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  1. Mine arrived a week or so back, truly outstanding work.
  2. 1996 for me, same user ID as here. Damn that’s a long time.
  3. I'm selling my PAL Atari 2600 VCS clone with a claimed 777 games built in. Take a look if you are interested, it’s certainly a unique item. [ebay]224335942531[/ebay] https://www.ebay.com/itm/224335942531 I had listed it a couple weeks ago and the winning bidder never paid so I’m trying again. Here is an old thread from when I was trying to get some more info on the built-in games:
  4. Hi all, I’ve listed my Atari XE and games as a lot on eBay. I’ve owned this for 20+ years buy hadn’t played it in ages. I finally fired it up and can only get a handful of the games to work so I’ve decided to pass it on. I started pricing at $49 with no reserve which I think is very reasonable. Thanks for looking! [ebay]224303760193[\ebay] https://www.ebay.com/itm/224303760193
  5. Got mine today, great product, thank you! Fun fact of the day: Atari2600land and I both became AA members 3 days apart in May 2006. Simply fascinating.
  6. I’m in no hurry, would prefer to get everything at once.
  7. The TV is gone! A local guy picked it up and seemed very happy to get it.
  8. I posted it on Facebook marketplace. Asking $40 but included a nice Vader VCS for good measure. Maybe we’ll get some bites.
  9. Yeah, Goodwills won’t touch this thing. Maybe Facebook, I don’t have an account but my wife does. Good suggestion, thank you.
  10. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be but I’d have to check again to be sure.
  11. Guess what? I still have this, and am still offering it for free to whomever is willing to come get it. Unfortunately it will likely be headed to the recycling center soon if I have no takers.
  12. It really is a thing of beauty. Now my kids are playing Pac-Man, it may be a while before I get back on...
  13. Thank you! And of course, the TV is still available. Maybe if I hook it up again and show how good the picture is that will raise some interest.
  14. I wish I had the space to keep this, my 5200 looked a lot better on it than the flat LCD I’m using now. Sooner or later someone will want it I’m sure.
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