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  1. I am no expert too, but I looked around online. It looks like the New Jersey Coast Line runs from NY Penn Station (in midtown Manhattan ) to Belmar Station (as noted by BNE Jeff above). One transfer is needed at Long Branch Station where you take the train toward Bay Head. It takes about 2 hours one way and costs $16.75. The bummer is getting from Belmar Station to InfoAge. It's a 2 mile walk along roads with no sidewalks.
  2. I never used a text editor accessory (or anything/desk accessory on the GEM desktop) while playing games since most games bypass GEM. I am curious to know which games do you play that even allows you to use the GEM desktop?
  3. Even just replacement or new keycaps would be great. It looks like one or two new Amiga keycap replacement are overfunded on Indiegogo already. I am envious to say the least...
  4. Wow. That power supply is puny. Nice find. Excuse my electrical ignorance...Did you have to be aware of connecting the ground holes to the power supply bracket? What happens if you rotated it 180 degrees so that you mount it with the non-grounded holes? I don't recall doing that when I fitted non-Atari power supplies to the bracket. But then, that was ages ago...
  5. Wow, it's great news that you found a power supply that is able to provide enough power AND was short enough to fit in the ST. I remember back in the late 90s/early 2000s when I was given/bought cheap/inheriting 1040STs, the power supply was one of the things that commonly went bad (and still is). The original ST power supply was 50W and 1.2 inches tall. None of the major electronics stores (Mouser, Digikey, Jameco, etc) had a power supply that met those specs. They were either too weak (40W, 1.2 inches high) or too tall (60W, 1.6 inches high). I found one or two which was enough to fix the machines I had with bad power supplies, but wanted to have a spare or two. It's great to see that technology has moved forward with smaller, more powerful power supplies that can easily fit in our STs!
  6. ST Informer started out in the traditional newspaper format before converting to the traditional magazine format. This allowed for faster turnaround print times, so they usually came out with the latest news faster than STart or ST-Log. I looked at my collection and see that this conversion happened with the January 1992 edition. December 1991 was the last issue in the newspaper format. I started but never finished scanning my magazine format copies of ST Informer. I am stuck about how to scan the newspaper versions though. I would think you need an 11x17 scanner which are quite expensive.
  7. I replaced the fan and hard drive in my Atari Mega/STE with a quiet fan and a SCSI2SD drive. So much quieter now. During this procedure, I found out the HD Busy LED light was missing. I thought, "Simple, I'll just go down to the electronics surplus store and find an old power/busy/turbo LED that attaches to a 2 pole plug on a PC motherboard." They strip these things out of old PCs for recycling, so it must be easy to find. Nope. The electronics surplus store shut down. I ended up going to Frys and buying a 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive adapter that happen to have the 2 pole plug with LED on it, so I bought it, stripped it, and used it for my HD busy LED light. Anyone want a 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive adapter without a busy LED?
  8. To be frank, if I was Brad and I saw your e-mail full of grammar and spelling errors, not to mention just plain hard to read, I would be put off by your message too. It looks like a Nigerian scam message or something. Brad probably didn't have time to figure out what you are trying to say, so your message was likely not worth his time. I'm sure he probably has many other customers who write him clear messages so he can tend to them quickly and easily.
  9. The socket is for a 68881 FPU if my memory is correct.
  10. People used 5 1/4" drives on the ST mainly for PC-Ditto and other PC emulators. Remember, at the time, most PCs still used 5 1/4" drives.
  11. I faintly recall it is how you lose your plane. If you crash into a mountain or something, you restart where you crashed. If you get shot down by enemy planes, you start over. Or it's vice versa. Can anyone test this?
  12. That's what the GEM desktop says after formatting a floppy disk. A dialog box says "This disk has 726016 bytes available to user." after a double sided disk is formatted. The dialog box says "This disk has 357376 bytes available to user." after a single sided disk is formatted. (Yes, it's 357K, not 354K. My bad.) I am guessing people just round off to 360K/720K to make it easier to remember and understand.
  13. SF314 = double sided floppy disk can hold up to 1MB unformatted. A formatted double-sided floppy disk holds 726K on the ST. SF354 = single sided floppy disk can hold up to 500K unformatted. A formatted single-sided floppy disk hols 354K on the ST.
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