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  1. Hi Panther! Yes in most cases I will Purchase Atari Hardware Upgrades and will 99% of the time get at least 2 of them. and her is why I do this. I try to test RealDos with every hardware configuration that is around If there is only a single run of a product and I have only one and it becomes damaged I can no longer test that setup. I do not know why things work this way but if I have two of a bit of hardware the first one always works. The other thing that is most useful is I have been able to loan or give hardware to friends that for whatever reason did not have that hardware and really needed it. Now it the hardware is something really good like the Mega Speedy and Ultimate 1 Meg, IDE Plus 2.0 rev D or S I will often purchase 5 to ten of an hardware upgrade. Now when all that hardware is sold out and the designer no longer wants to to working on that project they want to go on to the next hardware design and build. I now have hardware I can trade, Give, or barter with. I have lost count on how many Ultimate 1 Meg's, Stereo Pokey, U-Switches, VBXE's 2.0, And Multiplexers. Because I gave a Basic Multiplexer to the programming team that did the SpartaDos X Upgrade I was able to get a functioning SDX Cart that work for those people who have purchased Multiplexer's from us. Take Care and Have a Great Day! Stephen J. Carden
  2. I would like to order one of these carts. how much and where do i send the paypal payment to! Steve
  3. Hi There! I would like one fully assembled and ready to use, just let me know where I should send the paypal payment to. Thanks! Stephen J. Carden
  4. Hello Michael FJC's pictures show the sio2sd with buttons on the top and mine are located on the side. Yes I used an Atari 800xl. I have 15 Atari 8-bits with all different hardware upgrades. I have 5 Stock Atari's 600xl, 800xl, 800xe, 130xe, and Game machine. When you write BBS Software and RealDos software you need to have every configuration you can come up with. Just because it works on your machine does not mean it will work on someone Else's Atari. When I beta Test I test with all my Atari machines. It is also nice that I have a configuration that will work with most everyone's Software. I also have both PAL and NTSC. Take Care! Steve
  5. Hi Hardware builders! That sio2sd Atari 800xl also has an Ultra-Speed Plus Puff Upgrade, Tucker USB SIO2PC, 256k Rambo, and one of my KRH Keyboard Interfaces. I am very happy you guys like my hardware upgrades. Anyone can put an upgrade in and make it work. But the real trick is to install it and make it look like it came from the factory that way. Steve
  6. This is how I did my internal install. For Atari SIO Port is a wired parallel. so all you need to do is run you some kiner or similar type wire it to the Atari Serial port to the sio2sd and it will work just fine. Check out this web page! http://www.realdos.net/sio2sd.html Putting a SIO2SD into an Atari is a really cool project! I put one of my SIO2SD that I purchase from the Atari Fan Store and installed it inside one of my 800xl's the SIO2SD I got from Lotharek I put into a project box What do you think of my internal install of the sio2sd. Take Care! Steve
  7. Hi All you bbs Pro Sysops. The only problem Pro has it is owned by Lance Ringquest who has no info on how to build Pro Commands. I still have all the source and can build any of it for myself but I no Longer OWN the name or compiled files of BBS Express Professional. I have gotten several e-mails from old sysops who want to get there PRO BBS Back up and are looking to me to provide files and tech support. While I detest Lance and think next to Mike Holman is one of the people who have hurt the Atari 8-bit. it is still against copyright LAW for me to distribute software I no longer own the copyright too. While I do not own the name BBS Express PRO I do still own the copyright to the source. The Source and the Name BBS Express Professional were copyright separately. What this means is I can not send you a CMD and Lance can no longer has permission to use my source to build you a cmd. I would need to check and see if I could send you the source so you could compile your own but I am not sure I want to do that either. I have written a new bbs Called TCPIP Express which works on the internet. Yeah no long distance charges! I have a few Beta Testers running it and it will run old BBS Express Professional CMD. for that matter if you have a working BBS Express Pro bbs only a few files need to be changed. But with only 5 to 10 people showing any interest I am not sure if it is worth my time selling it. It is still really cool that people still love the software that Keith and I wrote. Just so you know we have cadded the MUX Cart and may start selling it soon. Take Care! Stephen J. Carden
  8. Hi! James! Here is a link to the Atari Dos Utility that Me and a Friend of me wrote. it is called RealDos! Here is a link. http://www.realdos.net/realdos.html There is around an Atari Dos 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 that the Atari Corp Wrote and came with new Atari 1050 Disk Drives and later sf551 drive. Then there is dos's that are meant to be used with pbi devices and hard disks. Check out my Web Site. Http://www.realdos.net Take Care! Stephen J. Carden
  9. I would like to get one in November. and I have 6520 PIA chips that I have removed off old Broken Atari Computers. Steve Http://www.realdos.net
  10. Hi Mike! Where can I purchase these PCB from? Thanks! Steve http://www.realdos.net
  11. Hi Mike! I have built three Atari Towers for myself and one for a friend know as CrazyOne. The first Atari Tower I built was in a Midi Case and I used an Atari 130xe with in late 1989 or Early 1990: Quad OS, (Atari OS, MUX OS, CSS US Plus, CSS Fix XL OS) Black Box with Floppy Board Battery Backed 576k Ramdisk 1.44 Floppy Disk 1.2 Floppy Disk DataQue Transkey Ver 1.0. I replaced the 6116 with a Battery Backed Dallas chip the same size You really can not build an Atari Tower without one of the PS2 Keyboard interfaces. The Second Atari Tower was just like the first except it has a Battery Backed Dallas 32kby8 Chip for the OS that I can load any Atari OS I wish from a Binary File. The Third Atari Tower I built is up on my web site will all kinds of pictures if you want to build one. I have one or Two of every Keyboard interface that has been built for the Atari. 3 Original Transkey's Ver 1.0 two working and one that is still a pcb! I never assembled it. 2 AKI's They work ok but have some bugs on the US Keyboard matrix. 12 KRH Rev 1.0 These are really AKI's remade and the firmware fixed. 7 KRH Rev 2 These are a compact KRHs designed to be soldered to the underside of the Motherboard so that it can be used with Stereo Pokey Boards. 2 Transkey-II XEGS 2 TK-II the revised transkey setup for the 130xe and 800xl 1 Super Pokey Upgrade. (Stereo Pokey, TK-II, U-Switch) For building upgrades to test and review the Atari Tower is by far the best way to go. Take Care! Steve
  12. Hi Mike! Mike is referring to my Atari Tower. Here is a Link to my Web Site and Pictures of this Atari Beast. http://www.realdos.net/Tower-Project.html Steve
  13. Hi Mike! In my testing everything is running 100% of the design specs. Most Atari Project seem to always fall short of one things or another. Mike and I put our heads together and did a full Though Process before he committed to the Cading of the PCB. The original Stereo Pokey board used a DPDT Switch and LED to operate it. The U1Meg had the Menu and the control line for it. However The Stereo Pokey had no way to get its control from the U1Meg. Lotharek Designed a Little PCB that uses a 4066 & 74hct04 to replace the DPDT and LED. This Allow for the U1MEG to Control the Stereo Pokey Board from its Menu or Software. Just as an Added Note the u-Switch that Lotharek sells is a most useful interface board. You can tie one of the output pins of your Joystick to the control pin of the U-Switch. Now you can control many different devices with it. Now the next logical step was to add the TransKey-II to it. Mike was kind enough to change the function of the mouse function and add a second Keyboard port. The Idea of the Pokey Super Board came from Mike and I swapping e-mails. Originally Candle did a limited Run of Stereo Pokey Boards that also had an AKI included with it. I was never able to get one of these boards so I am not sure what all it had in it. I do not know if it had a u-Switch for interface with the u-1Meg. I was able to talk Mike into added the second Keyboard port because I was always having problem with my Mouse. I told Mike how my Atari Tower had SVGA, RGB, S-Video, and Composite outputs. My Office is has a desk on both sides of the room. One side has my PC Equipment the other desk has my Atari Multiplexer system. Since I have kvm switches on both sides I use PS2 or Din 5 PC Keyboards. With the TK-11 and VBXE and scan Converter I have this wonderful Crisp Clear SVGA on my 54 inch SVGA Monitor. I have an 5 year old TV that has every input you could ever want. Composite, SVGA, RGB, HDMI, S-Video, and High Def. So by Far Mike has built the most useful PCB for the Pokey you could ever want. As Soon as they go into production I will have to get me 6 more of them. Wiring all three boards in is a task requiring great attention to make it look right. I was able to get this project going by investing and a very cool upgrade called Candle -o-Sin which is the Stereo Pokey, u-Switch, U1Meg, Side 2 for Michael. I gave him this upgrade instead of a shareware check. While I program and do some hardware design by far Michael is the Master at PCB Design. I have known of Mike from the time he did the first TransKey 1.0 in 1990 and genlock. So I do not ramble to long! Thank You very Much Mike for building the Super Pokey Upgrade! I can not think of a single thing that needs to be added! Stephen J. Carden http://www.realdos.net
  14. I would also like to get one or two and do some testing. Thanks Stephen J. Carden http://www.realdos.net
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