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  1. On the mech itself, there is a flex cable between head and board. You may be able to see it through a hole in top shield. if it is broken, then mech is gone. Only thing i can think of trying is to gently remove the cable and reseat, or move it around in the connector. Remove top shield if you need to. James
  2. Genuine day off is far better then a fake day off to go playing with toys . Good luck and don't break too many joysticks.
  3. This Bios is dated 24 OCT 85. 3rd version of the bios previously unknown about. Original was 82. Updated and improved was in 84. Now this. Wounder what is different? James
  4. I have had several alcoholic beverages due to it being evening here and am winding down due to a hard ?!? days work. Also an Aussie so can see when someone is taking the piss I have no top cover either. Makes a very bare 1090. James
  5. The atari 810 uses a FDC 1771. This is an inverted data bus chip. All FDC sector Data written and read isn't inverted in firmware to allow for this so all data written on sector is inverted. Doesn't affect things normally except when reading the disks on another system. The 1050 uses a 2793 (some have a 2797) which is a non inverted data bus chip. The 1050 firmware has to invert all sector data to maintain 810 compatibility. So, not a bug. Done to maintain compatibility. james
  6. Wow. Maybe get one or more for my 1090xl. It has no cards at all. All metal back plains are in tho only 1 can have a card mounted. Are you going to look into the metal part one day? What about the 50? pin header? It is for the Z80 card. Wounder if Atari did CP/M Bios for it? James
  7. I have noticed that certain roms (depending on drive manufacturer) during format, fill the sector with a byte other then $00. I have also noticed that some sector copiers are aware of this and mark the sector as blank, others don't. I am almost certain what you are seeing is all the sectors are filled with a single byte ( must be a reason for it) and your sector copier is seeing them as filled. View disk in a sector editor and see what each one contains. James
  8. Lucky you Wish I had been given that. My wife however may banish me to the shed they are contained in if i get more.... I am nowhere near the USA however We have a place called Hervey bay where retirees go. Better known as Gods Waiting room. Also popular for backpackers going to Frazer island. Mix of old and young. Much like Florida from what i understand James
  9. Unless it has been molded as a single piece, it should pull off. usually there is a metal rod fitted at 90deg to the main shaft that is in the handle part. I accept no responsibility for breakages James
  10. I have looked at the rom code. 1st thing it does is test for the special ram module. If drive appears to turn on like a 1050, then it should be OK. assuming no other lurking problems elsewhere.
  11. No. cassette doesn't use normal sio protocol. ie command line - command frame etc. James
  12. The std SIO will support 256 devices and a cassette, tho the cassette is a special case. There are other devices that don't follow the normal sio convention ( eg Rverter). James
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