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  1. Yes, it weighs a ton and takes up a lot of space, but still a great classic gaming TV. Hopefully someone will take this off my hands.
  2. I have a 27” Panasonic Tau TV in great condition. Perfect for running all classic game systems. Includes a digital converter box for watching over the air TV programs and a TV cart to put it on (if you want it.) All remotes included too. ***MUST be picked up in Cromwell, CT.*** $20 for everything.
  3. I have a bunch, just sent you a message.
  4. I’ve got one of these too! Also have a Starlight N64 Fun Center, the ones that were used in hospitals. I doubt there are many of those still around.
  5. Just found this group, here is my MS P85D. I have a powerwall too.
  6. Here is my list of homebrews and repros in no particular order: Atari 2600 Mole Hunter Gamma-Attack #74/100 Stacker Asses of Fire #15/20 Elevators Amiss Stella’s Stocking (AA holiday cart 2007 #230) 256 game multi-cart (Sean Kelly) Pick’N Pile NTSC Climber 5 Stratogems Deluxe Go Fish Starfire Lady Bug Toyshop Trouble (AA holiday cart 2006 #123) Reindeer Rescue This Planet Sucks (1998 release) Oystron #41 (1998 release) Video Time Machine #99/100 Edtris 2600 #135 (1995 release) Cuttle Cart (2001) Confrontation Kabobber Meltdown Crack’ed Looping Qb #44/100 (Special Edition in wooden box) Wolfenstein VCS Klax NTSC Shooting Arcade Gauntlet/Malagai double ender Chunkout 2600 #61/100 Cave In Okie Dokie #45/100 (original 1996 release) SCSIcide (2001) Alfred Challenge (1998) Halo 2600 Pursuit of the Pink Panther #12 Actionauts #210/250 Racer #54/60 A-VCS-tec Challenge #17/55 Bouncing Baby Bunnies #6/50 Thrust Plus DC Edition Boggle Garfield Revenge of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure Atari 5200 Tempest Colecovision Kevtris Dig Dug Channel F Pac-Man Vectrex Multi-Cart NES Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover
  7. I've still got a whole box of cheap commons from this old thread. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260709-FS%3A-Atari-2600-games
  8. I think you are looking for the old VGR list. http://gatland.tripod.com/vgr.txt
  9. I should have done some research first, I had no idea. I've been somewhat removed from the gaming scene for a while now. Kids and everything else, many of you know how it is.
  10. In case anyone was wondering, the auction ended at over $1100. That is more than twice what I was expecting and certainly helped take the sting away, as deciding clear out the rest of my Jaguar stuff was really a tough decision. So my question is what did I have in there that was worth so much???
  11. I think so, but I forgot to check before sealing up the box. I can't remember which games came with overlays and which didn't.
  12. All I still have left are the games I wanted to keep. I unloaded all the games I figured I'd never play again, including some really good ones that I had either beaten or just got bored with, plus all the junk titles. I can't believe how high the bidding has gone, I've been away from the Jag scene for a long time and really had no idea what anything is worth now. It's unreal.
  13. There was an issue with the shipping charges not calculating properly but it appears to be resolved. You are in the same zone as me so $22 sounds about right.
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