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  1. I really enjoy your posts the most on AtariAge are the best there is!

    In my book YOU ARE A KING!

    - Joe

  2. Oh wow you're so talented at ending a discussion...why not scrub your ego and lower your ebay prices or else stay on the downlow here on AtariAge b/c you pretty much represent the overpriced shit that 90% of the buyers here hate....ROFL start shit at a penny or stop posting you pig.
  3. Yeah, I wasn't criticizing you, but rather the idiots with high BIN's that mess everything up for a lot of us collectors. Oh sorry so-and-so is such an idiot...can't wait to bring him face to face with you to speak with him - and yes I already asked...its a dude
  4. ROFL No one has the time to read your lengthy post - I imagine it has something to do with you not being satisfied with Ebay. Great for you, you're a fuckinmg genius. Now lower your prices you piggie in my pee-pee.
  5. I believe i can sooaaar see me runnin...thu that ooahopen dohowooor! I believe i can fly (I CAN die)
  6. mmm all this talk about fingers is making me hungry!! LOLOL!!!
  7. Wall Ball for whatever reason does not bring alot of demand. I agree it's worth about $10 and before too long it pops up for $20 or less on Ebay. I really do love the game though (but the sound when you miss can cause a nervous breakdown if repeated enough)
  8. Great find! Don't worry about the cigarettes - after 2 years the games will have your smell. Every home has a unique smell. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.
  9. Does it have to be real brewed iced tea, or can we use instant? Some of us are too poor to buy real tea; that's why we're still playing Checkers on the 2600. Sorry I misspoke. Use actual tea, not iced tea. Any tea will do. This seems unnecessary since the foam turns yellow naturally in a year.
  10. How, exactly, would you intentionally age foam? Perhaps soaking it in a bit of iced tea and letting it dry in the sun...it works well when wrapping old vases in white masking tape to give them an ancient feel. We did that in first grade - great fun!
  11. Please age the foam beforehand...nothing ruins a good cart than foam that's too new looking.
  12. LOL @ paperwork - get a hold of a polaroid camera....gee thanks for commanding me. And you must call collect...please do not pay for the call because Imagic values you too much.
  13. Now I'm not 100% sure they all have them, but in terms of some Atari company carts, the date stamps are pretty hard to forge if you are looking for genuine end labels.
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