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  1. I'm in St. Louis too lol, crazy wind today, not looking forward to that 37 degree low tonight after it being like 78 the last few days lol. Guess we need to get ready for 30 degrees though huh? lol
  2. I'll be up again this year. Booked my room today. MGC has almost ruined other shows for me with it's awesomeness.
  3. not anywhere near what he's asking, missing all the rarer US SCD games, no outer boxes for the US hu's.... Hell, I have all the US duo games, and my 45 ish hu's have outer boxes and I'd sell it for half that in a heart beat.
  4. Yes, hopefully the buyer got it, and all the more power to them; am I jealous, of course, who isn't. I have one though so its not all that bad. I think it was a great find for this buyer. I like to see these things happen even when it isn't me Cheers, FB I know who bought it, and yes they got it.....sad part is though that the USPS mauled the shipping box and the game box too. He was a bit upset, but was like I can't complain for $10
  5. Yeah, thanks for not making me bring that 3do home In all honesty, give it a chance there's some good games on there. Just not any of the ones I gave you lol.
  6. That's where the "wild fluctuation" comes in. I have seen them go anywhere from $250-$700 each CIB. If you use the general rule of thumb for handheld electronic games a CIB unit sells for 3 times the price of a loose unit and a NIB unit sells for 2 times (on up) the price of a CIB unit. My wild-a$ guess would be that they would sell in the huge spectrum between $500-$1400 each... but confirm that with Rik. I really don't want to sell them, but may test the waters with a $4k reserve. What's your guy feeling? Sell or no? If you think you can get 4k then don't waste a second, sell it. I would think in an open market you could expect $500 or so perhaps $1000 if things got nuts. Most Adventurevision collectors are Atari collectors not Nintendo collectors. I can't see what happens with NES Stadium Events affecting Adventurvision prices unless the seller of a 40k game happens to want to buy some Adenturevision games. Yep, and this is why Atari 2600 collectors rock over NES collectors. We appreciate other systems! I think they apprecaite some other systems like the PS1 (expect to see some record breaking prices on that system in the future as well) just not anything from BEFORE the NES. Nah, I can't see that. For NES fans PS1 would be the enemy. It would be like Michigan fan rooting for Ohio State. Or a Boston Red Sox fan rooting for the Yankees. what ps1 game would ever be worth that much???? Elemental Gearbolt, Assasin's case has broke 3k . I think the last 3 were 2k,2.5k, and 3k and change. That's a PS1 game. Nothing near a SE, but hell PS is still relatively young.
  7. I think the bigger scam is they won't let google checkout be used on ebay. It's not one of their "Safe" alternatives for payment. yeah right lol. bidpay used to fly on ebay. Ebay doesn't offer an alternative paypal type service, but if you dig deeper you find that that service either has an agreement with ebay or ebay owns part/all of said alternative. Really, don't see how ebay doesn't get hit with a monopoly, collusion, or some type of law suit.
  8. call your credit card company directly. you may get in trouble with paypal, etc, but the credit card company itself can reverse it.
  9. The one he sold was the Holiday cart numbered version
  10. been looking for a review like this. I've been wanting to try this, but hadn't heard anything.
  11. They look pretty cool. I'd totally wear that suit if I could fit it.
  12. Considering how many games that aren't homebrewed in PAL, I don't think I have any room to complain. I also think Kite looked cool, but i it's PAL only, I can understand. btw, RASTER FAHNDUNG LE has a switch on the back to go between PAL and NTSC, so that one is actually both versions. I Project, and Kite were the only ones that were released PAL only. I think Encaved, you chose which version you wanted.
  13. That is nice. In great shape too
  14. G;ad you found the affiliate info. ebay may be a necessary evil, but hell they can give some kickbacks too then.
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