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  1. Just found this thread and I must say... Thanks Al! Not only do I not mind it, I've been wanting it since the first week I started posting here. I tried to go back and read old topics not only for fun but because I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know. One poster in particular (guarantee Al knows who...) went back and put ... in place of EVERY POST!!!! The only time I saw what he had said was when he was quoted by someone else. All of the edits were done months or years after the original post. I didn't pay attention but they were probably all done on the same day or close to it. It's perfect, don't change it
  2. I was arriving at that one jump you have to slow down for with at least 2 cars every time, sometimes as many as 4 and I'd lose every last one in that same spot. Finally conquered that jump about 15 minutes ago... 438,904 I'm gonna try one more time to roll it and hopefully get it in at the last minute but at least I know this one made it up
  3. If you do, you are a better man than I... 262,644 It's a good start, now I just have to muster up the patience to roll it. Not that it takes a long time but I have to be in a trance-like state to dodge every car on the road.
  4. Yeah, got my wish. Now if I could just stop crashing... I've done 99 before, it will happen again.
  5. Oh, how I long for the days of Lock 'N Chase... Honestly, I'm hoping for something dirt common this week. I feel like I never play any of my old favorites anymore because I tend to focus on whatever the HSC game is. Of course, the last few weeks I wouldn't have done a whole lot better even if it was something I was familiar with but I'm finally back to having free time as of now.
  6. 103 I've played for 3 minutes. I want those 3 minutes of my life back.
  7. 8,740 I know I could keep trying for another 20 minutes but I'd rather put my face in a blender. I've played this game for about 4 hours this last week.... 15 minutes at a time because at that point I had started to scream at the computer and that is a great sign that it's time to quit. Maybe it's just the Gamecube controller I'm forced to use at the moment but I swear when I push left the thief moves left 80% of the time. Same with every other direction. I may give this a try on diff B after reading the couple of posts above but my current opinion of this game is
  8. How the hell do you access that? I don't particularly like DK64, but if there's the arcade version in there somewhere...... (back to topic) I've been playing a bit here recently: Missile Command(2600) ~1 hour Food Fight(7800) ~ 45 minutes Beef Drop(7800) ~ 2 hours Keystone Kapers ~20 minutes Kaboom ~1 hour In the Frantic Factory locate the DK machine, it looks just like the real thing. Use DK to pull the lever and the game begins. Finish all 4 stages once through to receive a banana medal??? then a second time through to get a nintendo logo???? I'm a little rusty on this but I think once you beat it twice it's unlocked from the main menu. It's been a couple years since I unlocked it. Check out www.gamefaqs.com it's got to be there.
  9. I don't think it's possible to ever be good at it, you just start to die less Nothing changes after you finish the 4th level, just the same invisible wall vortex over and over so practicing is an excellent idea. Get that down and then it's just hang on til you croak. Good luck
  10. Quite impressive. That had to take a while. Thanks. About 2 hours.
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