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  1. Frogger Slow: 25,765 Frogger Fast: 13,980
  2. Man! This is a really tough choice. All of these games are awesome! I'll have to think about this one. 🤔
  3. 163,744. I got the multiplier up to 7x and managed a 6,000 point clear bonus (42k) which certainly helped boost my score:
  4. If you even THINK of telling us to play it on a harder level, I'll come over there and fight you! 😂
  5. 125,968! This is the most frustrating game ever created. 🤬
  6. Looks like he's still working on mid-December and the pre-orders just closed, so there will be a wait. Patience is a virtue. I highly doubt you're going to find any scalpers here. As for me, once I get mine, you'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hand. 💀
  7. I have a couple questions: 1. How high can you advance the multiplier? I got it up to 6x or 7x (but was not able to take advantage of that because I suck at this game.) 2. What is the best strategy for racking up points: Just keep splitting the QIX as quick as possible, and then go for the big score, or do you close them in some before trying to split them? 104,303
  8. 90,051! This was a lucky score. I've never been a fan of Qix. Not my cup o' tea.
  9. As of about 9:00 a.m. (EST) there is only 1 reservation remaining. FYI!
  10. Damn...I was being so patient in waiting my turn and not bothering Fred. But when I saw the reservations were open again, I figured I'd shoot him a quick message to check my place in line. Had I waited just a little more, I wouldn't have needed to bother him. Thanks for your update AardVaark! I, too, placed my order on 12/31, so I'm probably around the same place in line as you. I've waited so long for this, so what's a little longer, right? @Batari thank you for all you do! You rock!
  11. I was torn between Popeye and Mountain King, but finally went with Popeye! Mountain King is a lot of fun, but it's a much larger time investment (for me, anyway) and time isn't something I have a lot of, these days.
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