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  1. Great news, Carl! Let's see what comes out of this... It will surely be nice stuff 🙂
  2. Paolo


  3. Paolo

    Fallen Angels

    Hi! I don't know how on Earth I missed this post! I loved RoF in the good ol' days. ... getting the alien for the first time at maybe 2 in the morning and jumping off my chair, ... hehe As always, great job, guys!
  4. @savets - thanks for the heads-up! @gozar - great idea!
  5. Oh, WOW, folks! I really can't keep up!!! However, I can read faster than how I hear So, just asking, is there a transcript somewhere?
  6. Hehe, I choose the wrong thread, then! However, I never thought about this jiffi stuff, since I always found those fine CDi formatted images, both unencrypted and bypass-cart based. I am not sure I have all the homebrews, though, but surely I'd like to spin a couple of ST oldies. One of these days I'll put some order in my Jag stuff, I have some earlier CDis and the the final versions, and also some printed ones... I need to get rid of the old/useless stuff and better store the useful discs. Thnks, Sh3-rg!
  7. Wait a minute, Gunstar. You mean that many of those ABS homebrew and conversions can be burnt on a CD with no or little hassle??? May you please elaborate? Until now I only burnt CDi disks found on -as example- Reboot website.
  8. Hehe, of course! But if I had to chose ONE thing to change, I'd prefer music over <insert stupid charachter to be changed> restyle.
  9. Hey, how it comes that nobody told "better music in Atari Karts"? It's so frightening that I played always with MUSIC OFF!!!
  10. You know, when I looked at the "matched pairs" board it sounded "oh-soo-obvious" what were the matching cards. Then you published a "shuffled" board, and I totally lost myself for a while, hehe!
  11. Hi, folks! Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I decided to finally solder a thermistor to my Eiffel board, and I don't know where to do it. I bought my board from lookie at satantronic IIRC, but I couldn't manage to contact him. It seems to me that it has to go between pin2 and pin8 of the PIC. Is that right? Thanks for any help! Ciao!
  12. I have the very same feelings as Shmudde: VLM has those crisp coloured pixels that set it above everything else. Nuon is a good derivative, I remember seeing lots of effects as Jag upgrades, but the Xbox blurred stuff is -hmmm- meh! About Colourspace... oh boy! I bought it (a tape cassette, oh the days...) when I went in England on holydays (maybe at Dixons) and it blew me away! Too bad that I gave my A8+graphics tablet+tape recorder+CD unit away... :-(
  13. Hi folks! I'd like to ask for advice from you. I think I have to let my numbered copy of GORF (white case) go. I know that there is some interest in it, so should I ebay it? Or go to gamegavel? Or maybe just find someone and sell it? Or keep it and nevermind it doesn't get much gameplay (and nevermind it could bring a few bucks that would be a nice side effect)? Thank you for your answers.
  14. Hi, folks. After all this time, I noticed that there is no mention of BD for 2600 on the boulderdash page at first star website. I think they should add it.
  15. I like Jordi's artwork as well. All of the entries are enjoyable, though.
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