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  1. Well done! There is a new poll-if somebody is interested...
  2. Just for clarification why I had posted a "mini-table" in River Raid link As a result of the "cold war" between Ikrananka and myself he locked nearly the whole forum
  3. There is no difference between PAL and NTSC on the Colecovision. Exeption: Defender - the scanner is invisible on PAL machines.BTW: due to the "cold war" between Ikrananka and myself (he is heavily editing my posts in this forum) I had to delete the final results from season 2 and 3 ("intellectual property").
  4. After playing Amidar (PAL!) a few minutes I was surprised that it is faster than its reputation -ok the warriors not the gorilla itself... Wait a minute- I played it on my "new" PAL 7800 - is there a speed difference between 2600 and 7800?
  5. ....this games are new in my collection. What does the community think about these games? I guess Bowling is the best game of this bunch...
  6. wise spoken! Hopefully I can also travel to Canada in the future...
  7. please delete my name in the first post ("this game was suggested by: Mister VCS) thanks!
  8. Ok, I see - you are Ikrananka's advocate....
  9. Please delete this personal offenses! There is a german word for this: kindergarden!
  10. My choice was a good choice... This forum was for fun- but time has changed...
  11. Politely? Hmm.. You don't have to point out that this is my decision... Your answer tells me that this is the right decision. Ikrananka :Please don't delete my posts in this HSC without my permission!
  12. Sorry, nobody is perfect... and I thought this HSC is just for fun - my god- I forgot a few scores (like other HSC-mods) My intention was to help out a little bit - I did this job for two years! Under this circumstances i don't be part of this HSC!
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