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  1. One important step is to get a proper indus CP/M boot disk. http://trub.atari8.info/index.php?ref=indus_cpm_en has important info to create a working one James
  2. DosXE has restricted number of drive types. Single will always come up with AT810 regardless if it is an 810 or 1050. AT1050 is for enhanced density only. DosXE Also saves the current drives you configured on your system as part of writing dos to disk. Change the drives around, dosXE cannot automatically configure itself to reflect the changes, you need to do it manually and write dos out to disk again. If you have drive that dosXE doesn't have a type for, eg 720K 3.5" XF551, you will need to delve into dos itself on the disk, find the drive type tables and edit a blank drive type with a sector editor once you figure out what the drive type bytes mean. Or use my DOSXE format program to set it up, format disk them write the dos out to save that particular drive type out. Forget about large drive sizes beyond a certain limit. Program is in that thread. James
  3. I guess you could use MYdos to duplicate a DSDD disk, set to correct parameters of course. Am sure others have other idea's on what to use. maybe an XF and ATR8K image marked as appropriate. Not many people would have a percom or a trak Just about everyone would have an XF and those who want to get an ATR8K going would have a mech hanging around. Don't know anything about gotek. James
  4. excellent. Can you do something for me? Please format a disk in cp/m for the atr8000, 256 byte sectors, double sided and copy all cp/m files to it, DON'T make it a system disk. Then copy to an ATR image from that disk. Please use the ATR8000 as atari drive interface and if you can, make an ATR image using an XF551 of same disk. Reason I ask is because the ATR8000 and XF551 treat the 2nd side differently. Percom double sided is different again. post both versions here please. James
  5. my keyboard moved, the k appeared under my finger instead of the m. my excuse and am sticking with it
  6. How are you creating the blank ATR's? Sounds like 65535 sectors @ 128 bytes = 8K. When only 720 are required. James
  7. Indus CP/M bios is fixed to 256 byte sectors, single sided. However you can write your own program to read larger sectors if you wish but only single sided. you can get really ambitious and rewrite the indus cp/m bios if you wish to handle different size sectors. Cannot comment about the 1571. if it uses a FDC and is close to industry std layout, it may be possible.
  8. I have done it for giggles, but requires a lot of work. So TOTALLY NOT worth it. 800xl cannot support the 1064 at all without some serious mods. James
  9. All drives format the 1st 3 sectors (maybe except duplicator?) as 256 bytes but are programmed to send or receive only the 1st 128 bytes. That limitation is due to the os disk interface which expects 128 byte only sectors during the disk boot. Only 1st sector needs to be 128 bytes but someone somewhere decided on 3. James
  10. Yes. Same one. It has been fixed to work on PAL. The original he made didn't. Cannot remember but i think V 1.3 is the one that works everywhere. $13f and $140. change to 0 $1A5 and $1A6. change to 0 $1a9 and $1AA change to 0
  11. I have several versions of the XF os. One marked as 7.7 It is the pal fixed up version of the original one. Another one marked as ABCD ??!!?? It is the same as 7.7 except for these lines added @ 9E0 9AF ANL P1,#0EFH has been replaced with JMP X09E0 X09E0: IN A,P1 ; 09e0 - 09 . ANL A,#8 ; 09e1 - 53 08 S. JZ X09F0 ; 09e3 - c6 f0 Fp wrong.?????????????????????? ANL P2,#0CFH ; 09e5 - 9a cf .O ORL P2,#10H ; 09e7 - 8a 10 .. ANL P1,#0E7H ; 09e9 - 99 e7 .g JMP X09B1 ; 09eb - 24 b1 $1 ; ORL P2,#30H ; 09ed - 8a 30 .0 ORL P1,#8 ; 09ef - 89 08 .. ANL P1,#0EFH ; 09f1 - 99 ef .o JMP X09B1 ; 09f3 - 24 b1 $1 The instruction at 9e3 doesn't make any sense. I also have the CSS single drive os. It requires the dongle as it is the copy protection. However, looking through the code , you can soon spot what bytes to NOP out to bypass that.
  12. Setup a 16meg atr file on either device. if you cannot, use an emulator to create one, get spartados x or better on emulator to build the directory. copy file to device sd card or usb stick. If you are going to use a disk based version of sparta, copy desired version (3.2 or latter) onto the atr using whatever means you desire and use boot command. If using spartaX or newer. You are complete. Make sure sio2usb has latest firmware. Early versions didn't handle large partitions properly. ie close to when it was 1st released. James
  13. There are some games that came out on both media where the tape versions were smaller or cut down ie missing music etc. Some called 16k (or smaller memory) versions. A bit of a stretch but they could considered tape only.
  14. You beat me to it...................... James
  15. Dont use 1.4 rom. it isn't actually 1.4 latest rom is 1.2 Use dos xl with indus software on it. It uploades the trackbuffering and high speed code to the indus. Latest SDX may do that too. James
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