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  1. So after a quick check it looks like it's generally between £50 to £100 pounds for one of the Harmony or UnoCart cartradges from Ebay. Still cheaper than I thought it may be! Are they still sold direct?
  2. Thanks Andrew, I've now got a PDF of that, and it looks like a very good start. Seems like timing cycles is even more important for the VCS that it is for the Vectrex! I don't want to muck around with pre-made languages so much. I've wrote a few games in Assembly for the Vectrex in the past (most of which can be found on Vectrex multicart) and was really just looking for an explanation of the VCS memory and any useful ROM routines etc. (if any). As I said I'm completely new to VCS systems programming. Is there a best 'test' cartridge, or other method, that I can use to write to for testing on the actual VCS hardware? Writing for the Vectrex has taught me NEVER to trust emulators for anything other than simple debugging.
  3. So I got my sparkly new ATARI 2600 yesterday (yes it really is in very good condition, I was impressed) and wan't tto try and write something for it. I was thinking of converting a relatively small game (called Trapped) I wrote for the Vectrex a few years ago. I think most of the assemble commands should translate fine. The only thing I will really need to learn about is how to write to the 2600 screen memory. So I was looking for any suggestions for good reference materials, and links to any good utilities and emulators that you use. I don't need anything that tells me the basics of Assembly language ect. but I'm not familiar with the structure of the VCS, so any good info on that would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm going to try and have a look at this on the weekend.
  5. Ah, ok. I had it in my head that it banked to use different RAM when in 3, 8 or 16K mode was used. But it's been a long time since I've used it! So swapping and socketed ROM and RAM chips, one at a time, from my good VIC may show me what (if any) chip is at fault then?
  6. The ROM is socketed. Unfortunately I don't have an E-Prom programmer just now (used to) but I do have other VIC-20's, so I can try swapping the chips. If it's RAM maybe using my 16K RAM expansion cart would work, as it would be switched to a new bank location!? I'll give these a go.
  7. Hello, I just tried one of my old VIC-20s and it freezes when trying to boot up into basic. It will however play all cartridges that don't boot to the prompt. So all games appear fine except for adventure games that start with the cursor prompt. Any idea what has went wrong? Is this likely a memory thing, or something wrong with the ROM? Is this a common issue? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Let me know if I can do anything to help with a Vectrex version. Although using the 'normal' ROM object drawing routines I was pushing it to make Vec Wars and Circus Vectrex! But I did manage to do Spike and the argry Vortex Bird by mostly drawing lines directly to the screen, and not using the object draw routines. The grid lines constantly move forwards in this, and the walls and diamonds also move towards the front of the grid, making a pseudo 3D effect. All these are drawn to the screen using direct lines, with the Spike character using the draw object ROM routine.
  9. Just wanted to say I've stopped working on the initial version of 'Vec Wars,' and 'Spike and the angry vortex bird (thing)' now, but thay are still available from my blog page. If anybody is looking at making another Vectrex multi-cart please feel free to add these if you like them. They are now both full games that can be played through compleatly, with no glaring game-play bugs that I have found. http://garrysgamingblog.blogspot.co.uk/p/programming-projects.html
  10. Yes, I'm from the UK. As I said this isn't so much a collection as what I have left over from when I bought them as new. We had a lot of budget 8Bit Atari titles in the UK. With most full priced software coming from the states. I think Draconus was a full priced UK game though, although I could be wrong. I also found 4 8Bit cartridges (StarTrek, Missile Command, Star Raiders, and Super Breakout - all unboxed), and also a bunch of UK Atari User, Page 6, and the later Page 6 Atari User magazines. Around 40 in total - most in good condition. I will have a look in the market place, thanks.
  11. But I did find these in a box in the loft. Unfortunately I haven't had any machine to play them on for a lot of years. I sold all my disk software, and quite a lot of tapes, a while ago, but completely forgot about these: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qdpunpuuq157kml/2013-06-26%2017.48.04.jpg?dl=0 Is there anything interesting there?
  12. Thanks, hopefully I just have a bit of tidying up around the edges of the graphics and movement routines to do, and hopefully put a popper tune on the front screen. I will release the binary, and/or rty to get it added to a multi cart... so if anybody is interested let me know... I do want to try and make (literally) two or three cartridges of this one, complete with box and overlay just as a bit of an experiment, but the cost is high!
  13. My first computer was a VIC-20. My first TV games machine was a Telling Colour star. My first console would be a Master System.
  14. How about an in progress BIN? http://garrysgamingblog.blogspot.co.uk/p/programming-projects.html
  15. Circus Vectrex - because I haven't finished it yet LOL
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