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  1. Hover Bovver: 58,598! I'm getting pretty good at manipulating the dog and the owner, but there are still times when you simply have to outrun them.
  2. I have the perfect idea for the game that should be created. It's based loosely on the Atari 8-bit game "Pieman." You play as Albert, frantically putting game carts together as the orders roll in. The cart shell appears on screen, then you have to remove the label, build the PCB and install, apply the new label and then box the game for shipping. All the while, the orders keep coming in, faster and faster. Don't let the cart fall off the conveyor belt. Too many dropped orders and AA shuts down. Too much on the nose?
  3. BTW, just a little "tip" for Hover Bovver: During the "intermission" screens when you're 'borrowing' a neighbor's mower, you can hold down the fire button to speed through it.
  4. Well, maybe those that know themselves well enough to realize that they have no patience should refrain from PRE-ordering stuff, because PRE-ordering implies that the items for sale are not currently available to just grab off a shelf and mail, same day. Maybe they should just watch the store and when the item they want is actually in stock, THEN make their purchase. The caveat to that is that they will end up getting their items even later than someone who pre-orders. Either way, the lesson is: If you don't have patience, then get some. To Al, Thank you SO much for everything you do for this community. Your efforts are very much appreciated. I think there needs to be an official "Albert Appreciation Day" put on the calendar.
  5. Ok, tried out the other games. Here are my scores and a quick review: Bug Off: 3,390. This one is a hand cramper, but challenging! Hazard Run: 27,393! Ok, this one made me laugh, especially after the General Lee failed to make the river jump. LOL Amphibian: 120. Strange game, to say the least. Whomper Stomper: 10,800. This one is my sleeper pick. It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
  6. Hover Bovver: 36,487! A couple hints: 1. The dog won't walk across flower beds. 2. The neighbor avoids the dog. You can manipulate the dog easily with some practice. Keep the dog between you and the neighbor, but also keep the dog in a spot where he can't come after you. Find that happy medium and you'll be mowing grass like a pro!
  7. 652,430! Round 49! I'm hellbent on rolling this one!
  8. So, I played a quick game on the original release and scored 223,190! Made it to round 18. The enemy AI looks like it was untouched in the arcade remake. Maybe Brutus throws bottles a little more often in the original, but I couldn't really tell for sure. All the strategies I use in the Arcade version can be employed in the original. Each death was the result of the bad bottle punching, resulting in the lower score.
  9. 314,900. I forget the round number, but it was in the 20's. I've pretty much figured out a strategy on all 3 boards. The only time I lose a life now is on the ship level, when the bird throws off my pattern. Otherwise, I think I can grind out some rollage on this one.
  10. Pretty much just playing normally. The ship level is where I can really maximize points because I can pretty much stay on the top level, only dropping down to get the spinach to knock out Brutus.
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