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  1. i've used the joypads on my 7800 since i got them, never looked back. although i get purist shaking their heads at me everytime we have a trademeet. somebody invariably throws its down and declares "i cant play with this thing", usually its bcrps
  2. good latter day systems, tradewise: a working sega CD set, esp. the frontloader 2cnd gen or "baby" SNES saturn- rounds buttons esp. sega cdx- got one? pm me i'm thinking that the color variations of the N64 may take off in years to come
  3. i remember the good ol' days of stile, when he used to be like a web based howard stern. you'd find the freakiest links there, guess the jerk-off dollars got the better of him. anybody remember when he did the fake goth kid thing, god that was awesome.
  4. awesome pic! i saw a R.A.D. at the flea this weekend, just the color and name made me stop and look for a second. i thought perhaps R.A.D. is the super nintendo answer the NES' R.O.B. nah of course not. what do the the little plugs on his chest do, anything? whats his deal is he suppossed to fetch sodas or something?
  5. i'll see if i have any around, i owe you for the froggers, but pray tell why do you need only dig dugs?
  6. game ending spoiler beware sorta so i got the very last level, where the bull has been shot down and you're there to finish him off. hate to say but i got too bored with the level to complete it, damn shame since the level prior was kickass. its just too easy/hard you can live forever by getting underneath the bull and blast away all you want but he wont die...zzzzzzzz
  7. anybody have any thoughts on this device. the expansion that lets you play 2600 games on your INTV2. i picked one up yesterday and wondered if it had any issues or funny features.
  8. you cant give away most old PC games, nothing seems to age well on that platform. i know theres a tiny amount of money to be had for older RPG type games but its barely there. at all of our trademeets i've never seen anyone get excited about PC games, and we get a lot of weirdos too. i think thats one are where you're better off with emus and such. also has anybody else noticed how crappy microsoft flight sticks are piling up at the thrifts?
  9. i think it would work better on the colecovision or 5200 myself, i even sent the bros. chap an email saying as much. i presume strongmad ate it before they had a chancce to respond...would be awesome though.
  10. the fix is pretty simple if you dont mind possibly damaging the labels. just unscrew it and pop it back into place, mind the springs while you're at it.
  11. i was on a hot streak for awhile and at one point had 6 toploaders piled up on my trade stack. i'm pretty convinced its a geographical thing, they seem to turn up around boston pretty often. i've noticed that "game" stores know what they are but other place still dont. one flea market lady who sold me 3 of them thought they were inferior to the regular NES. she thought they needed special wires so she could never sell them as complete, she called them the "baby nintendos". in any case they're not an amazingly rare item, just highly desired by those in the know. come to think of it i've never seen one at a thrift but these days i never see anything good at thrifts period.
  12. i've found a 2600 frogger that had the embossed logo "parker canada". the inside of the game had a hand etched "made in canada"
  13. just thinking i want one without breaking out the credit card, if you have one you wanna unload for some other game stuff gimme a PM. thanks
  14. heres a somewhat related article, what the heck its news to me... http://home1.gte.net/leiterja/atari.html "While working there I built a really cool reverse assembler (disassembler) for myself. It was a two pass and was given the symbolic table for a 2600 as well as a 800 and 5200. With it I was able to automatically rip game cartridges back into labeled source code. I’d then go through it and clean up the data areas. I used it to rip the 5200 Kangaroo cartridge, and port the game over to the Atari 800 in a day. Since Atari had no plans to sell an 800 version of the game I sent it over to the APX program they got approval and put it in their catalog as a disk based game. Some time after that the Atari-Computer group came out with the same game. You can tell the difference between the two versions because on mine, I corrected for the color burst differential so my strawberries are red, not purple colored like theirs. Just to clarify. I did NOT write the 5200 versions of these programs! I merely ripped them into source code and ported to the 800 platform for projects being worked on within Atari. The credit is mostly to the tool I wrote and to the original programmers of these three games. The images above are of the post rips! Another 5200 game that was ripped and ported for the good of the company was QIX but there was a bug that I never had the time to solve and so it wasn’t published. And lastly the third game was an 800 Cartridge version of Pole Position needed for Project Puffer."
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