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  1. Ok, I read the manual and it says that at 10K points, the stork appears on the sky level. If you grab the stork you get an extra frog. But I went to the sky level at both 10K and 20K and the stork did not appear. I've seen the stork before, but does anyone know when it really appears? What triggers it, or is it just random?
  2. As great as this game is, there are definitely some collision detection issues. On the 2nd screen, if you hop across the lily pads too quickly, sometimes, they won't disappear. On the first screen, sometimes you'll grab a bubble but it will go right through you and not count. Minor annoyances, though.
  3. This week kind of got away from me. Getting caught up on stuff that needed to be done, plus the 4th of July, and binge-watching with the wife, haven't been able to devote much time. That'll change this weekend. If I can crack 100K on RR, I'll be happy.
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  5. Pottstown is just under 1.5 hours from where I live (Northern DE.) Maybe I'll take a drive up there this coming weekend and look around. I need a 1050 for my 1200xl. Maybe he'll give me a deal on both. Maybe I could Frankenstein them into one working drive. Who knows.
  6. I'll kick things off: 69,170. I forgot what a hand cramper this is...fortunately, there's that built in pause feature after you lose a plane. I like the idea of starting at bridge 50 for a bonus...or maybe there's another river type game we could play as a bonus. There's River Rescue, River Rally, or River Rat...
  7. I saw a Facebook post a few weeks ago with pictures of their stock. The prices seem pretty high, especially considering the condition that this stuff was in. From the pics I saw, their equipment was filthy, cracked, broken, pieces missing, etc. Yet, they still wanted top dollar for this stuff. If they really want to move this product, they need to come down on their prices. Otherwise, they're just sitting on stuff and not making any money. IMO, old retro stuff like this is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If nobody is buying it, the stuff is worth $0. One of the comments was from one guy trying to buy something and tried to talk the price down and he said they wouldn't budge. That's their right to do that, but again, they're not going to move anything if they're not willing to deal. I feel bad for them, but I also feel bad for that equipment that could go to a home where it would get used.
  8. LOL! That was my reaction to Yukon's Revenge when it popped up the first time. My first thought was "WTF???" I think my least favorite level is Yukon's Penthouse. There are 3 ways to get that bug at the top of the Penthouse...and all 3 require your jumps up the middle to be almost perfect. One poorly timed jump and he'll turn back before you can get him. Once you nab him, the rest of the level is easy. Not a fan of Bonus Level #1 either.
  9. Finally finished it on my last life, using no warps! 265,380! I decided to slow down and take fewer risks and that strategy paid off. I lost a lot of bonus on the hydraulic lifts because I forgot to nab the enemy at the top left, so I had to figure a new strategy to killing him. So, the game ends after going through all 25 levels (at least on the version I'm playing.) Not sure if different versions allow for playing on or not. TRBB, how do you want to deal with this. Call it done after level 25? Here's another suggestion: For the ability to continue on, set the game to the next difficulty level with the number of lives you had left (in my case, 1) with no bonus life. Then continue until the last life is gone. Add that score to the final score from the finished game. Honestly, I'm cool with just ending it and being done, but it's up to you.
  10. Made it to the last level with 2 lives. Lost the first one right off the bat (sigh...) and managed to clear a little more than half the board with my last life. Still not completed, but I did boost my score a little: 257,030!
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