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  1. All 4 games were released. Bit Corp branded Colecovision games with colorful box art seem as rare as hens teeth, probably released alongside the equally rare Bit 90 computer. The games were also rereleased years later by Telegames, as The Telegames Personal Arcade system was made by Bit Corp. I’m far from an expert on Coleco, so I welcome anyone to chime in. Also be vary wary of counterfeits, I’ve seen reproductions being passed off as originals on more than one occasion. If it’s boxed & doesn’t look vintage and it’s in mint condition, it probably isn’t real.
  2. CCE “NTSC” carts are plagued With these middle stages as these non-normal stage colors that are glitchy half yellow/white colors That don’t match the lightning bolts (real versions have the city matching the lightning colors per stage): Pal Versions are Intro stage with green climbing trunk; Pale Blue, Green & Pink mid stages; Blue gradient Final stage. Slower speed gameplay than NTSC. True NTSC version is Intro stage with yellow climbing trunk; Dark Purple, Green & Pink mid stages; Purple gradient Final stage. Faster speed gameplay than PAL. This major CCE static color glitch for the stages is the real killer that ruins this game for most people that are playing it and not experiencing the true variance of each stage as intended. At least the lightning bolts change color, but the atmosphere is botched. If you’re playing a lesser version than CCE with no copyright, the odds are the bottom is green on the intro stage with a whiter climing trunk. The speed of gameplay and music is even worse & slower than the 50hz PAL version for some reason so it’s really best to avoid it if at all possible!
  3. Well, I’ve been revisiting these old favorites. I’m starting to believe that NTSC was the intended versions. With most official releases being PAL (and about 50% of the protos), Taiwan is an NTSC country. Besides that, the 2 early version protos that have surfaced were NTSC & most Bit mock-up art in manuals and flyers tend to match much more closely to the NTSC releases. NTSC Mr. Postman is very fast, PAL has a warmer different color scheme but is a hair slower both on speed and audio, and the Taiwan Cooper bootlegs have crazy colors and a slower gameplay speed and audio than even the PAL releases. I’m beginning to believe despite a prominent Primary PAL market that NTSC was the intended experience. The manuals and flyers look like the fast paced NTSC releases, & Combine this with the earliest unreleased builds tending to be NTSC I think we can confidently say that these games developed in an NTSC country were originally created for such. I think that the prevalence of Bit releases in PAL format was just a coincidence that coincides with Bit’s marketing strategy outside of Taiwan that continued until their demise. I still need to dump my NTSC official Bit Multi, but the games are very much like the color and speed of the CCE releases (but more consistent, as CCE does have some off colors on occasion). I believe the most faithful way to play these games is to play the NTSC Bit Multicarts or the Bootleg CCE carts. The original PAL releases are wonderful, but they’re a tad slower and the colors don’t match up with the flyers and manuals. Thoughts?
  4. I’m gaming with physical carts via the dumper so I don’t get any menu options from pressing the buttons on the back of the unit. On the next release will we be able to save settings so that it can default to Phosphor on “0” Each time we turn the console on?
  5. I might be using the wrong term, I’m trying to avoid whatever video filters that makes the sprites look all double stamped/blurry? I imagine a lot of us purchased an HDMI VCS for a reason, as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to an expensive crisp RGB modded console. Scanlines I can understand, but I don’t want to simulate RF or a bad TV. I think Atari 2600 looks best on a Newer 480i Flat Tube CRT with S-Video or RGB.
  6. Could someone tell me what the latest build of R77 firmware I should be running to not have the Phosphor effect applied by default? Please let me know, and thank you.
  7. That’s pretty sweet, I’ll consider it! I don’t play a ton of games anymore and I’m able to swap carts etc, it’s just I don’t have the ability to get up and press reset more than a few times before it’s so overwhelming that I just quit playing. For the easiest example, the game “Mr. Postman” (my username for a reason because I’m a big fan) requires any person to press the reset switch to start the game each time. Luckily, there are many games that let us start with the fire button. I’m one of the stubborn old school gamers that is pretty stuck on physical media so even on newer consoles I opt for physical over digital despite the convenience that I’m losing. Lol. For the Retron 77 I use a 25 foot HDMI cable from Monoprice for the console that I use instead of using a controller extension cable. Why so long? Because I don’t want to lose my TV because someone trips (lol?).
  8. Hi, as a person with disabilities I’m stuck using a super long HDMI cable with the console next to me so That I can start games that requires one to press reset to start each time (pretty inconvenient, but I’m thankful that I figured out a workaround). This isn’t the most convenient situation, so if you could figure out a way to use controller 2 to include reset that would be amazing!
  9. Hi friends, I’m a noob when it comes to emulation these days. I had to borrow a computer just to write this image to a card. Thanks to the creator or creators, but I’m going to have to wait for a final version with a possible settings save-state to avoid the forced video options (Phosphor effect, scanlines, overscan) For now, Could someone point me to the newest R77 firmware that doesn’t add video filters By default? I’m playing cart dumps, so I don’t need anything super fancy. Thanks everyone in advance!
  10. I'm backing it, sweet hardcore coffees table book. You can pledge for a single of double page of your weird cart of choice.
  11. I'm just looking for a way to dump carts for AtariMania. Are there any simple USB options besides a retrode plug-in, and if not can someone build me one? Thanks as always
  12. That's a generous offer, but I still decline. If you look at my username, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Postman. This is the only official cart with NTSC Mr Postman, also undumped, and I'd like to both display it and use it for twin galaxies. If you'd like to find one of these, maybe search for multi-carts and you possibly may score one in a lot. This includes EVERY released bit corp title sans Snail Against Squirrel in NTSC format, it's super special and so impossible to find it may as well not exist. Thank you kindly for the offer, but once again I'll have to say that I can't go for it. Thanks a bunch. Sole is off.
  13. I'd take you up on that bet, unless you mean the slim but plausible possibility of an Ample Ace Proto surfacing. The only reason it was cut from the 8-in-1 is because it wouldn't have worked out with physical switches as a 9-in-1. A shame that there weren't 10 games available as it could have been a complete collection that would have worked out as a physical switch multi. Mission 3000 A.D., Snail Against Squirell & Mr. Postman came so late that I don't believe singular carts will surface. But, at least in Multi form Mission has made a few appearances and Postman one, so Squirrel could pop up on a multi. Once Puzzy went away, our only hope was Zimag for singular *official* NTSC releases, I think (even if slightly modified). With only 2 copies of the NTSC multi known with Postman, I'd say if or when Squirrel pops up it will also be an exciting find. As I myself don't own a mission, I do believe the post-Puzzy BIT official NTSC carts are all insanely rare. My views are only subjective based on current knowledge of available carts. Rom Hunter really is the authority on most of these subjects.
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