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  1. Developers: We need a really high-end workstation and some great software to create some amazing content on... Atari: Here's a potato from 1989, best we can do. Developers: Can we at least get a copy of (x software) to create beautiful backdrops? Atari: Beg the developers, maybe they'll cave and provide you a promo copy or something. Based on a true story.
  2. As all orders have been fulfilled and international orders are en route for distribution, anyone in the U.S. looking for a copy or additional copies, they will be $15 shipped via PayPal and will ship in 2-3 business days as time permits. Please send an e-mail with shipping address to: info ((at)) riscgames.com and I'll send you an invoice. eBay has been absolutely absurd with not only fees but also payout schedules. Only have 8 left that include the full JagSwag bonus packs. Any orders placed beyond that will include only the Jag logo and DO+THE MATH stickers, as the holographic Jaguar pounce stickers are gone. Thanks again to everyone who picked up a copy! Onto the next release.... On a side note, has anyone managed to make it to the thunderstorm rounds yet (without cheating)? 😀
  3. I'll take two JagBit coins please 😀
  4. At this point, I would be looking into the possibility of the problem being a bad rip of the game. Just to rule it out.
  5. Simone has gone International! Package has been shipped and is en route to Matt (thanks so much again for helping with the distribution of this!) I'll get another small batch put together in a few weeks for more U.S. orders when time permits. I believe only about 12 complete JagSwag #1 packs are left so anything past the next 12 Simone discs sold (in the U.S.) will not include the cool Jaguar pouncing sticker. There are plenty of DO+THE MATH and Jaguar stickers remaining that will be included though. For anyone who hasn't received their order yet, I apologize that it's completely out of my hands. The shipping delays are proving to be very absurd. I shipped them as quickly as the orders were coming in, some within a few hours, only for the post office to literally sit on them for 3 business days. Some were lucky and got them in a few days, other packages I've noticed are still "arriving late" for whatever reason showing little or no updates. Hopefully they all are delivered by end of day tomorrow.
  6. USPS is absolutely absurd. How does it take literally "3-business days" to simply process a package through a single facility that has been there for 5.

  7. So I caught the end piece of KevInBuffalo's Twitch stream earlier and he loaded up the 64bitDemo. I immediately noticed something was very wrong once he got to the ATM/BAR scenes. I had some compatibility issues with having a single build across both the Skunk/GD simultaneously and thought it was sorted. Did a quick load-up on the Skunk and it seemed fine, as the problem before was on the GD having distorted graphics. Turns out, it crippled the demo for both the Skunk and the GD. Despite appearing seemingly fine, it's actually not. For anyone who ran it on an emulator, you wouldn't notice a problem, though it does tend to run too fast. For anyone else who wants to run it on real hardware with a Skunk properly, please use the attached file. For now, the demo is not compatible with the GD. The original uploaded file from December should be considered a bad ROM, as that's not how it should be functioning on the Jaguar with either the Skunkboard or the Game Drive. Skunkboard only: A64BitDemo.rom
  8. I gather this means it's going to be a CD combo release only and not on cart and/or SD card? or is that still something being considered at some point?
  9. As it comes time to 'nicen' things up for Zilch, here's a peek at my past chicken scratch notes transformation into reality form, or mostly so... My handwriting seems to have suffered over the years but I can still make it out. Main game screen area is 304 by 192, seems to be the sweet spot while still allowing room for other critical info and gameplay elements that can swipe in/out as needed. Still need to change the interact area on the right lower hand side. Would be nice to swap the shitty text out with nice text graphics and possibly the Jaguar's joypad buttons to match up with those, laid out the same way. The dice themselves are all animated when rolling (on both the bottom close-up dice and the table when either the player or character grabs and rolls them). Probably should have green, yellow, or red borders around them based on their value or options available. The idea is simplicity. To inform the player which dice they probably want to keep so a simple and easy interface is critical. No one wants to fumble around selecting each dice on what they want to roll or keep. Actually, that should most certainly be the next step of action: JagPad Buttons.... maybe a Jag Claw action each time any action is performed.
  10. I had considered this very seriously and almost did it a few years ago when it was $19.99 a month. I just checked again recently and turns out their pricing had increased almost 3x so I ended up getting a cell jack to connect my old BeoCom2000 to and use it like the good old days! I just can't use dial up....
  11. \m/es[-]uggah!

  12. Since I was able to get the first batch out so quickly, another (smaller) batch of 16 is now available, please use the eBay link here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324663997595 I also wanted to make sure there were enough JagSwag bonus freebies for the international orders as well. The plan currently is to send out 30 to Matt this coming week so that hopefully, they can be sent and arrive to everyone soon after. I'm honestly not sure if that will work with any emulator but don't see why there should be any issues making an ISO to use on your Game Drive. I don't own one to test.
  13. All U.S. orders have shipped (with one exception requiring human contact at a front desk Monday), thanks again everyone! Everything is estimated to arrive before or by Thursday next week. 😀
  14. You're not missing anything, it's not numbered outside of how many were left on the eBay auction.
  15. It's in a cardboard sleeve similar to that of the Myst demo. I'd love to do an actual Atari-styled DigiPak release of something worthwhile but Simone did not warrant that level of packaging and I'm not sure I'll do anything else for the JagCD at this point.
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