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  1. There's something soulfully charming about the luminescent glow from a retro hardware display.

    1. bluejay


      Charming, yes. 



    2. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      Stephen King time!

    3. Keatah


      I say it's moody, with a presence in the air, when there's extreme weather outside. Something like that..

  2. Crazy to see external CD-R prices of 1996 being $1,295 and realizing the media is officially considered extinct amongst the clould-streaming world.

    1. GoldLeader


      Whoa!   You scared me,  as I need a new CD-R (CD Burner) for my computer (and saw some on eBay for less than $22)...But you're talking about something specific I assume...A Jag CD perhaps?

    2. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      I mean the cost of a new CD burner in 1996 being that expensive and now it's only of use for old relics like us ;)

    3. GoldLeader


      OK Now I see how it was worded...Kinda tired...Words don't always make sense some days hahaha!!

  3. Rightfully so... that's a beautiful matching XE setup! Where's the printer?!
  4. Coolest coins ever man, thanks so much for making these! 🤘🏻
  5. Regretfully, I only have a single Jag on hand. While I don’t really need two, it would be nice to have a clean backup in the rare off chance my main one dies. Mainly to avoid paying crazy eBay prices. $300+ isn’t an easy number to digest when you got yours new for $259 and lived through the countless $20 KB Toy, etc. liquidation over the years only to see them bounce back in price beyond what they retailed for new with many being in piss poor condition.
  6. That's bad ass! Definitely getting two
  7. I have one I could part with but it had some weird graphic glitch during the title screen/intro that was possibly a result of the 7800 I had, although that particular 7800 played every retail release just fine. Never did get around to getting it sent back for warranty in case it was the cart though. Irrelevant now that I no longer have a 7800.
  8. Any machine is hard to program for if it's: 1. The first machine you've ever programmed for 2. Your first 3D program of any kind The majority of games that would be considered a failure for the Jag like Supercross X and Checkered Flag were just that, a programmers first attempt at creating a game on an arguably complex new game console. Add 3D in the mix and they didn't stand a chance against Atari's unrealistic deadlines. Anyone can say what they want about FFL not being a good game (it's true) but you can't deny that it runs great and looked amazing. The game play itself just wasn't very good. They should have stuck to making a kick ass Tekken or Virtua Fighter clone instead of doing what they always do and take what was suppose to be a fun and addicting arcade fighter then morph it into this unique spinoff of a complex move acquiring soul sucking game that took part of your life just to complete a single round. Interestingly, Jeff Minter thought the machine was easy to program for and claimed it to be a beast. It's a shame they only managed to get Minter to do the few games and the VLM but at least we got that. It would have also been really interesting to see another 3D title from Virtuality regardless of the game. Martin Brownlow was basically the 3D Jeff Minter for the Jag and he never really got the chance to shine. The marvel that is Missile Command VR locked away from only a few that may ever get to experience it at a game convention is truly a shame. It's another great example of what the Jaguar was capable of. Hard to see it though when the game is crippled with a joypad and crawling slow movement as a result.
  9. The sticker on the bottom of the Jaguar lists it as Atari at their Sunnyvale address despite being manufactured by IBM in North Carolina. I suspect the same to be the case for a label on the Falcon, just wasn't sure if someone actually knew the actual source. Atari Taiwan could mean anything. Mostly likely just being produced for Atari in Taiwan and as such requiring the label to reflect accordingly. Did Atari even have any actual manufacturing facilities when the Falcon was released in 1992? I though everything had mostly shut down by that point outside of a distribution center in U.K. that was technically Atari U.K. with Darryl Still?
  10. Just a curiosity. I know the Jaguar was manufactured by IBM but never did see any discussion or words on who manufactured the Falcons for Atari, does anyone know?
  11. It doesn't matter if the CD would have added $500 or $5 to the total cost, the Jaguar was not designed to be a CD system.... but carry on.
  12. Could this be due to rapinit.s text layer being set to wrap instead of ignore?
  13. Sadly I had no idea of the Falcons existence until sometime in late 94 or early 95 thanks to Toad Computer catalogs but they were asking prices like $1,899 IIRC for a fully loaded machine then. I wish Atari would have continued pushing the Falcon and had they been smart enough to include a single page pamphlet for an Atari Falcon computer with the Jaguar and/or Lynx, especially at prices of $799 or $999, I would have figured out a way to have bought one. I either had a 286 Leading Edge or 386 Zenith IBM PC at the time of getting the Jaguar for Christmas of 1993. Really wanted a higher-end 486 Multimedia PC but couldn't afford one as I think the Packard Bells were going for around $2,400 during that time. Atari seemed incredibly short sighted in that regard. What were they even thinking.
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