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  1. Just my opinion but it's probably easier to create something small and from scratch (and speaking from experience, is mostly ideal). I don't think "a simple arcade port" reality really exists (other than the assets preexisting) as it all still requires a lot of work and you'll find challenges regardless of the path you choose. Ultimately, it's best to do what you want to do for yourself and whatever motivates you the most.
  2. It's almost like saying the Jaguar sold somewhere between 125k to 250k units, that's a hell of a gap to toss up in the air. 52,223 lol
  3. There’s a spreadsheet from an official Atari DAT backup restored a few years ago that showed the numbers but that was as of mid-95. Don’t remember if it shows actual sold or total production numbers.
  4. MK2 would have been one hell of a pack-in title for the end of 1993, could you imagine the outcry lol They could have ran a single full page ad with bold red blood dripping text: "GET OVER HERE!" as a means to come join the Jaguar platform. That's all Atari would have ever needed for a full house. The controversial publicity and uproar over such a violent pack-in would have been enough free advertising to push them into the 21st century and everyone would have wanted it. Only to then follow it up with Club Drive and Checkered Flag!
  5. Mortal Kombat 3 would have been a killer app for Jag and it was actually planned, but... what happened? Atari happened.
  6. Is playing an Atari Jaguar controlled with an Atari Lynx that controls a Commodore 64 on an in-game CRT on your actual CRT the ultimate wormhole to break reality? :lol:

  7. You don't need a lot of money to create great games, there are endless examples of this being the case.
  8. Yeah, I guess my point was it still ran like ass lol textured or not.
  9. Maybe not processing power but bandwidth on the other hand... that's where the 68K+GPU+DSP worlds seem to collide. It would be interesting to see the test results they must have ran during the time of creating the Jaguars with 68020 and 68030. Had they realized it to be a very minimal gain in performance overall, they should have noticed it as a serious design issue elsewhere. Maybe Atari just said no too early on for them to really give it any in-depth analysis though. Didn't appear to do Cybermorph any favors and I'm not necessarily a hater just looking back on the game now (as I loaded it up a week or so ago for the first time in forever) it seemingly runs painfully slow for what it is but is definitely visually pleasing against just being textured to death. I didn't mind it as a pack-in because it was just that but it definitely didn't have any addictive allure going for it. I remember playing it for like an hour or two and immediately felt that I needed to get some more games.
  10. 3 Atari Falcons and 1 C-Lab Falcon now for sale and the timing couldn't be any worse given the things we're all going through in the world. I guess that's part of the reason so many are suddenly available. Can we go back a few years?

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Our current leaders say it's all great now and there isn't any real inflation or problems other than hate and only because of one group so it's all good. These things are all in our imagination! Therefore the timing must be a complete coincidence! It's not like anybody would be lying or anything... ;)  That said, it's getting pretty darn dicey for those that are trying hard to work or run a small business in a lot a places.

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      The economy and inflation is no joke.  I'm curbing spending because uncertainty is a major concern.   I basically feel like anyone can get laid off at any time until this is years behind us. 

  11. Being released as a CD console takes away from the original design intent of the Jaguar entirely: to use minimal RAM (this is why it has so little) while pulling art/music assets directly from the cart (as was the original idea with the Panther), which isn't possible as a CD based system. You would need much more expensive RAM, not to mention the added loading times and expensive CD drive. Have you played Primal Rage for the Jaguar CD? Yikes! CD32 was $399 end of 1993, this would have have been just as much if not more. The Jaguar is the better system even without CD. JagCD couldn't even launch until September of 1995 (and for $149 which was not at all expensive) due to constant technical issues during development and it shows, even in production form it's barely a reliable way to do things. I'm sure had they managed to release it early on, we certainly wouldn't have the VLM either. Hell, that's the only reason I bother with a Jaguar CD to this day.
  12. Not sure if it's a newly discovered bug but it's newly discovered to me after my million hours of time with Tempest 2000. During my evening of trying to remember the cheat code to unlock the Tempest 2000 CD music playback feature *that doesn't actually exist, sadly* I found that if you pause the game during one of the levels and then try to reset the cartridge NVRAM (who would ever do that?!), it'll forever remain paused and lock you into an endless loop to where you can't actually select either ABSOLUTELY erase or NO! forcing you to reset the Jaguar. Just found it kind of amusing.
  13. Atari claimed the 68k in the Jag was only there for reading controllers but if that were true, then why would you "experiment" with making prototype versions using far more expensive 68020 and 68030 processors? I guess to read the controllers faster because that makes sense.

    1. CyranoJ


      If that were true it would have been a 6502/z80 because... cheaper.

    2. Prosystemsearch


      I honestly think that the Jaguar should have slightly less streamlined architecture, with a 68010 for the CPU, if not a 68020, and a more robust Jerry chip/processor.

  14. The NFT craze continues to abolish all that I've ever known to be true and sane.

    1. Allan


      The new way to launder money.

  15. Doesn't sound like anyone has accidentally stumbled upon the cheat codes yet or beat the game for that matter, so here are the few available codes for those interested: 😀
  16. Seems like it's all being blown out of proportion all around. Nothing to see here, carry on. Seriously though.
  17. The 3620 was a beautiful machine but all of their machines were incredibly expensive, like in the $65,000 to $110,000 range expensive. It is interesting to learn that symbolics.com was the first registered .com domain in 1985. By then you had Pentium processors and 3D packages to do the same surely better and far cheaper, at least from a hardware standpoint. The software was still crazy expensive though, some being in the $12k range for a single license. It does raise the question as to why Nintendo chose to use or adapt it for their use, maybe it was just cheaper in the end. Outside curiosity, not sure why anyone would want to bother even attempting to use such an archaic system for Jaguar 3D today though I see your point that at the time in the 90s, it might have been an interesting idea. An idea Atari would have never even considered due to pricing alone.
  18. Fear Street made me realize just how much of an impact having AOL on the Atari Falcon030 or Amiga 4000 could have made in the personal computing space of the 90s.

  19. That's pretty cool gave me a Halt and Catch fire feeling moment there.
  20. How is it possible for Atari to not release Tempest 2000 with a code to unlock CD audio playback during gameplay, especially since the JagCD was packed with the soundtrack! Did I miss the code?

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      No idea but it would be awesome to be able to play other CD's while playing the game!  Future Rom hack? 

  21. I was just responding to this, thanks! (will be... useful available to others looking for the same torture should they find their way here.) Lars was kind enough to point me to a dev manual that had been broken up into like 20 pieces with a section covering the JagCD specifically (appears to be the same one you uploaded). What a nightmare of a system and as suspected, didn't answer some questions I had hoped it would and the ones it did was very vague. Remembering now why it surprised me that any Jaguar CD games exist at all.
  22. I’ve seen various forms of Jaguar reference and dev manuals but I’ve yet to see one surface for the Jaguar CD. Or any other related programming documentation for it outside of a few various Atari utility programs. Does anyone know if Atari actually created one for the JagCD or any extension of the dev manual covering the Jaguar CD in detail? I know it was pretty close to the end of Atari once the JagCD was released but being in development for two years seems like it would have given them plenty of time to write up and document something proper.
  23. It might have been a little later than that for the $29 ultra clearance. Tiger Direct was selling them with 3 games for $59 or maybe it was around the same time and they were trying to just offload the games with them as well, running different promotions. This was supposedly from 1997 but seems about right:
  24. Would be cool to see pictures of your diag cart if you don't mind posting it sometime.
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