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  1. You beat me to it...................... James
  2. Dont use 1.4 rom. it isn't actually 1.4 latest rom is 1.2 Use dos xl with indus software on it. It uploades the trackbuffering and high speed code to the indus. Latest SDX may do that too. James
  3. sup8pdct


  4. It all depends on what is being booted. There is a byte in the 1st 6 that tells the os how many sectors to read in before passing to the code contained in the boot sector /s. Most doses load 3 before jumping to code loaded from said 3 sectors. Games can be any value starting from 1 through to 255. James
  5. Forgot to mention it only supports xf551 highspeed sio out of the box. It requires my format program to support USD type highspeed sio. James
  6. Woulnt use dosXE. It buffers the entire sector map for each drive used. I have tried to make it use 16meg drive sizes but failed due to a limitation of 4 sectors for a disk bit map (from memory). Also limited to a small number of drive sizes (maybe not an issue really). If a custom drive size is required, you need to hack into dos and edit the drive type table, or use the format program i made then write out the dos. It is on this forum somewhere. James
  7. Small error on web site. Pia inside 800 is a 6520, not a 6532. James
  8. Appears to be 9 to 12V AC. similar to atari 810 / 1050. James
  9. There is a field service manual around somewhere that describes how to fix a few things and how to use ťhe diag disk. Nothing at board level tho. Also a schematic is out there as well. Ver 1.1 rom wiĺl work with ram charger and syncromesh but not cpm or the recent usd disk. Also 1.1 has an issue with enhanced density. Best to swap it out for 1.2. James
  10. Sounds like a capicator issue. Where is unknown. I had a similar issue with my 1050. Turned out to be an issue with the variable cap for the fdc being slightly out of adjustment. James
  11. Indus does a command that loads code and executes it. it is X here is the code that handles it EXTERNALCMD: ; command X 41 bytes CALL Lb42 ; 02D8 CD0F0A send Ack LD A,($7821) ; 02DB 3A2178 daux2 AND $01 ; 02DE E601 aux 2 = 0? JR Z,Lb53 ; 02E0 2817 go straight to external routine LD HL,$7F00 ; 02E2 21007F buffer to put data LD A,(CAUX12) ; 02E5 3A2078 number of bytes to load Daux1 LD B,A ; 02E8 47 CALL Lb39 ; 02E9 CD7C09 get bytes JP NZ,Lb54 ; 02EC C2A00A CALL Lb55 ; 02EF CD1B0A send Ack LD A,$43 ; 02F2 3E43 'C'omplete CALL SSIOBYTE ; 02F4 CD230A send byte sio JR Lb56 ; 02F7 1806 jump relative always Lb53: CALL Lb38 ; 02F9 CD007F call external command CALL C,SSIOBYTE ; 02FC DC230A send byte sio Lb56: XOR A ; 02FF AF zero A RET ; 0300 C9 . James
  12. Here is the sector layout for indus CP/M init program. SECTMAP DEFB 01,10,02 ; 81CA 010A02 ... DEFB 11,03,12 ; 81CD 0B . DEFB 04,13,05 ; 81D0 04 . DEFB 14,06,15 ; 81D3 0E06 .. DEFB 07,16,08 ; 81D6 07 . DEFB 17,09,18 ; 81D9 110912 ... DEFB 128 ; 81DC 80 . Not quite fast enough for 1:1 James
  13. Another way to do it is to check if buffer+5 =4 and buffer+7 = $80 then format = enhanced. Not sure if it will result in more compact code tho. As a side note, ICD usd rom also accepts a smaller value for number of tracks in its special format command. So you could format a disk with 3 tracks if you wanted or mixed mode disks. No idea why you would do that tho. James
  14. Not talking about double. Remember enhanced is 26 128 byte sectors using MFM. I dont see where this is checked and 1050 mode set if required. James
  15. I ask this because the special format command doesn't check for 1050 emulation. It sees 128 bytes sectors and assumes single density but with 26 sectors. So my guess is it wont work. James
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