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  1. Oh, I did NOT create this game...I just typed it in from a magazine. Thanks for the kudos. It had been so long since I typed anything in BASIC. At first, I was like "What does any of this mean" but as I went along, it all started coming back to me. It was fun!
  2. I can't get fruit machine to run. Yes, I have BASIC enabled on boot, but it just loads up to the "ready" screen. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Bermuda Triangle: 11,100. Ok, the laser fire is simply unfair. Always seems to know where you are and zaps you instantly. Not cool.
  4. If that doesn't work, try this one. Load it the way TRBB suggested up above: LOAD "D:TURKEY.BAS" Dos 2.5.atr
  5. Here you go! Enjoy! I was able to beat the beginner level...so far. Hope you all can load it off my save state. Turkey.altstate
  6. Thanks for the tips...working on it now. I started with line 1 instead of 10. That made it all fit. That should work, right?
  7. I figured I'd go ahead and type in Turkey Chase, but I can't even get the first line in. It gives me an error...I think the first line is too long. Even if I were able to type it in, I wouldn't know how to save it for everyone else to play. I'm SOOO out of practice.
  8. If I may offer up a suggestion...Thanksgiving is coming up here in the US, so I was thinking something turkey related...but I don't see any turkey-themed games. So, then I looked for anything food-related and came up with: Thoughts?
  9. The later you open the chute, the more points you score (if you land on the pad.)
  10. Action Quest: Rank: Wizard Score 20/85 Time: 9:12 Lives remaining: 4 I think I figured out the scoring: I think the max score per level is 20 (meaning a total of 100 points if you got 20 points for each level.) The longer it takes you to complete a level, the lower the score for that level. So, the 20 means I got all 20 treasures. The 85 is the total for the game.
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