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  1. At least it ever existed to begin with and is in such a state that people can still do a lot of cool things on the Jag if they really choose to learn and do so. I've spent years with it and haven't really released anything credible to show for it but that time has been used learning and even more so experimenting, with at least 1 mini game completed (yet to be released) and another full game nearly completed, with the hard part of finalizing the animation work needing to be done. It would be cool for someone to pick it up and expand upon it since it's such a great foundation as it is, but who would even bother really? As it stands, there are only a few more things I could even ask for from the package at this point but those are outside of the original intended scope or purpose of what this was to begin with (or so I believe anyways) and just makes me feel greedy for even thinking about extra "features" to an already freely available package.
  2. Mick, how could you!? but I do wonder when that clip interview with Fleetwood was recorded, had to have been 1993 - 1996. I only stumbled upon this crazy Zendrum MIDI device this morning but it seemingly had far more interest or people playing it than even the Hotz did, which is interesting since the Hotz controller is a more traditional styled instrument. Possibly due to cost I guess but a used Zendrum is currently going for $1,250 on Reverb right now, because I was curious if they even still existed and were sold. Where's the band that uses a Zendrum, Hotz, Synthaxe and Space Harp at?
  3. Just poking my head into say I appreciate you documenting your Lynx coding journey here and everyone who has been so kind (or not lol) in helping you get to where you are now, compiling something that works! This has been in the back of my mind and it looks like you've done a huge part of the legwork in having something setup that's understandable for a newbie like myself. Hopefully I can use your trial and errors to sit down some weekend when I'm not exhausted and attempt to set everything up in creating something, anything, for the Lynx like you have in the sense of at very least compiling something and making it work, then going from there. My environment is completely Windows these days, have an old Ubuntu box out in the garage that I haven't really touched in about 5 years and really, I'd just prefer to keep it that way at this point. With all of that noise being said, how are you currently getting on with anything new now that it has been a few weeks since your last post? Since 256 color backgrounds are somewhat of a requirement for what I would like to do (not animated mind you, just static backgrounds) why is it required to be done in Assembly over C? Also, do you know the size limitations with using your current environment/setup in regards to game size? I'm guessing you'll beat me to it but I'm also curious to see the pathway into eventually burning your own chips and making your own carts, as I've already learned to do with the Jag. Thanks, look forward to seeing more!
  4. Just my .01 cent (as I do not code for the Lynx (yet) making my opinion mostly irrelevant) but from an outside perspective, a strict theme may seem a bit off putting and constrained. I understand the desire to make it more level grounded or fair but capping freedom of creativity may also limit the desire to code for a compo as well, limiting turnout as a result.
  5. Has anyone managed to compile the 3D (RENDER) demo and if so, do you mind sharing the makefile you used?
  6. This one slipped under my radar but I finally gave it a spin this morning... and my fingers fell off after several rounds! If you’re looking to bring Thumb out of retirement, this game is sure to do it. Made it to the end of LVL2, dig the Game Over screen (as my fingers enjoy a brief rest) =D Anyways, really friggin cool game!
  7. That's not the one with the sphere/globe is it, or am I thinking of something else?
  8. @agradeneu oh, just realized what you meant now (I think), you're referring to the distance of the platform here? If so then yeah, the idea is to extend it out much further out into the horizon, just haven't gotten there yet and in which case, it is 10 ft away.
  9. You mean the platform feels like 10 feet away? He's just a big bird but yeah, that does need to be figured out, good point. Probably draw the background closer altogether and level it out. Right, just a faux 3D runner of sorts with some variety that's mostly a straight shot but hoping to add some twists and turns in there. This came together by accident while messing around so I'm not sure what it'll turn into.
  10. Usually don't share things I experiment with publicly but this one sucked me in and has progressed quickly into a crude playable state after just a few days. Also want to continue to prove that these dusty part the woods still serve a purpose. What started off mentally as a possible platformy-type of idea quickly turned into a Sonic-like 3D coin collecting game crude experimentation example of sorts. 2-days in with most of the time going toward creating the graphics(animation)/music/sfx and a 3rd of the time correcting my own mistakes after a million (literally) trial and errors. As with everything, it's been a learning process. While rough in it's early form, anything that has me coming back to it after a few days is promising since I tend to get bored quickly. A few still shots to give a quick initial idea of what's going on - they could be golden glazed donuts but they're just fat coins, ideally they would be animated spinning: A slightly more refined platform to run amok but super crude with Bird Brains himself: As it stands, you can move the character in all directions, jump (really shitty currently), collect coins (hit detection is too high), coins are counted/displayed and the platform shifts to imitate movement until I can wrap my head around how to create run paths efficiently so that it moves up/down and possibly curves left/right accordingly and maybe into/out of pipes. Holding B currently acts as run or SonicSpin but I've yet to create the animation and sound for him swirling in the air, which will eventually be a requirement for collecting the coins I think unless you have a row of like 20 coins you spin down on to collect. Holding A jumps while holding up increases the speed a little bit with the idea of there being objects that pop-up that will also increase the speed by a notch or two, or obstacles to slow you down that should be avoided or cause you to lose your coins. Just winging it... It really can't be made into anything on a deep Sonic level gameplay-wise but it could easily be a level-by-level, coin collecting/obstacle avoiding high-score type of game. Maybe Level 1 collect x amount of coins and as long as you continue to retain x amount by the end of the level, you'll go onto the next round, so on and so on... Eventually will include some binaries here as I get on with it. All ears and a big beak for suggestions, if you have any.
  11. Right off the top it was missing several level directories altogether so I just moved along.
  12. While I can understand not wanting to support such a package anymore for a multitude of reasons, I feel like completely removing it for others to access and use would be terrible for the Jag community. Why not just leave it in place so that others can use it in the future at some point? Not that removing it would prevent it from being hosted elsewhere I suppose. I do appreciate you and everyone involved in making this package for those of us who like to mess around on the Jag in such creative way possible, a lot of cool things have been worked on and are still being done for the Jag as a result and for that, I thank you.
  13. Just have to think outside of the box or think adaptability-wise in regards to what you can do different to achieve similar results but in the end it doesn't sound like resuming a song from pause is really worthwhile if that's the intent or just leave the music playing.
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