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    I live in a historical town in Maryland, not much happens, and I spend time playing old games and watching classic films.Horror most of the times.
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    I like to watch movies. I'm a movie person, and I want to make movies when I get out of high school,college,and my parents place.<br />I do play video games, not as much as I do now, I usually write, read, or watch movies now.<br />I do get online to chat to people, and I am in the high school wrestling team. I'm not the best one out there, but I'm alright.<br />I joined this forum because I noticed the "Amityville Horror" Video game, and I like Atari games as well. Classics are the best, lol.<br />That's a bit of info. on Country Ham, bye for now.
  1. Thanks, i'll let you know what I am planning to do.
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum, and I am interested in one of your games, but before I can say that I'm satisfied. Do you guys know where they sell the official Amityville game? I've been told that there is a french version, and that's about it. I know your Amityville version is a spinoff to another atari game, but I still am interested in it. Thanks for your time. COUNTRY HAM
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