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    Survival is a simple yet addictive retro style game based on games from the 70s. Objective: Eat enemies The same size or smaller than you while avoiding the bigger enemies. As you eat you will grow. Score big to level up! Each level gets a bit faster. There are 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. How long will you survive? Available on Ouya, and Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joseki.androidsurvival
  2. aww. go here -- http://search.ebay.com/atari-jaguar-system...ssPageNameZWLRS
  3. i just mesured the length of the cord. its 8FT 8½ inches.
  4. no, not a pro controller scheme. just a basic controller
  5. lol, that took aloooot of work to make it work corectly. it took me about a 3 weeks
  6. lol, it does kinda look like a joke doesnt it. no, its not a joke. heres the pin layout i used ....|...4.....|...3...|...2...|...1.....| ------------------------------------ 6..|.pause.|.......|........|..........| ------------------------------------ 10|....A....|...B..|...C...|.option.| ------------------------------------ 11|..right..|...1..|...2...|.....3....| ------------------------------------ 12|...left...|...4..|...5...|.....6....| ------------------------------------ 13|....up...|...7..|...8...|.....9....| ------------------------------------ 14|.down..|...*..|...0...|....#.....| ------------------------------------
  7. this is a controller i made a few days ago. it was mostly made of electrical tape and cardboard for support. -- things i used -- cardboard (cerial box) frame toilet paper roll tubes (for the handles) black electrical tape (for the color) wire led buttons (from those Mc Donald happy meal toys) a 15 pin port the only thing i paid for was the wire, led and the 15 pin port ($15.00 total) and everything works perfectly. quick responce, smooth D-pad controll, easy placement for A B and C buttons. what u think?
  8. get a font creator and you could be the first to make it
  9. neat when i convert the dvd to an mpeg2 how will i make the jaguar read it? does it need a special boot track?
  10. is it posible to burn a jag cd with video on it, like the jag adds cd ? like you could rip a dvd and convert it to a jaguar cd format. then burn it.
  11. has anyone hacked the McDonalds rom so it will load properly? if you dont know what im talking about the download is below. i put it through hackomatic v3 and found characters, sprites, and firmiliar programing. and it was like the whole game was there but no way to get to it load the whole game. is anyone willing to join me and get it to work? McDonalds.zip hackomatic3.zip tiapaint.zip edit_showgfx.zip dasm212.zip tune2600.zip
  12. just got doen with a pacman hack. in this hack the ghosts actualy look like gohsts. really cool (update)--> black background with blue walls (looks alot beter and you can actualy tell the collor between the ghost) Pacman_black_back_ground.bin Pacman.bin
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