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  1. Yeah that's a pretty obvious bootleg. You'll need to figure out the pinout for it. Chances are they used the edge connector for the kick buttons, you see this a lot with bootlegs or newer board like the Pandoras. Either way you'd need to make an adapter to get it to work in a normal Jamma harness. Without knowing the pinouts its a bad idea to just try to plug it in or somehow make it fit as well.
  2. Last of the '77 numbered releases I need. Looking for Basic Math with the original '61' numbered box and cart. Thanks!
  3. I've got a Pentium PC from a Beach Head 2000 in my garage.. so yeah this is nothing new
  4. Apparently this was a set of figures released as a promo with the Playstation port of Gauntlet Legends Here's a pic of the entire set: https://www.gamelife.com/gauntlet-legends-pewter-metal-figures-set-of-6/
  5. I don't know where your arcades were but it was night and day opposite around my area. When Street Fighter II hit people went crazy. It wasn't long before it was -the- game at the arcade. Most arcades quickly added a 2nd machine just to keep up. People would line up to play.. something we hadn't seen since the arcade boom in the early 80s. The winner stays/loser pays mechanic made every game count. So many people were crowding around the machine at one arcade they mounted a 2nd monitor above it so people could watch easier. SF2 on the SNES was also a big deal. I had one friend who had it (I didn't have a SNES yet) and would go over to play it. I was stuck with the closest thing on the Genesis at the time.. the port of Fatal Fury. Not horrible but nowhere near as good as Street Fighter 2.
  6. I logged into a few C=64 boards back in the day, they were very basic compared to their PC counterparts.. 40 columns, etc. I don't recall them having any online games like the PC-Based boards had (Tradewars, etc). I'd imagine it would also be hard to load out a 2nd program when you only had 64k of ram? That was tricky even on IBMs depending on the door. Maybe if the C=64 had one of the ram expansions it would be possible.. who knows?
  7. Got lucky and grabbed mine at an action a few years after they came out back in the 90s. Really good use of the theme, lots of great show references.. despite some liberties taken in the art.. all around great game!
  8. Here's the rub on trying to buy games directly from Operators. Most Arcade operators are basically carnie folk. You know, the people that try to get you to play those rigged games at your local fair. If you come at them wanting a game they will smell blood in the water and the chances of you getting it for a reasonable price are fairly non-existent. There's a chance this guy may be different but probably not. While most games don't really earn anymore Ms. Pac is one of the few classics people will still sometimes play which is why it's one of the few truly 'vintage' games you'll see on location. Operators do tend to value them over some random Jamma game picking up dust in a warehouse (which you might get at a good deal.. well at least before ebay). No clue how the arcade scene is in your area but look around for collectors. It's generally easy to pick up a Ms. Pac around here for $300ish working in reasonable shape but of course that's a big YMMV depending on your area.
  9. http://www.arcaderepairtips.com/2011/04/07/repairing-monitor-collapse-issues/ This may help. Good luck.
  10. That ad is a bit odd, looks like 2 different cabinets? There a new multi-boards streaming out of China that run anywhere from 400 to 600 games on a single Jamma board. These typically run around $60-$80 for the board. Check eBay or even Amazon, usually sold under the name 'Game Elf' or 'Pandora's Box'. The quality of emulation isn't bad (not perfect mind you) but OK on most games. If you want a cheap easy arcade machine this isn't a terrible option. Buy a Jamma cabinet (typically $200-$400 but a BIG YMMV depending on where you live) then throw one of these boards in it. You've basically got an instant multicade setup. Shouldn't cost you more than $500, so paying $1600 or whatever this original CL post was for is a bit nuts. A straight-up MAME is better for sure. I don't know if i'd completely build a cabinet from scratch.. I'd probably once again just find a local game and use that.. If you can use the original CRT monitor that's the best option. Getting into an arcade machine doesn't need to be insanely expensive.
  11. This cab has been floating around for sale in Florida for years. It's cool, it's rare.. but unless you are in the market for a cocktail centipede nobody is really going to pay a premium for it. Rarity doesn't always equal value in arcade machines.
  12. The arcade industry here went into rapid decline in the late 90s / early 00s. This coincides with when many of the companies called it quits. At the end of the day nobody is going to pay $ to play games at an arcade that they can play at home for free. Back in the day the arcades offered an experience you couldn't replicate at home but by the late 90s that gap was in some cases completely gone depending on the game and the system. I personally knew Arcades were in deep trouble with the Dreamcast hit as it instantly made some fairly recent arcade games look very, very bad. It's a shame because that arcade experience was something special. Things are starting to come back somewhat. The whole 'barcade' scene, retro/classic arcades.. a friend of mine opened a 'museum' with about 70 games and its been doing really well.. they are using a flat fee model which seems to be the most popular. Most of the mainstream arcades that have survived are basically 'kiddie casinos' offering nothing but redemption.. but i guess that's what makes money in that venue.
  13. Extra level in NARC? That's really cool. Would love to see more info on that. I have a NARC cabinet, fun game.
  14. Been putting off buying one of these for years.. but you've finally convinced me Ordered one.
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