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  1. Hmm, I currently have two sets of Atari paddles, one of which is broke. Broken/pulled cable I think. So this could be on the cards. Thanks.
  2. The (I think) latest download of the bin should be here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fXRo4EaQ5iSC1mQTc5OVhzRTA/view?usp=sharing A slightly older version is also on the Multi Cart 3.0 by Sean Kelly, if anyone has that. If I were to release this on cart I may revisit the bounce mechanic, depending on peoples views. I would also have to look at stabilising the drift. On some Vectrex this has been reported as ether not noticeable, or 'hardly noticed.' On others it's been reported as 'very noticeable and distracting' to 'making it difficult to play.' It would be interesting to see what results people on the Facebook group get. This was never really fine tuned, but I would do that if a cartridge release is a possibility! Thanks for looking.
  3. So what's the difference with THEVIC20 when my TheC64 (full size) can play VIC 20 games anyway? I'ts mostly VIC 20 games I have on my TheC64, and they all play fine.
  4. Thanks, do you think it would be better with the 'jump' bounce of the original Atari version, or stick with the current 'ball bounce' version?
  5. So, I made a game for the Vectrex some time ago called 'Circus Vectrex' that was supposed to be just a tongue-in-cheek take on the classic 'Circus Atari' game. At one point I was thinking about polishing this game off, as it was, and releasing it as a cartridge. I never did get around to it as the cost was a bit high for me at the time, and the game had a bit too much drift on some of the testers Vectrex. Although it seemed fine on mine? Since then I've had a few people tell me I should make the start jump and in-game jump mechanic more like the Atari game and release it. So I've come to ask for, and would appreciate, some honest answers from people who are likely to know both systems. Do you think this game is good enough / worth attempting to convert so it plays the same as the 'Circus Atari' game? I've added a short video (sorry no sound, my bad) and an online playable link below so you can get an idea of the game. https://drsnuggles.github.io/jsvecx/?rom=Circus Or have a look on my (old) blog: http://garrysgamingblog.blogspot.com/p/programming-projects.html Thing is I now have 10 spare eproms to do this with, as I've decided to use a writable chip with the full version of my 'Trapped' proof of concept game. (If it ever gets done) So do you honestly think it's a worthwhile project or not (I've more projects than time just now ) and your opinion would be welcome.
  6. gorf68


    So I got a VecFlash around 7 years ago, and I think it's getting a bit flakey now. How much does a VecFever go for straight from the maker (if they are ever available again)? And is this the one that lets you push a bin directly to the Vectrex from your dev PC? I'm not paying around £1000 for it on ebay! I assume these are 'collectors' that will never use it rather than devs that will eventually break it! Sorry if these are obvious questions, but I don't know much about the newer Vectrex hardware!
  7. I'm an old Software Dev to trade. Desperately trying to be an Ex Software Dev, and still earn decent money. I actually managed in in my current post for Three and a bit years! But now it looks like I'm a software dev again :(

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    2. CPUWIZ


      I've been programming games for 35 years, no way I would want to do anything else.

    3. Jinroh


      I got burned out by modern coding being no fun, compared to the low level fun things with flight simulators and robotics I used to do. Everyone started wanting web developers and whatever trendy things. I lasted a while at companies handling their legacy systems, but those dried up too.


      I ended up getting certified in CNC Machining. I get to code still, and make badass physical things, from a cutter at 5000 RPM rending pieces of metals at 30 rockwell for Aerospace. Though my father has been a machinist for 40 years so I may be a bit biased as well.


      It pays well and there is a need for machinists. Plus it beats the hell out of sitting at a desk, you get fit pretty quick. ;)

    4. gorf68


      Yes, I got burned out as well. But now I've been learning new methodologies again. Because you simply have to do it this way now. Through the full and part time commercial programming rolls I've had iv'e been doing this stuff since around 1995. And I know the new best methodologies will go like the rest and be replaced by a new, new 'best method' and that's probably the thing that put me off the most. I think it depends on what you are programming, which is probably why I started programming in assembly for a 1980s console as a hobby!

  8. Well I got myself an UnoCart, that I'm happy with. And I looked at converting one of my Vectrex programs to the Atari 2600... Meh, that ain't going to happen! Going from writing vectors to, well, what the 2600 hasn't got! Is a step too far for me right now. Still want to do something on the VCS though. Just don't know what. This is the game I was going to redo the original Vectrex source for: Bit if I do a version of this it would probably be best to start from scratch. P.s. And I get the joke on the post above now 🙃 The 2600 has a very, interesting, way of writing a screen 😮
  9. Thanks for the replies. I haven't had any time to work on this so far, but still want to try. Just getting around to soldering the chip sockets on to the cartridge boards. I hate soldering! It's a necessary evil, not part of my hobby
  10. I decided to buy some pre-made PCBs, and have ordered a few cases from Sean Kelly. I've burnt my 'Trapped' game to a M27C256B EPROM and it appears to play fine. So next I need to solder the EPROM on to one of the cartridge PCBs and make a box. What I'm looking for are any links to sites that give you templates that match the original Vectrex games cartridge box? I'm not planning on selling this version of the game as it's a proof of concept game that I've already released the bin for. I'm doing this because I'm thinking or releasing the full version of this on cartridge, if I ever get it finished, as some people seemed to like this POC version. So right now I'm doing this to see if I can produce a professional standard product.
  11. I keep an off-line Windows XP machine for Vectrex programming, as I find a lot of what I want to use doesn't like Windows 10. Maybe you could build a VM with Windows XP or Windows 7?
  12. Hello funknflow5200, Did you ever find the time to have a look at this? I've got my eproms, and my cartridge pcb's now. Just waiting for the burner and going to have a go at printing a cartridge and making a box for a one-off full build of the Trapped game. This is all test work for my bigger game. It would be nice to have an overlay as well, not sure I can pull this off on my own!
  13. The binary can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15La6gtLFfWDaJH9MLtBNOL_S6Dgl9tt-/view?usp=sharing
  14. I'm ok with burning an eprom, but what I'm not sure of are the legalities of making the actual physical cartridge for a Vectrex. First off are there PCB designs already available that I can use to ether make a PCB myself, or get a bunch made from a third party? Secondly is it Ok to just copy the dimensions of an original Vectrex cartridge and 3D Print a case myself? If so is this generally considered to do robust enough? Or are there already 3D printer patterns made, or other options. I know somebody still owns the copyright to the original cartridge, butam not sure what am I allowed and not allowed to do? I looked at buying all this stuff a few years ago but it was going to get pretty expensive fairly quickly! I now have: TL866II Eprom programmer, and the chips used by the Vectrex seem fairly cheep on Ebay. I also have a 3D printer, not the best but I'm sure I can knock up a cartridge box if needed. IWhat need: a PCB design, or because of copy-write do I have to go through the pain of designing my own? (I have designed and produced custom PCBs before. but it isn't exactly my favorite thing to do!)
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