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  1. Every few months I'll do a quick search to see if anything new pops up. It looks like a slew of ST Reports and few other things have surfaced beginning of February which had a bit of, well... colorful tidbits that I found fascinating to read and sharing for those who may be interested. This appears to be from the GEnie days in 1989, it's just a shame that the the messages or responses weren't all printed in their entirety but it seems someone wasn't exactly on-board with the idea of the Hotz Box, at all. This one is called "A different look at the Hotz Box" by John Eidsvoog, which I would later learn was co-owner of CodeHead Software. I did find he has a YouTube channel is and is quite the piano player, though I didn't see a Mac in sight anywhere. It even states in the beginning his attempt at trying not to be biased about the Hotz (I had incorrectly presumed in favor of lol) but that would sharply turn into a deafening no. Interestingly it didn't stop there with just a long-winded unfavorable review, though it doesn't mention he actually played the unit first hand. There seems to be quite a bit of messages responding to anyone showing interest or posting positive views of the Atari Hotz Box with quick lashes of how the Hotz Box does nothing for the musician but restricts them and is no better than a Chord Organ. Yikes. I decided to keep these clippings in their entirety as it kind of shows the bias against Atari ST computers as well and favors Macs so there could possibly be some other deeper-rooted bias than even just outright disliking the Hotz as a whole. Though it turns out they were selling a supposedly competing product called MIDIMATE that ran on the 8-bit line, which could yet be another variable. What I found most fascinating with John's dislike is completely discrediting both the software and the hardware altogether unless the comparison was to that of again, the Chord Organ. Anyone can recognize instantly that the Hotz isn't going to be a device or setup that you start banging out some ragtime Maple Leaf Rag on, it's a completely different setup/approach for a different type of music. Not to say that it would be entirely impossible either but I wouldn't want to try it and if that were my intent to begin with, I would certainly use a standard piano over a vastly different controller/instrument to do it with. Anyways, it unfolds... World of Atari in 1989 must have been held at various locations (the one I know of being in Dallas, TX) but apparently also in Anaheim, CA posted by John Nagy and expresses how the concert side of things turned out to be a doosey, in not such a good way it seems, at least from his experience: Some more good reading material from John Nagy with mention to Hotz and such from NAMM 1990: A guy named Rocky Sgro apparently recorded the shows in 1989 and back then you could order a VHS copy from him so I'm really hoping it surfaces, that would be great to watch!
  2. Not sure where to post this exactly as it seems to be quite a stretch in finding at all but this seems like the most ideal area. Does anyone here own one or know of someone owning a copy of the World of Atari show from 1989? Of course I couldn't find anything on YouTube (there was something from 1998) but nothing else that I could find.
  3. Agree with this 100% - keep the cost to a bare minimum less the wonky extras or if there's enough demand for whatever else you/others can dream up, set them apart for those who request/need them. I'm not even sure what extra wants or features you would need and I always ask for more lol... what else is there? Definitely want to be on board but ultimately it would depend on price. Do you have a general ballpark range? Part of the reason I proceeded to develop my own 2/4MB PCBs and now 6MB boards was because they either weren't readily available, no one would sell me any for whatever reason (like pulling teeth or just no response at all) or finally the price range was $12 for just a blank de-soldered board alone, that would then later be reduced to $8 but was still too expensive for just a blank board. Please correct me if I'm wrong but we're talking about more than just a blank board here right? One that is being sold with a flash chip (x size) that just needs to be programmed? or are we to supply the chips as well? Now is the perfect time for something like this to materialize. My next project after the 6MB board was to figure out a 16MB bank-switching board (drop the manual switch) but this may save me from having to do that (I would be grateful), which would be really nice since it sounds like you already have the foundation (mostly) laid out and just need to pull the trigger. It also sounds like you're going to be able to go above 16MB with a design like that as well, would that be true? The other benefit of this board would also be (most likely) more readily available flash chips over the "who knows when" depleting stock of 2/4MB EPROM chips that remain out there for regular boards and may finally end up being ultra scarce or eventually no more sooner than later. So it may quickly serve as a nice alternative all-around anyways. Define "not cheap".... as in,how much exactly? I think the initial cost of a custom programmer would be worth it, the problem we have now is that only a handful of Jaguar cart connectors exist as new stock, so I'm not sure where you would be able to acquire those anymore sadly. B&C has like 4 left I think and AFAIK, Best has none. I have 3 or 4 in a drawer somewhere.
  4. Definitely not a stupid question, I never knew until I started playing around with the scaling myself and then later found some documentation covering the issue some time later. Curious, what brought up the question though as it seems you may have snagged somewhere? I was quick to learn it can cause some nasty problems (degradation quickly) if you're trying to do too much by way of a lot of 16-bit graphics and multiple higher quality sounds at the same time. And to further clarify for anyone else who may stumble upon this, this is not an underlying issue or weakness with JagStudio, this is a Jaguar issue at its core.
  5. I gather the wait time will be quite extensive due purely to the massive back log (probably 6+ months), in the meantime I would recommend checking out the recently updated Skunkboard that @cubanismo has been working on found here, as you’re likely to receive that in the next few months:
  6. I’m not sure what the differences or benefits are but that seems unlikely. The BASIC portion of JagStudio is highly effective and quite easy in the grand scheme of things. Highly recommend you take a peek. You can create a 2MB program that will load from JagCD using Jiffi. Outside of that and memory track module support, I believe that’s all you’re going to see now that the focus is shifting to SD. It doesn’t make sense to support a mostly dead format where a superior option exists tbh.
  7. Isn’t that only true with red book audio games? Which I guess would be all official released CD games? (Except Primal Rage?) since AFAIK, load the levels and then play the audio track while the game runs from RAM?
  8. RELEASE THE BALLOONS!!! I’ve been preparing a few video tutorials for this that I’ll be uploading soon to help the absolute beginner, hopefully to help further clarify on setting up for getting off the ground and going. The QuickStart guide and included examples are a good place as any to poke around and have all the necessary information to do mostly everything you need. If anyone has any questions, please freely ask in the forums or if you’re not comfortable asking publicly, I’m more than happy to assist in any way I can and am only a private message away.
  9. That excites me as well and is my next project now that both 2/4MB and 6MB boards are completed, 16MB bank-switching is where I want to be (less the knob). Sadly 16MB still wouldn't be enough for the CD music of Battlemorph, of course. I loved that music so much and at one point learned how to play one of the tracks on a synth back in the late 90s.
  10. I don't know know who needs to see this but right now is the right time. Don't look back saying "man, I should have done more..."

  11. Reboot Swag Incoming! Super cool, thanks so much guys, love it!
  12. Loved the Lynx version, would be cool to see hit the Jag as well!
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