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  1. I'd say this sums up the entire 100+ pages of this thread.
  2. Besides the Jaguar, Tempest 2000 also came out on the PS1 as Tempest X. I have all 3! And Manx TT was realeased in NA as well. And another vote for anything by Working Designs, they also did some great ones for Sega CD.
  3. oh great, he got one. Now if anything happens to his CDX we're all on the hook for the ensuing Therapy...
  4. Another solution not yet mentioned that worked for me. I purchased (I think on ebay) a cart extender that gives you enough height to mount the PBC on a model 2 Genesis.
  5. Thanks MJ, I've always been curious, how do you do the video capture from the DS?
  6. so, I'm reading a post and thinking, ha! That sounds like me 10 years ago. Look at the user name, then the date. It was me 10 years ago. Stop it, you're freaking me out! That aside, I am still playing Space Taxi on the same C128/64. There is also a version for windows called Space Taxi II which I have and highly recommend, same great playability with nice graphics!
  7. Great thread gentlemen, brings back a lot of memories. I remember playing U3 on my Atari ST. Around 1999 or 2000 I remember thinking how much I loved Ultima's music but how poor the sound was on the ST. Then I thought, hey, I wonder if it goes out on MIDI? Sure enough, I hooked the ST up to my cheap Yamaha keyboard, outed that to my stereo and promplty almost soiled myself! Sounded glorious! I remember making a cassette recording... HA! Just rooted around in my desk and found it! Just tried playing it on my 1984 Sanyo boom box... radio works, tape deck is shot! Dang! Time to see if my old component deck still works.... It's broken too! Just makes a grinding noise for 5 seconds when any buttons are pressed. Those were the last cassette players in the house that I'm aware of... I've got one in my car! I don't know why, it's a 2002, who was still listening to cassettes in 2002??? (luckily it also has a CD player too!) ok, tape is in my breifcase, will try it out on the car tape deck on Monday's commute, will post back my findings. I'm interested to see if it sounds as awesome as my 13 old memory of it...
  8. A little off-topic, but my brother paid $500 CDN for that gian lego star destroyer when it first came out. It was the largest lego set ever released at the time, not sure if it still is or not. He said putting it together was like another full time job! When we ran out of space to keep it out I had the job of dissasebling it. Took about 2 hours! It's now in storage.
  9. I'm just getting a 404 not found error when clicking the link.
  10. ok, thanks Al. Guess I'm back to looking at all the lovely distacting bandwitdth sucking Avatars again. But I know I'm in the minority on that, so I'll just shut up now!
  11. I'm kind of having the opposite problem, I want the mobile skin but it's not listed in the theme options anymore. I'm using Firefox on WinXP. What happened to it?
  12. I'm with Legend. Haunted House and Superman. Awesome games.
  13. Thanks Albert, good to know I'm not blind and searching for something that doesn't exist, hope a fix is made available. accousticeguitar, thanks, I've switched to the mobile skin as per your suggestion, the avatars are still there but less annoying.
  14. I've been searching the site for an hour now and can't find how to turn them off. Am I the only one that finds them distracting and annoying?
  15. Hi Guillaume,

    The cable just came in an envelope as I recall. That is why the document that came with it is rather crumpled.

    I am not looking to sell it at this time. However, it's just a simple 9-pin to 9-pin cable, should be easy to find or make one no?

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