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  1. I've heard of a game called Dragonstomper which seems to be a real RPG on the Atari 2600, I would be gratefull if someone could give me info about this game, and why the rom isn't on AtariAge, I would love to play it.
  2. Pitfall II is much more ''Indiana Jonish'' than the first one.
  3. It's possible to get the perfect score with all those condors and bats on the way to Quickclaw?
  4. Aaaah yes it was that one, now I got all 28 golden bars, I didn't know that you could get past that frog... This is such a great game... You still can learn and discover new things on it.
  5. 1. Pitfall! II: Lost Caverns 2. Pitfall! 3. Adventure 4. Kaboom! 5. Commando 6. H. E. R. O. 7. Raiders of the Lost Ark 8. Combat 9. Outlaws 10. Mario Bros.
  6. I never played this game, until I bought the Activision Anthology and, it's the best Atari game ever! But I need help, I have finished the game, but can someone give me a list of all the golden bars?
  7. No doubt, it will be better than the original Adventure.
  8. Wowowowowowowowow, I am waiting for this game, but I want to ask for new things on this project, there's lack of updates on the website.
  9. Adventure is great, pretty complex compared to other Atari games.
  10. I used the Create You Own Adventure tool to make an Adventure hack, but when I finished, and I try to run DASM, the program won't run! Someone can help me?
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