D, one of your sprites will die and turn into a skull, the other will keep moving. The reset switch resets the program. Flickered sprites look horrible, but at least now I have two p0s and p1s that'll crash into each other. altflick.bas altflick.bas.bin
  12. It's a good start. The batari kernel may not be good for showing multiple hands of cards. But if your opponent's hand is hidden, then perhaps you'd hit Difficult switch a to b to see the opposing hand. Or if it's a texas holdem poker, the common cards could be viewed by sliding the switch, and then switching back to your and with the switch. You could use the multisprite kernel for a 3 player hold-em game, you vs two comps. Switch back and forth between displaying the two-card hands and the 5 common cards. Make it a supercharger game and use the extra ram for computer betting and folding A.I. I bet there's a way to use a pointer to a set of graphics without having to code manually all the cards for each sprite. There's 52 cards in a standard deck, so each card held could have a value of 1 to 52. A little if-then can prevent duplicates, and then you can call the appropriate subroutine to set the graphics for your sprite. I do believe there was a question posted here a few months back to that effect. I'll see if I can find it. I used a blue outline just so i knew not to get outside the 8 pixel width limit. Perhaps something like that would be good for your game.
  13. Thank you Jrok for explaining the inventory. As for gameplay, will the blaster have limited shots? Will you perhaps have to find ammo clips or power cells for it? Since the story occurs on a space station, perhaps a level might have the lights sabotaged by the aliens, so you don't see them until they're almost on top of you. Either you need to reconnect the lights or get an Infrared goggles so you can see them. If you want to set the mood, you could have a few rooms with flickering lights and others just plain dark. Setting the mood seems to be your strong point. I got sucked into your early demo with the side view and the teleporters. Your color choices for the playfield and the attention to paid to alien graphics and how they move captures the imagination and immerses the player in the world of the game. If you want the player to find objects, how do you think you'll display them? Will they appear after the enemies are dead (like Cave-in)? Or perhaps an enemy might lurk in one side of a screen, but the item is in the other, and you can display one or the other depending on were the player is on the screen.
  14. I notice here and also with the evil magician game you folks implemented a Raiders Of the Lost Ark type of inventory. Is that a custom kernel mod? I browsed the Batari programming manual and found the lives kernel, but I thought that was just one icon repeated. Am I wrong about this? I'm excited to play more of your game. This reminds me slightly of Secret Quest, except that your game is fun.
  15. I just played your adventure game and I enjoyed it. I nearly jumped out of my seat when the boss romped across the screen at me. I didn't expect a quad sized creature.
  16. I notice when I press down and left, I turn into the red bouncy thing. Is that a feature or a bug? I still think this is more fun than Xenophobe.
  17. Jrok this is fantastic! The demo was more fun than many games. It reminds me of Xenophobe, except that your game is fun. What else do you plan the hero to do in this game? If you gave up missiles for the multi-color graphics, you still will have a ball. And since you seem to do flickering really well, that gives you two balls....
  18. The theme is funny. What will happen when you touch the alligator? Do you need to have it set up for the paddle? It seems it might be easier to jump over the alligator using a joystick type of interface rather than the paddle. This being a catching game (like kaboom), I see why you wanted to use the paddles at first. Using a joystick however might give you options for using the up and down functions to do other things (like in space cavern). Perhaps your uniform might become progressively browned out for each poop that you miss. When you get all browned, you're pooped out, aka game over. Also the foes you avoid might change. Maybe one level has rats, the other has alligators, each behaving differently. Also, perhaps lost things, like rings or jewelry that get flushed might fall and you can pick them up for bonus points. Reach a certain score, and you get a new uniform to replace your browned out one.
  19. I love your pigs. They're so cute. I'd like to see a down + button for a fart attack also. Farting is what T&P do, so I think it would add value to the game.
  20. I like the player sprite. Very well done! Your games keep getting better and better.
  21. This is very challenging but fun. An excellent batari basic game! I like how the trailer follows behind the cab. And the death scene is well done.
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    I like this one a lot. It reminds me of Cybernoid or Solar Jetman for the NES.
  23. I like it. What comes to mind when you brainstorm the project?
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