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  1. I'm thinking of buying one of these. Does anybody know if Pitstop ll will work on the CocoSDC? Whilst I stand to be corrected, when I tried it, Pitstop ll will NOT work using either DrivePak or Drive Wire. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi all Was this title ever released on cassette? If so, does anyone know from where a CAS image can be obtained? Thanks Steve
  3. Hi all, Does anybody know if there are any stockists (preferably in the UK or Europe) other than Best Electronics for one of these items? I understand Best have a minimum order amount, which would go over the threshold for UK import duty and would effectively double the cost. Alternatively, would a switch from a non operational Junior console work on a Woody? Cheers Steve
  4. Folks, Would like to buy one of the above items (or find out from where I can get one, following some research it appears someone in Poland is making them but currently out of stock). Willing to pay a reasonable rate. Cash waiting. Thanks Steve
  5. Thanks for the advice, folks. I quite like the sound of the wdrive. Does anybody know how to preorder one in the new batch being produced (I could not see anything on the website) or, alternatively, does someone out there have one to sell? Cheers Steve
  6. I've just acquired an Apple lle. I'm looking at getting an SD card reader for it. Does anyone have any preferences to which one to go for i.e. price, capabilities, ease of use etc. Thanks in advance Steve
  7. Evening all Would like a Vic 20. Just the computer unit, as long as it is clean and will take the C64 power supply. UK based... will collect if between Manchester and Birmingham or happy to arrange courier. Would also like an Acorn Electron on similar terms. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi all, Would like to buy any carts (except Astrosmash, Utopia, Snafu, Fileform and Tron Deadly Discs). Would particularly like Nightstalker, Burger Time, or an Aquaricart. Condition is unimportant, as long as the items work. Doesn't matter if they are boxed or without the manuals or overlays. Would also like any WAV files of cassette games - would be happy to cover the cost. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi all Would like an Intellivision console ( UK 240 volt unit only) Doesn't matter if it has any games or if it is boxed, as long as it's in reasonable condition and works that would be great. It is merely to replace one I've already got that is damaged beyond repair. PM me if you've got one available. Cheers Steve
  10. Would also look at any other device that can help with uploading images to the cartridge (i.e. Maxflash cartridge programmer). Cheers Steve
  11. Hi all Would like one of these (so I can upload to The!Cart that I have). PM me if you can help. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi all Would like one of these - they were sold until fairly recently by Lotharek from Poland on Ebay. I am UK based and can pay by Paypal. PM me if you can help. Cheers Steve
  13. I'm based in the UK and have used Best Electronics before and paid by credit card. Found them absolutely fine, no problem at all
  14. Hi folks Would like to buy a TI99/4a (found out mine no longer works). Boxed would be nice, just the console and the power supply is all I need, do not require the modulator. Don't really need any cartridges as hoping to acquire a Flashrom 99 soon. Could collect if between Manchester or Birmingham and pay cash. Don't really want to mess about on Ebay. PM me if you can help. Cheers Steve
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