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  1. Dragster: 6.01. I have the hardest time with this one...if I get under 6 seconds, I'll be surprised. This run was lucky.
  2. 60,860! 212' 54" Now on to Dragster...I've never really cared for this game (probably because I suck at it.)
  3. Yes, only 2 levels. It doesn't really start to get challenging until the 5th or 6th level of difficulty. Yes, we'll need a bonus game in here as well.
  4. Would it be difficult to have both options at different price points? If I HAD to choose, I'd go with backlit. Since it's no longer going to be original, might as well make it as versatile as possible, right? But I'm definitely cool with either option. Put me down for 2 screens, please.
  5. Oh, no. I haven't made contact with him. He stated earlier in this thread that it was "on the list of things to get done" but other projects were ahead of it. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. 511under said that he had multiple projects going on, and this one got put on the back burner. I don't feel you're stepping on anyone's toes. Simply put, there are now 2 people working on this project, for the common good to solve this problem. If one finishes before another, that's how it goes.
  7. I'm glad there's more than one person/group working on this project now. I'm definitely down for whatever solution comes out. I've never had one, but always wanted one when I was a child. Having one now, but not working, is just a nasty tease.
  8. Captain Beeble: 32,000! This last level (I think) is killing me. That mouth-like think in the picture below is what's doing me in. I managed to get past it once, to grab the crystal, but never got past is again. Gonna need more practice.
  9. Yes, finding a comfortable speed to pass cars safely is the key to this game. I also try to set small goals as a reference point. For example, I want to have passed at least 100 cars before the end of the snow section. If I can be down to about 70-80 cars by the time the fog hits, I know I'm in pretty good shape. The night section is where you can really make up for lost time because the cars are a lot easier to pass. I usually give it a little more gas at night. You can even weave in between them a lot easier. On my last run, I had to pass 75 cars after the fog. I figured I was done for, so I just floored it. Miraculously, I passed the final car just as the new "day" was starting, so I got to go on for one more day. So, I can tell you, it's possible to pass 75 cars from the end of fog to the end of the day.
  10. Got a warm up game in: 765.0 (Which I'm guessing will count as 7,650 points?) Vocelli? 5 days, got the patch!
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