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  1. Here's an auction I just had end tonight. I expected twice as much. I should have taken a close up pic of the console. It's mint, perfect chrome. Oh well, damn. Somebody got a deal I think
  2. I have exactly what your looking for. PM sent
  3. I just figured I'd give you folks a shot at it before it goes to eBay. I know it's not ultra rare but it's sealed NEW not resealed, first Command and Conquer, PS1. Can put a picture up tonight if needed. Got a be worth at least $15 plus shipping so I'll start with that. Best offer by tonight get's it, period. Just post offers as replies here so everyone can see. Is this an ok way to sell this here? Input? Thanks, Rick
  4. Lowered all prices quite a bit and updated a few things. Might be worth a look. Thanks.
  5. Added pictures. Everything still available including 2600 promo and sega boxes/manuals.
  6. And seriously, don't be afraid to make offers. Low ball me. I don't care. It's gotta go. The worst I'll say is thanks but no. I don't really know what some of this is worth. Suggestions are more than welcome. I will gladly take and send pictures to anyone interested. Thanks.
  7. Bump, updated. Added Genesis boxes with manuals. Nothing too exciting. More later tonight.
  8. This will be an ongoing list. I will update and add items frequently. Items with a price that says shipped include immediate priority shipping (I will combine shipping for multiple items). All others will get exact calculated shipping, your choice USPS (media, 1st class, priority) or UPS, also daily. I'm rixdafix on ebay also if you would like to check my feedback. My feedback here. Colecovision Expansion Module, untested, kinda dirty but not trashed, $10 plus shipping Colecovision AC adapter, $10 plus shipping Super Nintendo console only, good shape, ac adapter jack NOT broken, $15 plus shipping Several NES controllers, some slightly yellowed but not bad. All work, good cords and plugs, $6 each plus shipping $25 obo shipped for these 43 atari manuals I have left. 2600 manuals I have available Miracle Piano, very nice keyboard, good key action, clean, works great, non-original but proper spec ac adapter, good homemade cable (not pretty but is soldered and heat shrinked), mint cart, no box, no manual or overlay but available on-line, no footswitch, $40 plus shipping Gray Zapper Gun, average, in great box with perfect foam, $14 shipped SNES TMNT Turtles IV, loose, great condition, $12 shipped 2600 4 switch promo console (orange trim, regular switches), clean, works great, $30 plus shipping Link to promo console topic Lots of Atari AC adapters, $8 shipped each 1 wireless 2600 controller, no idea if it works, cosmetically great, $7 plus shipping Everything in this picture and then some (few bonus items, no trash), gotta be worth $40 plus shipping. Atari misc. Computer? power supplies #C061982 #C017945 $10 plus shipping each This is just a drop in the bucket but I had to start somewhere. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to make offers. I'm not looking at a gold mine, I know this. I need it gone and need the cash. Lots more coming. Thanks for your time, Rick.
  9. I've used RIT dye several times to dye parts for our RC trucks and figured a black NES would be cool. I mixed a double strong batch and let the NES parts soak all day at a near boil and it didn't phase it. Has anyone successfully died one black or do I need to use spray dye?
  10. So here I am all proud that I gave my niece a SNES to take to college and she calls last night with no picture but good sound on two different tv's. She's using an rf adapter. Dammit I had just tested everything that morning with out a problem. I haven't seen the connection personally since she's about 40 miles away. What the ..........
  11. So my oldest daughter has been on me for at least a year to hook her up with a toaster. I had one that was yellowed pretty bad but perfect otherwise. We're going to dye it black. Sweet. This weekend, my brother in law threw a graduation party for his daughter. She's a great gal and getting ready to ship off to college. Last thanksgiving, I saw her at a relative's house having a blast playing Super Mario World on a very abused SNES. Well, I happened to have a minty fresh SNES rig (and SMW) in a drawer just waiting for such an occasion. Among a fist full of cash and checks, this was one of the only non-money gifts she received. She was excited to say the least. The rest of the day she was bragging about it to everyone there. It made this uncle's day.
  12. My toaster does have a special place in my heart.
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