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  1. I have one of these. It works but it is more of a novelty than a practical device. I like odd interfaces for my Atari computer so for that reason I keep it. Complete in box is a rarity. I have seen 3 or 4 come up on eBay this year but none where complete. I cant tell from the pictures if the "Relax Stress Reduction System" book is there. It is a spiral bound book. The cassettes are the equivalent to ASMR today. This is also odd in that it included the software and interface to be used on The Atari, Apple, Commodore, and IBM right out of the box. attached is a review of the Relax System. Synapse Relax Review.pdf
  2. I believe that is the Apple version of the tablet. I have the Atari version and you can see the differences in them. Are you able to make atr's of the disks for archiving? Does your manual say it is for the Atari? For the Atari you plug it into port 4 on The 800 then you have to run the calibration software to set the tablet parameters. Once that is done it essentially allows you to trace a picture converting it to digital form.
  3. Are you looking to sell it here or just giving us a heads up that it will be on ebay? I am Interested. Do you have pictures? And asking price?
  4. I have recently created/updated User Guides for the "MEGA CD INTERFACE" and the "MEGA CD Program Disc" listing the programs from the CD in alphabetical order. These were compiled from information I received with my MEGA CD INTERFACE, information provide from the link ndary provided, and what information I could find on the internet. These can also be found on archive.org MEGA CD INTERFACE Users Guide.pdf MEGA CD PROGRAM GUIDE A-Z.pdf
  5. Looking for some clarity from the group. In 1986 Atari Corp. released Space Invaders as both a CXL4008 and RX8008 Silver Label Cartridge for the Home computer. Does anyone have a scan of a Space Invaders box for the RX8008? Or did it ship in the CXL4008 box? Any information would be appreciated.
  6. Yes, this was sold with an Atari 600XL on eBay.
  7. Yes, it is the one that was sold with an Atari 600Xl.

  8. I have found only 1 reference to Maxxam Dataware Corp. in Analog Computing issue #11 in an article about Atari Pascal (see link). https://archive.org/details/analog-computing-magazine-11/page/n43
  9. Is anyone familiar with this cartridge or company? I can not seem to find any information on it. I would guess it is like the Impersonator or Supercart based on the name but who knows.
  10. I recently acquired a 600Xl with what appears to be a 48K upgrade (see photo). If I boot to basic I get 1 line displaying garbled information(see photo). If I boot to a dos disk I get a full screen of garbled information (see photo). If I Boot holding option down I get the system test screen displayed properly (see photo). If I load a basic cart. I get the same 1 line of garbled information but if I load a game cart. it loads and runs fine. What might be causing this?
  11. Here you go: S = Grover, G = Barkley, K = Cookie Monster, + = pause C = Rabbit, , = Turtle, / = Level, Invert Key = Play Space Bar = Stop
  12. I have translated the Czech article into English. Attached is the pdf if you want to host it with the other information. CD ROM PRO XL-XE Article.pdf
  13. This is how I do what your asking about.
  14. This is my Atari Adventure Story. An Atari Adventure. Many decades ago I set out on a quest in the Atari kingdom to acquire many fabled gems for the Atari Home Computer. I did not know the challenges that lay before me because I was a young adventurer naive in the ways of the wicked world. On this journey I have crossed paths with many Atarians some good and some evil. I was given hints by many with whom I encountered and led astray by some evil forces. I journeyed on despite the setbacks. It has been a journey in which I have found great wisdom and have had great fortune in finding some real gems. This journey has not been without its struggles. I have searched in many lands for these gems. I have been in the darkest of dungeons (basements). I have ventured into spider infested abandoned dwellings (sheds). I have dug through mountains of discarded relics (junk) looking for these gems. But no place was more fraught with danger and great loses as the evil empire known as eBay. I encountered many fellow adventurers who were also seeking the very gems I was searching for. Battles ensued and there was a great cost to seek victory in the land of eBay. I was victorious when funded by my kingdom but I was defeated too. Many times by an adversary that was better funded by a greater kingdom than that which I was from. Be warned though in the land of eBay all is not as it seems you must have much wisdom and examine the object you seek for there are many who will tempt you into the dark shadows only to steal your gold and leave you with worthless gems (junk). No true adventurer would give up on their quest when there are gems still out there to be found so I continue on my quest still in search of the rarest of gems. I have found as the decades have pasted that I now share my wisdom with young adventure seekers and try to warn them of the many dangers that await them. Hoping your quest is successful and filled with adventure as mine has been. Long Live Atari!!!
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