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  1. Didn't see this one coming. Such a great loss to his family and the Atari Community. He was a giant among giants when it came to his passion and knowledge for Atari.
  2. Your welcome, just doing my part to preserve Atari history.
  3. The attached image is the SIO cable wiring for use with the D.E.R. (Disk Emulator Routine) Disk And Cartridge.
  4. @ClausB I started attending the CHAOS meetings with a friend in the fall of 81 as I recall, and became a Member in 1982 thru 1988. I remember you making a few presentations.
  5. I have upload the manual for ACE 80 from Amiable Computer enhancements if anyone is in need of it, to https://archive.org/details/ace-80-user-guide/mode/2up
  6. I cleaned up the scan so it looks better.
  7. This 1 is scanned at 300DPI. Atari 1025 Printer Manual Cover.pdf
  8. Please do. The whole idea of scanning them is to make them available to the Atari Community.
  9. Here is the 1986 US Doubler Manual and Installation Tip Sheet. If anyone is still looking for it. I uploaded these to archive.org as well. ICD US DOUBLER MANUAL.pdf Installation tips.pdf
  10. You should check out this link. https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Dorsett+Educational+System+Lesson+Cassettes
  11. Is there a PDF of the manual for Ultra Disassembler by Adventure International available on-line? Been trying to find one, but I am having no luck.
  12. I have one of these. It works but it is more of a novelty than a practical device. I like odd interfaces for my Atari computer so for that reason I keep it. Complete in box is a rarity. I have seen 3 or 4 come up on eBay this year but none where complete. I cant tell from the pictures if the "Relax Stress Reduction System" book is there. It is a spiral bound book. The cassettes are the equivalent to ASMR today. This is also odd in that it included the software and interface to be used on The Atari, Apple, Commodore, and IBM right out of the box. attached is a review of the Relax System. Synapse Relax Review.pdf
  13. I believe that is the Apple version of the tablet. I have the Atari version and you can see the differences in them. Are you able to make atr's of the disks for archiving? Does your manual say it is for the Atari? For the Atari you plug it into port 4 on The 800 then you have to run the calibration software to set the tablet parameters. Once that is done it essentially allows you to trace a picture converting it to digital form.
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