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  1. 126,600. Not enough to move up in the ranks, but a new PB.
  2. Anyone else notice this (I'm calling it a bug): Sometimes when you push an apple off a ledge, you'll fall with the apple and die. This "bug" ended my game because it was my last life and I would have probably been able to best my PB.
  3. Same here, Carlsson...I've definitely hit a plateau. It's as if I've forgotten how to play the game and can't relearn it. Ugh...
  4. I concur with Nads. In fact, when you start a new game, hit reset again when the elevator reaches the top floor. Then it will be at the bottom floor just as you reach it. Makes your first catch a quick one.
  5. A teeny tiny improvement, but also posting for the bonus: 117,050! Also, for the bonus: 80 seconds. I had a game earlier where I finished round 3 in 8 seconds because an Alphamonster came out with the last letter in EXTRA to start the round. I nabbed him right away. Alas, I did not get a screenshot of it.
  6. I would like to add one game to my lise: Laser Gates! I've always enjoyed the Atari 2600 version, but never really played the 8-bit version. Looks like the 2600 version on steroids.
  7. Starting to get in the groove, but WAY out from 1st place: 76,300!
  8. Whole house has been sick this past week (wife got hit the worst with pneumonia.) Anyway, we're all starting to feel better and I'm hoping to devote some time to Mr. Do this weekend.
  9. FM: 4,350! I don't know if I can play this anymore...It really gets the blood pressure up.
  10. 44,350! Getting the hang of it. Managed to spell EXTRA once for a free life. For those (like me) that needed some help understanding the nuances of this game, I found this link quite useful. It's for the arcade version, but it seems to translate well over to the A8 version: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Mr._Do!/Walkthrough And one personal tip: You need to have a plan of attack. Running through blindly never bodes well for you. Take a second at the beginning of the stage to figure out where you want to go, or where you think you can do the most damage. Needed a break from frickin' "Frankenstein's Monster." AARRRRGGGHHHH!
  11. Here's my first attempt: 29,600. Hoping to find the diamond I read about.
  12. I've generally been pretty bad at the Mr. Do games, but I'm looking forward to "digging" into this one. 😁
  13. Same here...just can't seem to replicate that one good game for a chance to improve. So wanted to crack 200K. It just wasn't in the cards this time.
  14. Frankenstein's Monster: 3,680! The bats on the last two levels took away a ton of points from me. Just a little tip, ToileTunes...pushing harder on the joystick doesn't help...it only breaks the stick.
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