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  1. does anyone know where i can find a burnable CR-R? im going to burn myself a prototype of BIWN to run on my jag cd
  2. anyone there? please atleast leave some feedback or a coment also, if there is a game you want me to mod i will do my best
  3. here is my astroids hack too. youre ship is the atari logo and the astroids look more realistic. asteroids_2600.BIN
  4. the verry first time i played atari was when i was about 3-4 years old. and i still remember it. i dont remember all the games but i think i had othello and defender. great topic btw
  5. i was hacking a few roms just a few minuits ago and ran across an awsome glitch in defender. you have a big horizonal bar over youre ship, and when you fire it sends a big shockwave. too easy? nope, if someone shoots youre bar over youre ship you will loose a life. to doge shots repeatedly hit fire and it will go right past you. it is verry chalenging but verry cool acidental find i will also post my astroind hack in a few minuits. youre ship is the atari logo and the astroids look more realistic. Defender.bin
  6. does anyone know where i can find black ice white noise rom, or bin files?
  7. heres the website if you dont know what im talking about http://www.sudoku.com/
  8. is there a sudoku game for the atari 2600.
  9. where do i get started ive never made an aplication file before is there a program that helps you create .exe aplication files?
  10. i sent this to the atariage editor for a contest idea.
  11. thats cool. is there any others or does any one els want to try
  12. ive ben wanting to play a spongebob game on the atari, but spongebob is newer than atari so there isnt a spongebob game yet. so whos going to create the verry first spongebob game for atari.
  13. what would you rate this hack. /10
  14. verry verry nice by the way-- how do you change the color of thing in an atari 2600 rom?
  15. thats cool!! i love that game
  16. ive hacked astroids. the shotter is the atari logo and the asteroids are clear asteroids_2600.bin
  17. i found this--- http://www.alienbill.com/2600/basic/ but it wont run on windows xp, it said you can download the scorce to make it run on other systems but i dont know how to work w/ that. can someone please help me w/ this.
  18. is there a program that lets you create homebrew games?
  19. i want to make a spongebob game for my stella emulator. ive serched every where and dint find mutch. a litle but not mutch.
  20. is there a program that lets you create homebrew games?
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