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  1. For some reason, I too had it in memory that the Stratix FPGA Torlus worked on wasn't quite running full speed either but it does appear to be full speed judging from the Cybermorph video he posted many years ago:
  2. In no particular order: 1. Skyhammer 2. Skyhammer 3. Skyhammer Zero 5 is boss as well!
  3. Ouch lol ... but seriously, how can you not know what it is even now with all the mini consoles selling millions...
  4. It's downloadable from somewhere?
  5. If you watch the gameplay video of the PSX version, it definitely looks like a Jag-styled title. Doesn't feel like we're missing out much on this one honestly.
  6. Comparing the large Hotz Box against the smaller unit. Not sure why the large one has what looks to be a printed logo as the top shell definitely has a pad stamped logo while the smaller unit has both top and back stamped. If only these things weren’t so rare. I would love to disassemble one to check out the internal goodies but definitely do not want to damage the ribbons and these did not come by cheap for me, so I’m not sure that will happen. The smaller unit did not come with a serial number but the large unit is listed as 1061. I’ve seen another unit with the serial number of 069 and one of the original testers unit serial number is handwritten 01002. I suspect Jimmy had envisioned selling possibly over 10,000 units at some point but since the pricing never was realistically low enough for the average consumer, it never happened. It’s also too bad that the software seemed to be the huge focus with these but I’m guessing after realizing very limited amount of people were willing to pay $2,000+ for one, it was probably a last ditch effort to bring in some sort of revenue since so much time and effort was put into creating and manufacturing these super cool MIDI controllers. *notice the original white labels used on other units, mine has a silver reflective label Not trying to turn this into an advert but since they’re so seemingly rare, figured I would share this Reverb post by someone (Yoram Ariel) who claims to be one of the original testers. If I didn’t already have mine, I would jump on it (also, he’s in Israel): https://reverb.com/item/23217976-atari-hotz-box-master-unit-hmt130h-1989-blue-black
  7. Probably the case but no idea how to reverse/extract that. Even with assets extracted, I don't see anyone putting the time and effort into re-creating something like this when there are a dozen other perfectly good ports already in existence and effort better spent elsewhere for new or different games.
  8. Sorry, I meant for software not hardware. From personal experience, the hardware was mostly reliable outside of memory failure with the XE line and the faulty keyboards on the 1200XLs.
  9. I went through all 3 PC, PSX and N64 and none seem to include original artwork sources. The PC has a few screens for title and copyright text but nothing useful otherwise from the quick glimpse through it all. It does have all the sfx and music however. Suppose there's this but I can't imagine it going well, especially without a ton of work involved: https://www.mortalkombatwarehouse.com/umk3/#title
  10. Whatever direction it was Atari decided to take on, being the cheapest and taking the cheaper route ultimately is what I view being the real killer for Atari. The Jaguar is a perfect example. Amazing (yet flawed) hardware completely destroyed by the lack of adequate memory with little to no real 3rd party support for a laundry list of reasons and zero quality control because desperation for software gave them no choice? Either way, it ended very sadly.
  11. Haven't had the time to finalize and record the much more complex stuff I've been toying with but feel like this is an unusual example of what can be done on it in very simple form without the software:
  12. I'm definitely not qualified to say but speculate it being harder to convert said source into something usable for the Jag than it would be to write something entirely from the ground up. Does the source also contain all the original music and art assets?
  13. I've been caught up with so much of their circus show that I started questioning if the lights were actually working with the movement of the joystick or if they just have a ring of light inside circling and someone has perfected the circular motion to try and match it for show. #SkilledShowmanship
  14. Just watched the CNET video. What the hell is going on with the joystick? Is this the self-centering 5200 joystick everyone dreamed of? It looks like it's going to control like shit. I've never played Pac-Man like I'm holding a chopstick either. Maybe that's how other people play but I like to grip my joystick and actually move it, this definitely looks to be more 5200-styled analog, which I have a deep passionate hatred for. What a shame. As far as the laptop in a clear case? I could definitely see that. The game selection screen looks like a terrible mock up. See Tempest 4000 cut off around the edges or is that supposed to look like... that.
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