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  1. I'm kinda burgered out, TBH...bring on the next round!
  2. Burger Boy: 36,090! Basic Burger: 15,400!
  3. Beef Drop: 114,000! Made it to round 10.
  4. Burt: 630! Playing the "control" levels this time.
  5. Finally got some time to play Burt's Brew Biz. Takes some getting used to, but once you learn how to control him, it's not a bad platformer. My first score is from playing the middle level: 440!
  6. Farted around with the bonus games...bleh...time to wash down all these burgers with some beer! Burger Chef: 4,400 Burger Boy: 17,520 Basic Burger: 6,250
  7. I have no idea. I don't have the cart. I'd like to know the same thing, though.
  8. Beef Drop: 103,450! After the 6th level, it returns to level 1, but it's faster and there are more enemies on screen to deal with.
  9. Beef Drop: 68,100! Gotta learn how to corral them up better.
  10. Wow! I haven't been on that site in forever. I had many records there at one point...I'll have to see if I still have any.
  11. THAT'S what that icon is for! I was wondering why that bomb icon was there. Honestly, the bombs are little to no real threat until you get to level 'L'. Then, as you progress from there, not only do the bomb drop at a higher speed, but the bird that carries the bomb starts to fly faster (thus, appearing more often.)
  12. Busy Baby: 62,060! Made it to point M. Halfway through the game! I took fewer chances with the question mark blocks. I'm just trying to get through the whole game to see what happens after point Z. BTW, when you get to level K (or was it L) the baby bombs fall much faster, so beware!
  13. Busy Baby: 60,730! Made it safely to Point K! I'm REALLY liking this game! BTW, extra diapers for clearing Points C, G and K (so far...)
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