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  1. Whats next?A joystick held by a guy who knew a guy who met Nolan Bushnell for $200?
  2. I would love to see the commercial but curse my damn dial-up internet connection.
  3. I was looking on eBay and fount a very overpriced Atari 2600 including some controllers and games.Look at it Here.
  4. For me itd have to be Pitfall and Pitfall 2.For its great graphics and its freakin fun to play.
  5. What about the Atari 2600 system?It can get Coke spilled on it.
  6. Due to the fact I previously didnt want to admit the fact im 11.
  7. I enjoy playing my PS2,but will never enjoy a PS2 or Xbox 360 or anything modern as much as the Atari 2600 because you cant beat the classics!
  8. Also the prototype Bugs Bunny.You have to eat carrots and not get shot by gay Elmer Fudd. "Uh buh ba buh buh buh,Ill get you pesky wabbit!"
  9. The prototype Mcdonalds.Providing me the lovely Big Macs and fries.Burp!
  10. How about Fat Albert.Its a hack based on Fast Food.
  11. Im 11 years old and it all started when I bought an Atari FlashBack at Wal-Mart.I was interested in its games and thats what sent me on eBay to start my hunt.I collect Atari 2600,5200,7800,Intellivision,Coleco,and dedicated systems.I have 145 Atari 2600 games,7 Atari 2600 consoles,28 joysticks,2 sets of paddles,and an arcade machine!
  12. My collection only has one cart in which I dont have a system for and thats IFR Flight Simulater for a Vic-20 computer.Other than that,its all Colecovision,Atari 2600,etc.
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