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  1. Hey Thomas,

    ich bin heute zufällig im Photo Thread über dein Bild gestolpert und bin jetzt etwas verdutzt.

    Warst du auf der Retrobörse in Karlsruhe und anschließend noch im Gotec zum Flippern etc.???

    Mir ist da nämlich dauernd so ein schick gekleideter Mann aufgefallen, der dir verdammt ähnlich




  2. What I wanna know is: What happened to the huge Atari warehouse in Slough after it shut it's doors? (Daryl Still knows, but he's not telling)
  3. in Germany: First there was Tele Match, covering console games and 8-bit computers (lots of Atari 800). Tele Match was great, taking many reviews and stories from the top USA magazine, Electronic Games. Later we had Happy Computer, which of couse, gave us Turbo Basic XL, but HC was also a multi format magazine, concentrating on C64, XL, CPC computers (later ST, IBM, Amiga). HC issued many 'specials', including some very decent Atari 8bit special issues. There was never any computer bashing (a few readers letters perhaps), but compairing featured a lot. The Spectrum thankfully, was not popular at all in Germany, although Aktueller Software Markt (multi format gaming magazine) reviewed many Spectrum games in the early days. ASM also reviewed A8 titles whenever possible. Later again (86 onwards) , Germany (finally) had it's own Atari magazine, with the very creative name of 'Atari Magazin', covering A8 and ST. Germans Hauptbahnhof (train stations) was always a good source for USA and UK magazines, Antic was like DM 15, and C&VG (UK) was DM 5. Analog sometimes popped up, but not very regular, or it was always quickly sold out. Working for the US Army at the time, usually I could go into the barracks library and get my Antic and Analog fix there. In Germany, I did subscribe to Atari User, this was always a treat, a special A8 magazine, coming from UK. Most single platform magazine in Germany was without a doubt, the C64 series, I think they had like 7 different titles available, many of them with a cover disk.
  4. Weird coincidence about Star Wars, because we just had this: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/31944.html
  5. I'm complete http://videogamecollectors.com/gallery/album414 and I am debating if I should go for the Songbirds/homebrews/protos next.
  6. Rumblelows indeed sold Jaguars, they had huge promotions plans with Atari but they folded soon afterwards. Telegames UK sold/sells both, Lynx and jaguar. Ultima stores stocked Lynx and Jaguar Tower Records (1 piccadilly circus) also are no more (now Virgin).
  7. Yes, Cybermorph rocks, as does the sequel, Battlemorph. Play both games, play 'em through if you can. Cybermorph is a very hard game, too hard for most (Nintendo) players for sure, but stick with it, it's very rewarding. Actually, Cybermorph: 50 planets (levels) to chose from, totally 3D free roaming enviroment, real time light sourced polygons, 50 frames per sec, excellent stereo/superb voice effects/audio at 27 kHz DSP, not bad at all for a 1993 cartridge (Nintendo only managed this 3 years later for the ill-fated N64 (And they only managed to squeeze 15 levels into the cartridge...and it was a restricted enviroment too)). Anyway, they finally admit? What's to admit, shouldn't they know the fact, them being a video game magazine? If unsure they just could have asked John Mathieson in the first place. Maybe they should be a cooking magazine instead if they don't know anything about video game consoles.
  8. there is a biggest german videogame site? probably full of shit anyway.
  9. I have Bubble Trouble on a Telegames PCB no-one here even seen before, so there are all kinds of different PCBs for Lynx games
  10. you want many excellent Parker titles: Super Cobra, Frogger II, Q Bert Qubes, Mr Do's Castle, Amidar, Sky Skipper, SW Death Star Battle, Gyruss. some Porn: X-Man, Beat 'em & eat 'em at least 1 Xonox: Ghost Manor/Spikes Peak and the Starpath games
  11. ooh, i used to have most of those back in the days, nice stuff
  12. not interested, I'm not collecting all different variations of VCS systems only for a complete collection, that'll be silly
  13. Go on Digital Press interviews, under Rebecca Heineman, Dragon Wars was supposed to be Bards Tale IV, but she couldn't get the name for legal reasons.
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