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  1. I have done it for giggles. Had to modify both computer and 1064 to do it tho. James
  2. NO it does not. In the 600XL, the 1st 16k is ALWAYS the builtin in ram. The other 48K minus the H/W chip area and any enabled roms is on the 1064 or the 1066 in the 1090. James
  3. There is also a version of Supermon called Printmon. The P: driver in the OS is rewritten to drive a small interface plugged in joystick port 2 (4 on 400/800) and the std centronics connector on a printer ie a cheap printer interface. It falls over if programs make direct calls SIO interface bypassing the P: driver eg: paperclip. Still have a few unpopulated boards here. James
  4. Not really. Just need a slightly modded rom for the css upgrade to work. Dongle is purely copy protection. James
  5. A lot of those XE carts are a bank switched rom anywhere from 32K (not sure if it is that low) through to 128K and maybe higher. They copy some of the banks of rom to lower ram. A std 600XL has a hole from 16k to 32K so any data copied there is lost so any game that loads stuff there will crash. Ballblazer cart would be one of many that wont work on a std 600xl. James
  6. The ATR it starts loading at 1eee (assuming to clear dos then moved down to where it should go) It means it wont work on 16K. the original cas image begins loading at 480. James
  7. From what i understand, All atari DD formats except for the duplicator upgrade, have all sectors as 256 bytes. The firmware of the drive reads and writes the 1st 3 sectors as 256 bytes tho it only sends and receives the 1st 128 bytes. The buffer is only used for the 1st sector. the 1st 6 bytes of the 1st sector has pointers for number of sectors to load, run address and buffer address where to put the sectors loaded. James
  8. It shouldn't be too hard to do a utility on the atari to transfer files to a cp/m filesystem disk to a drive connected to the atr8000. Just need to keep track of the sector numbers for a double sided drive as cp/m addresses sides in a different way. James
  9. Someone needs to invent a camera that can image magnetic flux on disks and decode it........ Top find James
  10. ATR8000 responds to Z device. commands are Read memory, Write memory, Set location and Goto address. I have used that to send atr the cpm system create file to create a cpm system disk. Also in the printer section. All printers respond to P1. however other Atari direct printers respond to unique printer numbers as well. 850 P2: 1025 P3: 1020 P4: 1027 P5: 1029 P6: not sure about the X?? series tho. James
  11. Dont think it will work. One rom is blank (lo). Several references are made in to the blank area. James
  12. Only thing to watch is the VA rateing. The 800 takes more power then a 400. My pal 400 psu is a small brick, one for 800 was a much larger brick. It will run the 800 but may get a lot hotter. James
  13. Correct. Wouldn't surprise me that both are completely different code. both look the same tho so something has to be shared, different memory locations tho. James
  14. Frogger. tape is 16K, disk requires 32K. Extra music and more hazzards. James
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