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  1. I know the Rom Debate has been milled over and over from reading just the few posts I could find. When I was surfing though across "The Great Rom Debate" heading for a forum or something. It got lost in the shuffle so to speak and I cant find much on these debates. I would like to read these old debates if anybdoy can help me find them. I searched here and found little. I dont want to start one as IM sure everybody has had enough. I just want to get some opinons from these debates on my own. Can anybody help? Thanks
  2. What's "hardcore purist" regarding emulation on a PC anyway I like the orginal controlers for the orignal games. The decks are to expensive these days but if I can figure out these controler conversion I can at least play with my fingers and thumbs in the right places for the games.
  3. Thanks for your help very much. yep guys Im a hardcore purist and I want it to be as close to the ral thing as possible from a gameplay POV anyway.
  4. Edit: Is posted the wrong link b4. Here is the good one: http://www.retrousb.com/index.php?categoryID=81 thanks..theres no manual though..I am a noob.
  5. Anybdoy have these? Id like to learn more about them. What happened to them? No good?
  6. Cause keyboards are to clunky for these games and I love old stuff even if bad.
  7. Anybody have any "how to's" on these kits? The documentation is pretty thin on the page
  8. Id love to know if this is possible and where to find resources about it as well as the Intelevison II controlers.
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