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  1. I think your question really hits head on as to why the Hotz Box never managed to gain momentum (outside of quite a few other variables prohibiting it) or others understanding its intended purpose. Words really can't do it any justice but from a technical standpoint on the hardware side alone, I would say the primary takeaway bullet points would be: -Built-in vibrato (perfect for a whammy-styled guitar sound). Jimmy is a guitar player first and foremost, so it makes sense he would want to translate that play-ability into the device. -More sensitive pitch bending that's configurable via the Translator software. There's something to be said about having those 3 buttons to pitch bend up, down and use vibrato in one central location. -Possibility of 8 individual layered MIDI channels (different sounds) played simultaneously or entire board merged into a single channel via Translator software for fast scaling, all with sustain possibilities. -Incredibly fast sliding due to the flat membrane ideal for harp-like sounds and playing, sliding of guitar sounds, experimental, etc. I think Jimmy has been the only one to even come close in exploiting its full potential, which makes sense seeing as how he's the inventor having some 30+ years experience with it. Plus not very many are out there, it's kind of sad because there is a lot of potential with a device or setup like this in the right hands. I'm an amateur but it's a lot of fun. I'll record a video in an attempt at highlighting the features I described above in something that has more of a song-like structure and might show how you could do things with it not possible with just any MIDI keyboard.
  2. It absolutely matters what game it is but when new games are released at $70, $80, $90... of course those numbers are unattainable. That's not to say some of the games don't warrant their pricing (especially in regards to effort/production/quality involved, years spent on a single game) but it's a hard pill to swallow when any single game is $80+. Anyone would be hard pressed to sell that many at those price points and since the prices are likely prohibiting sales to begin with, once they are discontinued (for whatever reason) the already in ultra-low numbers produced later end up selling for yet even more to hardcore collectors for $300+ Considering the limited user base, it's fascinating to me that so many are able to even be sold at those prices.
  3. Sorry to hear that 😕 Ok, so quick update: I was on a solid roll last year but things slowed down a lot over the holidays as family and work projects took priority. Outside of that, I had decided to play the waiting game on quite of a few things into the new year hoping something substantial would surface and while it mostly resulted in no beneficial outcome, it helped answer some underlying questions. Was pushing hard to get an actual physical prototype of the Duo Casing with working electronics and 3D files (mostly due to possible design differences in what I have and what could have been, I'll touch base more on that some other time). Ira's wife was kind enough to put me in direct contact with several others including the manufacturing plant in Malaysia, sadly the only thing to come from several months of it all was some Panther renderings and class project slides that Ira had in his studio archive. While no specifics were given from the current owner, I was told they tossed a lot of stuff during a downsizing move way back in 2000. Kind of sad and unfortunate to learn but also helps add closure to that being a possibility. The guy spent quite a bit of time going through their storage unit in trying to help uncover something useful for me but only found scraps to unrelated things. I'm very appreciative of his time and efforts though. The Malaysia plant unfortunately didn't have any data to provide in regards to number of prototype units created and naturally as a result of some 25-years passing, none of the original employees assigned to the project during that time period remains at the factory to help answer any additional questions. Kind of figured that much going into it though given the time that has passed. So in short, progress has mostly been stagnant on the main front but will pick up again here in coming months. I've got a laundry list of other things I'm dabbling in currently (this includes actually playing games for once). With that said, progress is still happening in the background (currently direction has progressed with the casing as a result) and I'll update again when I have something worthwhile to add. Was hoping to have had a working prototype to show by now (or a non-functional built board even), but there's still a few things that need to be worked out in regards to some obsolete components that will require having someone else taking a look at to figure a workaround for. They're minor things in the grand scheme of it all but still essential for operation. Some of these component companies have shifted hands so many times that it's incredibly time consuming and difficult to track everything down or even get a response for some of the things I need.
  4. Anyone notice that the huge round feet on the bottom right concept there made it into the Ultra, I mean, N64? 😃
  5. It’s definitely a cool curiosity. Plus it’s adult oriented and there weren’t many games for the Jaguar in 95/96 specifically targeting adults. I’d rather have played this than Braindead 13 back then.
  6. Honestly not sure why it would need any sort of official release at this point since it has been dumped and downloadable for others to play for quite a long time, also sold by B&C I believe for just as long. As with any FMV-based CD game, you only want to really play it a few times. Even perfectly normal released JagCD games like Battlemorph crash so I doubt that would be a selling point in claiming its 100% crash or bug free.
  7. Correct, both blue (the units I originally acquired) and red units (that Ted originally acquired) are complete with working base transmitters. When I received the blue VR headsets, I had a spare transmitter that was almost fully populated (I think it was only missing the EPROM chipset and a 16-bit Zilog processor) and was clearly used as a testing unit. I sold this along with an empty blue headset shell to Curt of Atari Museum. He has long since sold that lot off, probably sometime around the early 2000s but no idea to who. Whoever owns it now certainly hasn't posted here about it over the years and chances are they may not even have it anymore, as in, possibly sold it along the way to someone else. Ted's @4getdat Red headset also had two tracker units and I believe 2 spare empty transmitter shells. From what I know, both of those went to Tim (BuddyBuddies) who has long since removed himself from the community for several years now and has not responded to personal emails, at least not to me. His partner in crime who was co-running Beta Phase games did respond to me last year but emphasized that Tim has left the scene with no further details and no way to get into direct contact with him. He did not respond to my follow-up and last I heard their website was down. I was trying to get in touch with him regarding the JagDuo casing. He had a kid and went on a selling spree so who owns it all now remains a mystery, strangely.
  8. Every once in a great while you'll come across someone that blows your expectations completely out of the water and back around the globe, leaving you awestruck. From start to finish with modding my Atari Lynx using the newer BennVenn LCD, Jesse diligently kept me updated during the entire process. His communication is stellar and handy modwork is the best anyone can expect. Hands down one of the most amazing customer-service experiences of my entire life. Loving my newly modded Lynx! All the best to you kind Sir, you're an invaluable asset to the Atari community. Thank you.
  9. I don’t know what kind of boring “Real Life” you’re living in ;), but it’s definitely X-rated from where I sit. Or stand. Or... ok, I’ll stop lol Which reminds me, I haven’t worn my letter “R” (boxed) t-shirt to warn others to stay away lately. This must change starting immediately. I can’t even begin to count the number of F words that have already emitted from my mouth this year. Ok, I’ll make a guess.... probably 163, but that may be on the low side. This is a result of playing multiplayer war games however. Anger management is important in real life.
  10. A few more Hotz related items arrived and one in particular that took some serious digging to find was a VHS promo of the French band called Lightwave (had never heard of them before) who collaborated with Paul Haslinger from Tangerine Dream to play with them live at The Astoria in 1992. You can see a small clip I captured here but the entire thing is over an hour long and features video shots of the Hotz Box almost the full duration with multiple Atari ST computers in action. It was quite a treat to watch. The entire time it gave off the vibe that they were really trying to sound a lot like Tangerine Dream (and for good reason) as I then saw Paul Haslinger playing the Hotz and was "Ohhhh!" well, that makes sense. I haven't seen any other bands use the Hotz Box in concert outside of Fleetwood Mac (until now) but they didn't really show it much in their videos. It's very prominently shown throughout this event however, even if it's really kind of bizarre usage, similar to the Kitaro video: Pictures from the Lightwave studio, you can see a Hotz in the background with the Atari ST running the Translator software: These pictures certainly make more sense now with Paul Haslinger in Jimmy's studio: Gert Borovcok was kind enough to open up his Hotz Wing controller and verify the PCB internals are identical to the larger unit: Mondo 2000 magazine with an article from 1992 also showed up on my doorstep recently: Future Music - October 2006 wrote about the Hotz Box a little bit and mentioned Jimmy Hotz in the front of their magazine: Pretty sure the information well is almost dried up at this point on what's left out there. It has taken a considerable amount of research time to find all of these information tidbits, so it only makes sense to continue sharing what little I find here and there. I'm actually surprised having been able to find as much as I did considering just how scattered everything was in regards to time gaps and locations. Even so, there are still a ton of unanswered questions which hopefully someday will be revealed. With that said, there's a nice little project I've been working on and should have it completed in the next month since I'm eager to add it to my studio mix. Will post more details on when that's done as I'm eagerly looking forward to it being finished! =D
  11. Absolutely stunning work to all involved in making this possible. The scene never ceases to amaze me with the tricks and cool stuff that continues to be developed and released. This is incredible!
  12. That collection is absolutely bonkers! Truly incredible. I agree with CPUWIZ that the clear 7800 should be sold separately but maybe not necessarily eBay. I’m not sure if you’re hoping this is going to land in the hands of a collector for a reasonable price or someone who most likely will try and part and profit from it after they buy it from you. I’ll never understand the not splitting the lot mentality but you’re the seller. Bottom line is the majority of people will never be able to afford such a lot without taking out a hefty loan and that’s just the reality of it and probably not feasibly justified for most. Even the deepest of pockets would seemingly find it hard to plop down whatever out of the realm price this lot could go for. It just seems like it would make more sense to split but I guess lucky guy/gal whoever can afford it all in one go.
  13. Thanks for the info. Once I get the bitmap ready and inserted into the TOS image, I may nudge you kindly again to see if you can find the patch but will attempt to see if I can find it on Exxos first sometime this weekend.
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