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  1. Thanks for all the comments! The original intent was to make this into that full version of the game, but this has sat on the shelf for years already and I honestly don't know if the 'final finished' version will ever be made ready. The game I have been working on, is completely different.
  2. There are some interesting games there, but i was more specifically asking if there was ever a port/remake of the 'ATARI 2600 Adventure' game for the Vectrex. I think a good version of that could be made for the Vectrex
  3. I don't get it? Why show me the Vectrex multi page?
  4. I was playing Adventure on the 2600 recently, and started wondering if there was ever a home-brew Vectrex version of this made? Or at least a similar game, and I don't just mean flip-screen maze games. I mean similar gameplay.
  5. Well I was always going to make this a small release, and there won't be an overlay. My reasoning is that this is what I still consider a flawed game, but some people (on another forum) have asked me to put my latest version on cartridge for them. I'll probably just send it to the people who asked for it, in a 'proper' cartridge with a printed label in a small box (old style design) for around £15. As they have already seen/played an older ROM of the game and know what they are getting. This was basically a trial run for me and I'm not trying to inflate prices with a low release number, or even make any amount of money out of this at all. I would hope these never appear on eBay for inflated prices (although that may be naïve) assuming the people who asked for them actually buy them. I definitely don't intend to 'scam' people with subpar games. I don't have the time, money, or inclination to make hundreds of boxes, overlays, and cartridges. And I honestly don't think 50, far less hundreds of people would be interested in buying it anyway. So don't think I could go the publisher route. I am working on a game that I was looking at doing a proper release for, if I ever get it finished, but there seems to be some hate if you aren't releasing hundreds including an overlay here. Something I was never expecting. So if I finish the new game I may end up just sharing the ROM file! That's what I've done with my test stuff that was mostly made years ago. Thanks for all the replies, this has opened my eyes to how people think about homebrew releases quite a bit. To be honest it's put me off a little, I don't want to make hundreds of games nobody may buy, and I don't want the hate of only producing a small amount of games, and seen to be scamming/inflating value if people do want more. Which they may then say are sub-par and over priced to start with! Suddenly a hobby seems more hassle that it's worth. I don't know who is, but I never considered making these cartridges to make money. £15 pretty much covers what I spend to make the cartridge, labels, and box. The game is an updated version of this (no sound in the video, it has title music and spot effects), id hope no one would feel cheated for £15 plus a few pounds P&P:
  6. The VIC-20, could have done so much more if the C64 hadn't come out so soon in its life.
  7. Civilisation III - on the PC. Space Hole 2018 - on the PC. And this... (decided to add a bit more to the code)
  8. This is probably going to come to nothing, but I'm looking for any technical documentation on the 1979 Teleng Colourstars UK, TV games Pong type system. The first system I ever had, as a ten year old. It only ever had Seven cartridges made for it, as far as I know, and the circuity for the games on each cartridge came on the cartridge, no CPU in the console. This makes it both highly programable and not easy to get started with. Yes, I may be mad, but I'd quite like to try and program a game for this.. I think I would also have to emulate hardware, to a certain extent, as well as write the code for the games. Which opens up possibilities if there is any documentation about this system at all. Because I can find none. Anybody?
  9. I've got some Sean Kelly cartridge shells, and printed labels done (on sticky-back photopaper) I can probably do a small box better than a full sized one. I was thinking of making a very small run of the latest build of my Circus Vectrex game as a handful of people have asked for this. I did manage to make a semi-decent overlay, but it was a lot of work, a printable transparent sheet, putting Tipex on the back of the stuff I wanted to have opacity, and a laminating wallet to keep it covered and give it strength. There's probably a better method, but this was a mock up!
  10. What do people expect to be included with a new Vectrex Release? Is it expected to come in a box that looks like the original, with a 'professional level' overlay as standard? Is the game expected to come in a cartridge shell that looks like the original? It seems like the box and overlay add a fair bit of expense to a Vectrex release, have home brew cartridges been made available without this? If so what's the basic release that people would accept? Without a big box and overlay I think a cartridge could be released for around £15.00 - not making much if any profit here but that's not necessarily the point.
  11. I finally got all the bits together and made cartridge versions of two of my games, Circus Vectrex and Trapped, and they actually work! I've also made my first attempt at making an overlay and it's passable, so making a box next. Already got a few people who say they would like to buy a boxed version of Circus Atari, so I'm looking at tweaking it a bit first to see if I can get it running just that bit better. Also trying to think up the artwork for the overlay. Trying to do the whole package is interesting, hopefully it will all turn out fine.
  12. Initially they were balloons, but I couldn't get the full screen drawn whilst keeping the cycles down for the screen refresh. So it was reduced to lines for testing, and it just stuck. I burnt a test of this to a cartridge and some people are now interested in a possible release, so I may now look at tightening the drift and bringing back the balloons. I think the original graphic may be still in the code. I believe it was originally a six line 'circle' with a seventh line as a string
  13. Hmm, I currently have two sets of Atari paddles, one of which is broke. Broken/pulled cable I think. So this could be on the cards. Thanks.
  14. The (I think) latest download of the bin should be here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fXRo4EaQ5iSC1mQTc5OVhzRTA/view?usp=sharing A slightly older version is also on the Multi Cart 3.0 by Sean Kelly, if anyone has that. If I were to release this on cart I may revisit the bounce mechanic, depending on peoples views. I would also have to look at stabilising the drift. On some Vectrex this has been reported as ether not noticeable, or 'hardly noticed.' On others it's been reported as 'very noticeable and distracting' to 'making it difficult to play.' It would be interesting to see what results people on the Facebook group get. This was never really fine tuned, but I would do that if a cartridge release is a possibility! Thanks for looking.
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