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  1. Since the topic has become wildfire, it could just as easily be that someone not under NDA and not knowing the real 'facts' somehow spread speculations that are indeed factual tidbits and the reaction from Atari only seems to confirm it as such, though no specifics were given. That could mean literally anything. It's none other than Atari's fault in the end for giving the bare minimum in regards to updates and leaving everyone else to guess wtaf is going on. How is it not their duty to communicate any major setbacks? I would think something like that would be covered in the IG terms and bind them into a mandated statement or update regarding the fact of such a thing. Everything else seems to quickly point to "we can't be held liable, etc. etc. etc." instead.
  2. The prototype PCB itself could be larger than the case and one or the other might need to be modified slightly in the end but it does appear to line up perfectly with the side and rear from a layout standpoint. Since I don't have the case in hand or the exact dimensions, I'm unable to verify. Hoping to have the case design files and/or schematic drawings soon, its just been a waiting game. Priority is still to have a single board built and proven to work before the rest is of any concern. The major components have mostly all trickled in now. Carefully going through and sourcing 100+ different parts has been very time consuming, especially since quite a few are obsolete and updated alternatives were required. Yes, definitely an option. This is how the prototype headsets were created for the Jaguar VR. When Atari moved from Toshiba to Motorola, they did not bother fixing the bugs you're referring to in their chipset that affect current Jaguars, although they could have. I'm guessing to remain completely compatible across the board and to prevent a recall on any older units, they decided to not update them. That is just speculation though. These will use new old stock 2nd revision Motorola chips.
  3. So I've done a lot of experimenting with as to why but this could be happening but haven't been able to resolve it myself. With the exception of the beginning and last graphic being inactive of course, as a test I've disabled every other graphic in the list yet after the Jaguar loads, I get a small blip of graphic glitchness for a split second on the left side then it goes away: Nothing is out of the ordinary in terms of graphics or sounds used and the source is clean as all I'm doing is changing a few images after a 50 second delay. (Actually I just deleted everything in .bas file so that it's literally doing nothing to ensure something wasn't going wonk elsewhere and no change). The ROM builds under 1MB, all the graphics themselves are under 75kb, just not sure what would cause this on boot-up and figured I would ask here in case someone has any ideas as to why. I never had this problem when using only 16bit graphics.
  4. Yeah, I don't even think I received my NES until 89 to put things in perspective personally. Klax was ok but if that really was the killer app then it would explain why it didn't take off. Even today I would rather play B&W Tetris over Klax. Tetris had all the elements of addictive gameplay and great music. I had the same feeling towards Pipe Dream as well, loved it as a puzzle game and the music was incredible. I feel like we were robbed not having either of those games in glorious color with amazing music to boot for our Lynx.
  5. I love the Lynx (which reminds me, I need to send it off for the BV LCD mod) but while it had a lot of great games, there simply was not any single killer exclusive game that made the hardware an absolute must have. Some may say Blue Lightning but I don't believe that's the case and from what I heard, Dracula could have been amazing but was hindered from within Atari. The Alien vs. Predator demo found some years later proved to be rather cool but was quite a far cry from what the Jag offered in terms of depth. It would have been amazing had they ported Tempest 2000 to the Lynx but even with all of those, it would have probably only helped push out whatever inventory they already had at the time at best. That's only part of it. I do believe distribution must have been another issue or at least until it was too late and the Jaguar had already hit the scene. As a kid, I simply don't remember seeing the Lynx until around 94 and by then it seemed to be a discounted handheld. Huge orange stickers claiming $269 value for only $99 (Lynx II with 4 games, etc.) then it wasn't much longer and Sega would release the Nomad in 1995. I remember how cool I thought the Nomad was and the rich kid down the street that got everything of course had one. Played with it one time but it was quite a brick, no worse than the Lynx however. I don't remember the screen being as bad as it certainly is now but then again, the old LCDs simply do not age well it seems. Thankfully the new LCDs and SD carts are breathing new life into them again, not to mention all the cool compos. Despite all of that, where's the killer app? It could have been the Switch of the 90s had it been capable of being a portable AND connecting to the TV, though I still doubt that would have made a difference as cool as it would have been. It still needed some major 3rd party games on a grand scale that just never was to be. Dracula was probably the closest to a really big title the Lynx could have ever received and sadly it just didn't happen and for that, you can thank Atari. So to answer your question: Nobody knows of the Lynx because Atari was cheap and just didn't manage to get enough 3rd party games that mattered. Everyone would rather make monochrome games for Gameboy with a user installed base that far exceeded anything the Lynx could ever dream of touching, despite its technical greatness. The Game Gear had about 400 games for it and sold 10 million units, the Gameboy selling over 118 million units with a game library of just over 1,000 and the Lynx a measly 75 games. So you have to look back in perspective and admire that they managed to sell 3 million units really when both Gameboy and Game Gear simply dominated in terms of what they could offer.
  6. I’m only estimating roughly around 10,000 units based on the numbers from the IG page but how does everyone feel this would compare to one of the mini consoles like the Genesis Mini or maybe a better comparison would be Analogue’s far more expensive offerings in terms of total number of units to be produced/sold? No doubt the Flashback itself was a hit but even in its best form can’t see this hitting even a fraction of that unless it hits the $99 discount bin territory.
  7. So to summarize, all talk and no show. You make a valid point there. There’s a difference between receiving critical feedback / opinions and requests from those who are interested in seeing substantial progress over years of hyper-technical FPS mumbo jumbo. It’s really simple as videos are the easiest way to visually communicate progress. Your last video was from over a year ago and pre-dates your claims to have completely rewritten Atari’s audio code into usable form so that it doesn’t hinder performance of whatever the title of this is, which you’ve stated now has stats, procedural generated tracks, RPG elements, so-on and so forth. Who knows what else, or not, since its been a full year. To say that everyone is hard to please is nothing more than a diversion tactic. Every other person to ever develop a game regularly shares video updates as they make progress, negative feedback or not. Some even go as far as to share their builds for others to test out to gain even further feedback or provide just for fun. It doesn’t take a detective to realize that at the end of the day, there’s no actual game progress therefore there’s nothing new to share. And that’s all fine and dandy. But it would be far more fair to admit that progress has been slower than you care for instead of accusing everyone in the forum of only bitching if you show something (or don’t) out of fear they won’t like it. How about: 1. Continue to divert attention due to lack of progress by posting and talking about anything but. -> WTF And really, snow? Give me a break. We’re not in the dune buggy and horses time period and it doesn’t take a sunny day to upload a video.
  8. Seems irrelevant either way, since Atari has no one else to blame other than themselves at this point. Although after reading his interview, it’s clear he has a IDGAF kind of attitude so it may be more than just Atari to blame even if all roads lead to them in the end regardless.
  9. If only as much effort was put into recording a 60-second video instead, we’d have a full-length 2-hour feature film by now and possibly a much more positive thread response. I’d call it: “Magnitude” I can’t be bothered with FPS hype but I do hope it features the Earth-shattering Sensurround!
  10. Even though he hasn’t said it here, he’s made it quite clear in other threads that he doesn’t have the time to make videos of his demos or games or whatever it is because he can’t please everyone and we only exist to bash his work and bitch about it in hopes the thread gets closed. Instead of simply posting a minute video of anything, it was easier to give a psychological breakdown or book advice about us creatures over here in Jaguar land. By that logic, I’m not sure what good posting 3D dev photos does anyone either but it’s not my time or thread nor do I have a psychology major to back up said decisions of someone deciding to post one thing over the other over the course of several years. Though one could conclude it would seemingly be substantially more interesting to those genuinely interested in seeing something or anything running outside of screenshots alone of some dev environment toolchain getup. Either way, I’m just here to bitch lol 😛 I’m all for cool Jag-related stuff and even happy with basic photos or screenshots but yeah, maybe someone with a camera can be bothered to record said demo he says he’ll have running at PRGE and post it here for everyone to check out. I’m all for scenario 3: someone else takes a video and posts it and then everyone bitches about it
  11. Kieren's story on The Register has an addendum: Is that a threat? It wasn't a denial, in any case. So.... telling the press that Atari hasn't paid you for 6+ months and that you have quit the project are both violation of confidentiality terms? I mean... they certainly do like to remain confidential with all the details, as proven by the last 2+ years but when you fail to pay the other party as agreed upon, haven't you already broken that contract? Unless of course, I'm missing the details on what was actually leaked... because it sure as hell wasn't a video of the unit operating in current form, that's for sure.
  12. 8. Is this board 100% complete and since it's most likely not, who is going to finish it now since everyone knows they're not paying? 9. Why didn't they show the underside of the PCB? 10. Where's the full video of the molds being released? Are they being paid or did they withdraw just before release due to lack of payment? 11. Are there any exclusive games for it yet? Apologies, we already know the answer to this one. Carry on...
  13. Looks like Ubuntu. Still have to wonder why their "dev OS or apps" are not working on these "particular units"
  14. Come on... you have to power that Fuji-logo somehow!
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