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  1. Since I don't know if one is still available I like to state that I'm interested in getting one. Shall I send you a payment?
  2. I still don't have an Apple II, but I backed this project because it's MY kind of game
  3. Oh so I guess its quite challenging to program a game for the console since there are probably not so many documentations for the system as for the Atari 2600.
  4. Interesting to see a game like this on the channel F. I'm curious what you can squeeze out of the hardware. Is everything done in assembler?
  5. This looks great as always. Looking forward to get my hands on this
  6. The game looks great I'm looking forward to play it myself in the near future
  7. Since I cannot find the original thread of the game: Is the still available as a physical release? I couldnt find it in the Online Store of the Intellivision Revolution.
  8. The game looks great! reminds me a bit of Tempest without the grids.
  9. oh great to hear that! Where can a cart be ordered then?
  10. finally a dream came true to play this on an Atari ​I hope you will finish this some time in the future!
  11. I received my copy from the AA Store last week and I love it! Just like the first game it's pretty addictive and it will keep me busy for the next weeks.
  12. That's really a fun concept. Looking forward how this is progressing. Keep up the good work!
  13. Unfortunately I've seen this today for the first time. I guess there won't be a third batch right?
  14. Hi Rolo! I would be interested in anything I would need for the Interton Multicart for playing on my Grundig Super Play. I would be happy to play all those great games
  15. I found this today and I'm really happy to see you back here in the programming section I loved Dungeon back then and I'm looking forward trying this today. It's looking great!
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